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Chapter 145 - Overwhelming Strong Man

I started to move slowly.

[Oh hoh ~? I can feel a strong-looking atmosphere around him.....?]

[..........battle-specialized magician? As for the destruction of the floor earlier, there must be magic used in place. He is likely a user of Attribute Magic : Wind, correct? You can't be our enemy if that's the case.....]

[You guys, I’m tired of your talk, be sure to kill him!! Narellina is my thing as the king of this world!! I forced a kiss to my Narellina!]

Who's your thing?

In the words of the self-proclaimed king of the world, the anger in me raises a level further. The demon appears in me and throws words.

[Huhahaha!! Exterminate them all!! Conquest!! Conquer the world!!]

Then, the hero appeared in me this time.

[Wait! Don’t kill them instantly, make them regret for being alive!! And then it’s a conquest!! Conquer the world!!]

Yup. Can't the both of you stop? You're overreacting to my anger. Now, it's a little annoying, so please go to somewhere else.....

When I shake off the demon and the hero from my head,

[ [I’ll be baaaaaaack!!] ]

(Sabishii : It’s written in english)

They disappeared while shouting something which I did not understand well. I exhale a deep breath, clench my fists, and move forward.

[Y-Yes!! I understand, my king!! Golem, because the king is angry, do it quickly!]

The woman says so and directing her staff at me. In response to that, the golem that looked heavy came close to me. They are raising his stone fist and swinging it down to kill me at once. I received the fist from up front.

..........so? Nothing happened in particular, what next?

I hit the golem sideways in a casual manner to clear their fists of my body, as if shaking off an obstacles.


Just by that alone the golem broke up into two and fell. I step on the crushed golem's head and crush it, and proceed to move on.

[ [ [ .....huh? ] ] ]

Couldn't understand of what just happened, the three people have a puzzled look on their face. Ignoring their owners, the other golems swung down their fist to me from left, right, and front at the same time, but my body didn't move an inch.

Ugh, it's so annoying. You’re in the way.....



With my anger I destroyed all the golems. just by the touch of my hands and feet, the golem gets crushed and scattered, probably in less than a minute the golems that was in this room became just a mass of stones.

In the meantime, holding on to the debris of the golem, I played it with my fingers a couple of times, before throwing it.

The debris that flies at an awful speed goes through the woman's abdomen, arms, and legs. The woman vomits blood from her mouth with the face which does not understand what happened to her body, and collapses.

[.....what the..... I, it hurts.....]

The woman who became like a puppet with a broken string barely emits words. There was fear in her eyes that looked at me. The masked man who saw the appearance of the woman directed a strong bloodlust to me.

[Tsk..... Even if it is an ancient weapon, it is a fake after all.....]

The masked man kicks a chunk of the ex-golem and comes out one step ahead. Pulling out the large sword on his back and the long sword on his waist and turning the tip of the large sword towards me. Apparently, this masked man seems to be a dual wielding. The masked man said some words while pointing his chin towards the woman.

[She’s like an adorable younger sister to me. I will get the revenge to the one who make my sister like this]

Then I’ll also express my anger to those who hurt my wives.

The masked man instantly comes to me. The large sword and the long sword were coming at me from the side with a cross sword. I felt it. The two swords seem to be quite sharp, but they don't work on me. Just as the Golem Fist did when the two swords touched me, the blade shattered into pieces.

The masked man seemed to be upset for a moment, but as soon as he recovered his mind, he took out some sort of needle from the black cuff and thrust it into me.

Or rather, you can’t normally expected something to a level that even a sword can’t cut? The needle did not pierced my body, and it shattered as usual, but apparently it seems that something was painted on the needle and the liquid adhered to my arm.

[Hua ha ha!! It’s Poison!! Now you're done!!! That poison is so deadly that even a large monster can die........]

The masked man says so happily, but I check my body in the meantime.

[No problem at all. I mean, I've also been drinking a whole swamp of poison]


I raised my legs and kicked up the masked man. He was beaten to the wall of this room many times by the momentum of the shock, and fell near the woman in the end. He bounced well.

The masked man raises a small scream [Hii~] while falling by himself in tattered state, and twitching there. It seems he’s still alive. Well, it doesn't matter...

I proceed to walk towards the self-proclaimed king of the world. He was confused and raised his voice to defend himself.

[S, stop!! D, don't come!! ...... T, that’s right!! I have my army!! To rule our world, half of the world---]

To be honest, I have no compassion for the self-proclaimed king of the world, so with my fist I'm going to blow his head off.

However, the moment my fist almost hit the head of the self-proclaimed king of the world, the fist stops at the palm of someone's hand.

[That’s enough, Wazu-sama. It’s not us who should judge this person. The people of this country that have been oppressed, the beastmen who have been harmed, are those with the right to judge this person] (Freud)

[Why are you here? I have asked you to save the townspeople..... Freud?] (Wazu)

It was Freud who stopped my fist. The self-proclaimed king of the world was making a puddle of piss while foaming from his mouth with white eyes.

[Since the city is already okay, I hurriedly came back to you. Because I am a butler of Naminissa-sama, I automatically also a butler of her husband, Wazu-sama] (Freud)

[..............] (Wazu)

[Because I’m a butler] (Freud)

[Don’t you feel sorry if you don't say that?] (Wazu)

I took a big breath and put down my fist and de-activate godhood. I was poisoned by Freud, I became calm and my horizons broadened.

Certainly, if I considering the future, would it be better to leave the self-proclaimed king of the world to the beastmen and the people of this country? Let's leave this masked man and the woman too.

I turn my eyes towards Freud who seems to be fishy, but as usual he was smiling with a cool smile.

What the hell is this guy who stopped my fist, is he a god.....?

Well, it seems he will evaded it even if ask him, and because it’s Freud, I am afraid of myself who seems to be convinced at all.... And I don't feel any hostility from him even once.... Well, if you become an enemy, I will just eliminate you with full power.

I turned around and went back to my future wives who were behind me.

Translator : Morlax

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