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Chapter 146 - Clean Up 1

There is something which comes flying with a terrible speed, towards me who's trying to return to the place of Sarona and the others. It's Meru.

Meru didn't slow down her speed. She charged straight to my face while producing *wooosh* sound. I didn't move an inch and received her because it was me. But normally, people would be sent flying upon receiving a strike with such speed.

I pointed my eyes to Meru who started climbing to the top of my head without care in the world, and fell asleep as soon as she felt relieved.

I gently stroke Meru who's sleeping on my head. Yeah, I’m healed!!

Meru behavior soothed me. Even though I was revealing so much anger, when there was no human who could do something about it, Meru nested on my head just like usual. She was not afraid of me who was like that.

I'm glad because it's the usual Meru. I gently stroke Meru once again before shifting my line of sight towards the female camp. How about them? I wonder if they are scared of me.....

[Unfair!! That was unfair!!] (Sarona)

[A kiss from Wazu-san!!] (Tata)

[Ane-sama, I'm jealous!!] (Naminissa)

[.........it was full of affection] (Haosui)

[Ugh!! I'm so jealous..... J.E.A.L.O.U.S.....!!!] (Kagane)

[Umm.....] (Narellina)

..........Narellina is noisily surrounded by the other members for some reason. Narellina also doesn't seem to remember the unpleasant event from earlier anymore.

The members who noticed me approaching, came closer at once.

[Wazu-san! Me too..... that..... k-k-kisss!] (Sarona)

[Me too..... can't you kiss me?] (Tata)

[Wazu-sama!! It's unfair to kiss Ane-sama alone. Please kiss me too!] (Naminissa)

[..........accept everything anytime!] (Haosui)

[Onii-chan!!  I want the hot one, here..... cuppooo!!] (Kagane)

[Me too..... that..... one more time please.....] (Narellina)

Eh? I wonder why everyone was asking for a kiss instead. I mean, aren’t you scared of me?

Well, I don't mind it though. I just got a little surprised with their unchanging behaviors. Meru is good, everyone is good, they are really too good for someone like me. I embrace everyone in happy feeling.

[ [ [ [ [ [ Wrong, we are asking for a kiss now!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Now.....? We have such a good feeling here, so let's end it beautifully with hugging. Can't we end it here? Is this not enough? This is not enough, huh? Let's see.....

[Hmm..... that's right! Look, Freud is watching. Let's kiss in another opportunity!] (Wazu)

[No, please. Just think of me as a stone in the roadside, I don't mind!] (Freud)

[ [ [ [ [ [ That's what he said, let's kiss!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Damn it!! Freud!! You are enjoying this, don't you? "Come on, don't get angry, let’s be honest!" Freud is directing his smile at me as if telling that.

[..........what is this? It's finished!? Even though I rushed to this place. Oh, did I get in the way?] (Grave)

Unnoticed, Grave-san threw those words to us while standing at the entrance of this room. I immediately released the hand that was hugging everyone.

Nice!! Such a good timing!! No less of Grave-san!! The man who can read the air!!

[ [ [ [ [ [ ......tch! ] ] ] ] ]

Huh? Just now, it seems like I heard a tongue clicking from somewhere close..... surely it was only an auditory hallucination. I mean, near me..... there just the female camp members who are directing full smile at me.....

Yeah, I'm sure the tongue clicking sound from earlier it's only an auditory hallucination..... I think so..... I really want to think so.....

Deizu came into the room from the back of Grave-san when I was thinking about such a thing.

Oh!! That reminds me, I completely forgot about Deizu's daughter-san. I look around the room while wondering where she is. I found her watching us from the corner of the room. She seems to be in daze because of various sudden occurrences.

I tell her location with a gesture to Deizu who is looking over here. Deizu shifts his line of sight towards that place, following my gesture.

[Maorin!!] (Deizu)

Deizu calls out while shedding tears after making sure the figure of his daughter. Deizu's daughter-san reacts to the loud call and turns her eyes towards the voice. Tears are flowing from her eyes when she catches the figure of her father approaching.

[Papa!!] (Maorin)

Deizu and his daughter ran at the same time, embrace each other, to celebrate each other’s safety.

Yup. The touching scene of reunion between father and daughter. I'm glad. I'm really glad. Grave-san came here when Deizu and his daughter were enjoying their reunion.

[It seems everything is over without problem on this side. Well, the air at the time I came here was relaxed and I thought there would be no problem on this side in the first place] (Grave)

Grave-san is speaking while looking at the self-proclaimed king of the world.

[You are here means that the city has been tidied up as well, right?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, Freud was awfully enthusiastic about it for some reason, there was no particular problem arise and all ended well] (Grave)

Freud? I turn my eyes to him on that word. Freud curtsied with his usual shady smile. Ok, let's leave him alone.

[So, what should we do next?] (Grave)

[Hmm? What do you mean by that?] (Wazu)

[The problem has been over for the time being, we've rescued this country..... The question is, what's going to happen from now? I mean, there is no royal family in this country.....] (Grave)

[You are right!] (Wazu)

[If those who can steer this country to the better are not at the top, the same thing will be repeated again.....] (Grave)

[I guess so.....] (Wazu)

I gently answered while smiling at Grave-san. He who noticed my facial expression, gave a bitter smile.

[Wazu boy, I somehow feel an intense bad feeling.....] (Grave)

[Grave-san, have you been traveling all the time?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I told you before but my wives are all around the world] (Grave)

[Have you ever thought to collect your wives somewhere and live together?] (Wazu)

[Of course, if it's possible..... I want to do that....] (Grave)

[The beastmen country is on the north side of this country, the kingdom on the east, the sea is spreading to the west, this place is not a bad location, isn't?] (Wazu)

[That's..... right.....] (Grave)

[Don't you think it's about the time for you to have children?] (Wazu)

[I think so, too.....] (Grave)

[Moreover, you said about taking responsibility when we entered this country, remember?] (Wazu)

Grave-san seems to give up about something after being told that much. He looks up to the sky in deep thinking.

[........in other words, Wazu boy told me to become the king of this country?] (Grave)

[If it's Grave-san, I'm sure you can make a good country!] (Wazu)

I honestly feel so. I really thought that Grave-san would be a fine king.

Grave-san look at me with strong eyes full of determination.

[I said I would take the responsibility, indeed. But, I do not feel worthy of being a king..... I heard about a story of an adventurer who became a king somewhere but..... did you really think I can be a fine king?] (Grave)

[Of course. I will cooperate as much as possible] (Wazu)

[*sigh*..... if you say so.... I'll try to be a good king for this country. I can't travel forever, I want to relieve my wives who are worried about such me] (Grave)

I show a smile towards Grave-san who seems to be embarrassed after saying so.

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