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Chapter 148 - The Seceond Assassin?

I was sleeping soundly inside the room assigned to me, because of daily exhaustion from helping out rebuild the city and training with the female camp members, but.....

.....hmm? I can feel a presence of someone inside the room.....

.....is there someone else beside me and Meru.....?

Yesterday, I was sure have properly locked the front door so as not to be infiltrated again. I also put a table and a drawers that was installed in the room in front of the door.

.....I wonder if the female camp members have somehow infiltrated my room again.....

Geez..... how on earth they were able to come in.....?

I slowly opened my eyes to check the room's surroundings while considering such a thing.

There is an unknown woman in maid clothes inside the room.....

Gentle eyes and green mixed with brown hair color. She is indeed dressed in a maid clothes. Even so, it makes her big breasts and buttocks are even more visible instead.

[E-Eeeeeeh? W-Who are you? How did you enter this room?] (Wazu)

Thinking that she is an enemy, I immediately stand up on the bed and put a battle stance. However, that unknown woman curtsied gracefully after confirming I was awake instead.

[Good morning, Wazu-sama!]

[.....good morn---wrong!! Umm..... who might you be?] (Wazu)

The unknown woman introduces herself with a gentle smiling face.

[This is our first time to see each other. Pardon my late introduction, I'm Earth Goddess] (Earth Goddess)

Earth Goddess..... Earth Goddess..... Earth.... Goddess.....? That Earth Goddess!?!?

[Haaaaaah??] (Wazu)

When I scream, the woman who introduced herself as Earth Goddess-sama sets both hands behind and look up to me.

[.......... I came ♪] (Earth Goddess)

Don’t “I came” meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Thanks to screaming inside my head, I have calmed down enough to ask her.

[Umm..... are you really Earth Goddess-sama?] (Wazu)

[Will this enough to prove it?] (Earth Goddess)

She is emitting some kind of aura after that words. I certainly can feel a god-like aura from that point. Yeah, she is the real one.....

[Enough..... I understood..... So, why Earth Goddess-sama is here in maid's attire?] (Wazu)

[Though temporarily, I came to say my gratitude because my strength has increased significantly because of Wazu-sama] (Earth Goddess)

Earth Goddess-sama is directing a smile that would charm anyone who see it at me.

Hmm? Because of me.....?

[What do you mean?] (Wazu)

[Hmmm, when I was engrossed with bondage..... I mean, when I was in a situation where I couldn't move because of a certain reason, I didn't know the details, suddenly the divine power from Wazu-sama who was in godhood state came flowing to me. I would like to ask you myself, haven't you recently used your power on things related to the earth somewhere? In a large quantities at that] (Earth Goddess)

Something related to the earth? Was there such a thing?

[Let's see.... for example, stones that are rolling on the roadside. How about now?] (Earth Goddess)

..........stone? ..........no, no, no .....eh? .... are you serious?

[That..... are ore and the like included in that?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, of course!] (Wazu)

Yeah, I did it. Hundred golems made from large amount of ore were annihilated when I was in godhood state.....

[If so, I got something in my mind. I annihilated a great number of golems made from a large amount of ore using "Special Magic : God" some time ago] (Wazu)

[That's it. The life force is circling inside the living being and the thing. In normal case, the life force inside the thing doesn't flow to become the power of god which symbolizes it.... Perhaps, the effect of Wazu-sama's power seems to have been left in a small amount when the golem was extinguished, and became a foreign substance in the earth. In the circling process, that power flowed into me who controls the earth in an attempt to remove that foreign subnstance......Though it's small amount, the god's power is almighty] (Earth Goddess)

[Hee~] (Wazu)

Such things happened, huh.....

[Well, the rise is temporary because your power will disappear once it blends completely into me. Because of that, including the poisonous swamp incident, I thought of telling words of gratitude directly] (Earth Goddess)

There is no problem if that's the case..... the golems annihilation wasn't done with such intention, though.....

More importantly, I never thought Earth Goddess would be someone like this. I mean, she gives an impression of a gentle mature woman. It's completely different from the impression I received from the conversation in the guild card.

[I couldn't express my gratitude with words alone so I thought of being exclusive maid of Wazu-sama while I was staying here, thus I wore this outfit] (Earth Goddess)

[No, that..... I couldn't do something presumptuous such as treating Earth Goddess-sama like a maid] (Wazu)

I turn her down but the smile on Earth Goddess's face is unchanging.

[Please don't be afraid, for me Wazu-sama is like..... a "master" which I swear allegiance, so just treat me as a simply maid. You may do as you like to me, you know?] (Earth Goddess)

[No, no way, to make a goddess work like a maid is a little.....] (Wazu)

[So?] (Earth Goddess)

[I say.....] (Wazu)

[So?] (Earth Goddess)

I wonder what.....  an intense pressure around me..... I feel that the unchanging smile of Earth Goddess-sama is terrifying now.....

[T-Then.... let's try it a litte.....] (Wazu)

It can't be helped!! There is an intense pressure that won't go away unless I accept it! Earth Goddess-sama is deeply lowering her head and then smiling a superb smile.

[Thank you very much. I'm master's maid from now] (Earth Goddess)

Well, one or two cups of tea is not a big deal.

[Then, let's get started! Master, it's about your next schedule.....

Will you abuse me?

Will you hit me with a whip?

Will you tie me down with a rope?] (Earth Goddess)

.....hmm? Did I mishear thing? Did she just proposed something strange?

[Huh? No response means there is something unsatisfactory, isn't there? Oh I see, a simple maid dress is not interesting, right? I understand. Then, is it a torned maid dress? Underwear with a garter belt? Or perhaps my birthday suit? If possible, I want master to carve the traces of rope and whip in my body, as a proof that I'm your thing.....] (Earth Goddess)

Yup, I understand. She is one of these, right? Hopeless goddess. She is a hopeless goddess in a different meaning with Goddess-sama. I will be troubled if I leave her alone..... I have to manage something somehow.....

Wait..... Earth Goddess is here because of the power of my deification..... if I take back that power from her.....

I activated "Godhood"

Earth Goddess fell down on the spot in an instant. Huh? I've not done anything yet, though?

[Haaa~ Haaa~ Haaa~ That appearance is dangerous!! Pl-Please!! Please abuse me in that appearance!!] (Earth Goddess)

[...............] (Wazu)

I remove the influence of my power that I feel from Earth Goddess in silent. The body of Earth Goddess slowly getting transparent before gradually turning into light particles.

[Ah~!! No, nothing has been done yet!! I will not lose!! I will not lose!! Even if I lose here, I'll definitely come back!! Wait..... thinking it from another way..... that's it.... until then..... this is a kind of..... neglecting play---] (Earth Goddess)

The particles of light gathered into a light ball before disappeared as if being sucked into my guild card.....

I don't want to meet her again if possible..... but, she likely will come back again from the other side.....

I take a deep breath, embrace meru who's still sleeping, and go to sleep again.....

I'm somewhat tired in various meanings.....

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