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Chapter 135 - Cheat? Brother And Sister

The status of Kagane is shown like this :

Name : Kagane
Race : Human
Age : 15 years old

HP : 5248 / 5248
MP : 9999

STR : 350
VIT : 649
INT : 3058
MND : 1573
AGL : 701
DEX : 928

Skills :
[Different World Verbal Comprehension]
[Attribute Magic : All attributes] Lv. Max
[Unique Magic : Unique Copy] Lv. Max
[Magic Limit Breaking through] Lv. 5
[Total Tolerance] Lv. Max
[State Abnormal Invalidity]
[Body reinforcement] Lv. 5
[Super Recovery] Lv. 6
[Housekeeping] LV. 5

It came out!!

Kagane also explained the skills that I have never seen before.

[Different World Verbal Comprehension] = Skill that people from different world possesses. You will be able to understand and speak in another different world language without any trouble in particular.

[Attribute Magic : All attributes] = You have the aptitude for all magic attributes and able to use magic in all attribute as well.

[Unique Magic : Unique Copy] = It's possible to copy the other unique magic. However, it's impossible to copy the unique magic that human race can't use like god magic or dragon magic. You have to understand
the contents of the unique magic to copy it.

[Magic Limit Breaking Through] = The magic version of  “Limit Break Through” skill. The higher the level, the higher the upper limit.

[Housekeeping] = Combination of "cooking", "laundry", and "cleaning" skills. The higher the level, the living abilities will rise and chances to win a wonderful companion will expand.

After the explanation, Kagane puffed her chest as if boasting her power.

[How is it? Onii-chan. I am super strong!! Indeed, I’m in the Ore TUEEE state!!]

(TL : “Ore TUEEE”, this is an expression like “I am OP” or something  along those lines. I’m not familiar with this words and couldn't find a good reference about how to put it into a conversation either. I will appreciate it if you can put a better explanation)

Even if you say so..... Normally, her status can be called quite  strong indeed. Kagane seems specialized in magic. She almost can use all kind of magic and I feel that she has full set of indispensable magical-related skill.

Not only “State Abnormal Invalidity” skill, she also has “Total  Tolerance” skill. She has a high physical status value for a person who specializes in magic. Generally speaking, I do think no one could win against her but.....

[Haosui, come here a little!!] (Wazu)

Haosui came running like a small animal when I called her. Kagane has a strange expression towards my action but didn't say anything.

[I would like to show your status to Kagane, is that fine?] (Wazu)

[..........there is no secret between the brides!!] (Haosui)

Haosui shows her status pleasantly to Kagane.

[If that's the case.....] (Kagane)

She also shows her status to Haosui. No, I never told you to do so..... I wonder if it has turned into a contest for the two?

Looking at Haosui status, Kagane.....

[Wh-What on earth is this.....!? "Limit Break Through", the same skill as mine!! Moreover, Hero!? Eh? She is stronger than me, isn't she? Uwaah~ after I boasting about my power, so embarrassing.....] (Kagane)

Kagane hides her face with both hands. Certainly, if Kagane and Haosui fought, I think Haosui is overall stronger and would come out as the winner. However, if Kagane challenged Haosui into magic battle, there is a high possibility she could win.

Setting me aside, even just having the possibility of winning against Haosui in her current state, Kagane is already amazing.

I observe Kagane who looked down. I shifted my line of sight to Haosui while curious with her reaction. Haosui is smiling a little as she looking at Kagane's status.

[Hmm? Haosui, you look somewhat happy, what happened?] (Wazu)

[..........this status is amazing. This is the first time I saw status value exceeds a thousand, outside HP and MP...... I'm glad because she can become a good rival] (Haosui)

I see, it's all about Kagane's status. Until she met me, Haosui had never lose and no one could even reach her power. I have won against her but I'm an existence that can't be called rival.

Now, there is someone with power that close to hers. Moreover, she surpasses her in regards of magic power.

She is glad because she can be stronger if she work hard together with Kagane. For Haosui, Kagane is a person with an ideal strength as a rival. I guess that is Haosui’s line of thought.

Kagane cheering up after she hears Haosui's words.

[Fuoo~!! A rival? That's nice!! I'm fired up!! But don't think you can win easily against me!!] (Kagane)

[..........won't lose!!] (Haosui)

My hands was moved by themselves stroking their head because I was happy to see the two get along well.

[Ehehehe..... Onii-chan~!] (Kagane)

[..........head stroking .....more~!] (Haosui)

The other members are also smiling towards the two who seems really happy.

Well then, I also want to check my status after a long while and show it to Kagane.....

Name : Wazu
Race : Human (34%..... it's getting hard to write "human")
Age : 17 years old

HP : Umm..... can’t be counted anymore
MP : It's zero! For now

STR : My blow shattered the stars
VIT : Can’t be cut even with the Divine Sword
INT : Can't use magic for now
MND : It's meaningless
AGL : You are able to move using warp now, aren't you?
DEX : God artisan..... You shouldn’t make thing carelessly

Skills :
[True - Extreme Cannibalism] (Unique)
[Abnormal Conditions Mostly Invalid] (Unique)
[Fight Lv.8]
[Godhood] (Unique) <currently unusable>
[Special Magic : God] (Unique) <currently unusable>
[Goddess stopped at.....]
[War Goddess stopped at.....]
[Earth Goddess stopped at.....]
[Sea Goddess stopped at.....]

Sponsored by : Goddess, Earth Goddess, War Goddess, Sea Goddess

Nuoooo.....!! Human race is good!! Please don't give up to write "human"!! No matter how much the race percentage reduced, until I completely give up, please leave it as is!!

Though there seems to be no change in the main status..... I still have no idea about what's the goddesses are doing..... well, let's check it a little to be safe.....

[Sea Goddess stopped at.....] = "Believers drink sea water just as is and got a stomachache, rumor spreads and the number of your believer will be halved"

[Noo!! Please boil it properly!! Why do they drink it as raw!? You are not a goddess!] (Sea Goddess)

[Even if it's me, I wouldn't drink raw seawater!!] (war Goddess)

[War Goddess stopped at.....] = "Different world hero rescues the world. Goddess is not particularly appreciated and the number of believers decreased".

[There is nothing I can do!! I can't intervene directly with the human in the first place!! I mean, give me something where I can take a part as War Goddess] (War Goddess)

[Yeah! Yeah! The usual thing..... The usual thing.....!!] (Earth Goddess)

[Earth Goddess stopped at.....] = ""Due to a significant rise in the sea level, most of the continent is submerged. The believers are greatly DOWN"

(TL : “DOWN” here is written in English)

[Hey, Sea Goddess!! What does this mean!? Please don't be like this!! If you keep eroding the earth, I won't forgive you!!] (Earth Goddess)

[Game!! This is just game!! Calm down because it's not real!!] (Sea Goddess)

[Goddess stopped at.....] = "Please reflect a little more to your behavior"

[......wait, I think there is no particularly bad part in me!! Or rather, I'm a perfect goddess, I'm not?] (Goddess)

[ [ [ You are full of problem, indeed!! ] ] ]

[Oh please everyone, aren't you just jealous of the perfect me? Well, I understand your feelings to yearn for the perfect me] (Goddess)

[ [ [ Kill her!! ] ] ]

Yup..... I have no idea of what the goddesses are doing now. But talking using one's skill..... well, it sounds they are having fun..... but let me say one thing, please do whatever you are doing now, in the victimless area.....

I'm embarrassed with the goddesses's parts so I show Kagane my status while face down.

[Wh-What on earth is this.....? Aren't Oniichan is better Ore TUEE than me? No, it's a cheat..... what's with this status texts? I mean, Godhood!? Is that why your hair is black and white now!? Is it not because Oniichan suffered eighth-grade syndrome?] (Kagane)

The other female members answered kagane question, as for Kagane herself---

[Guwaah!! I was so proud of myself until a while ago!!] (Kagane)

Kagane is somewhat depressed. Speaking of which, what is a cheat? what is a eighth-grade syndrome (chuunibyou) ?

**Proofreader : Niel Dade**
*Sponsored by : H. Isleño**

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    Source: www.postmeta.com/jpfm.htm

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