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Chapter 133 - Idle Talk : Kagane 2

If I didn't have memory of the time on earth, if I was born in this world normally, I'm sure that I thought only to the extent that I had a big brother with a wonderful personality. But I have these memories and my mental age was 23 years old since five years have passed.

No, let's forget about the mental age. My age grows with the body!! That's why I'm still 5 years old!!

.......... the story got derailed.

Back to the topic. In other words, I felt the me now as the same person with the me who was once living on earth. So for me, I was more consciousness of Wazu as a man rather than as a big brother.

I fell in love. I came to like him as the opposite sex. Wazu who look at me with a pure affection..... I fell in love with my big brother.

Huh? Wouldn't this turn me into a shotacon.....? No, No, No, I'm five years old and my big brother is seven years old, therefore I'm younger.

(TL : Just in case, shotacon is a male version of lolicon)

Yup, this is not a crime. It's already too late after all. My heart has been gripped firmly. I need to find a way so that I can be connected with my big brother somehow.

I became a little sister who followed her big brother anywhere since then.

[Onii-chan!! Onii-chan!! I will become Onii-chan's bride in the future!!] (Kagane)

[Hmm? Yeah, I see..... I'm happy~!!] (Wazu)

I bet Onii-chan thought it was just words that came from a little girl, guhehehe.....

I shall become Onii-chan's bride by all means using every kind of hands. From other people's perspective, Onii-chan seems to have a mediocre face, but for me, I thought that he had a very lovely face. I wonder if it was the power of love? No, Onii-chan cuteness breaks through the heaven!!

Spending my time with Onii-chan is indeed very important, but there is something I have to investigate. That's whether I can get married with Onii-chan or not. I studied it with a great amount of heat. I mean, this is for our future.

Finally, I have found it. In this world, the marriage with the kinsmen is permitted in the name of leaving the blood of lineage. The moment I found it, I cried while holding up my fists in triumph and looking up at the heaven.

[Yeaaaaaaaah~~~!!!!!] (Kagane)

I was looking for Onii-chan inside the house in order to tell this directly while skipping in joy, but what I found was an unbelievable scene unfolding in front of my eyes. Onii-chan being familiar with a blue haired girl while talking outside the house.....

Who's that female pig!? What is your relationship with Onii-chan!? Haaa~!?

When Onii-chan finished talking with that female pig and returned to the house, I casually asked Onii-chan. Of course, there was a black emotion swirling inside my heart, but what of it?

[Onii-chan, who was the girl you talked a short while ago?] (Kagane)

[Hmm? Oh, so you saw it, Kagane? That girl is my childhood friend Aria. I'm always under her care, she is a good girl, I think you can get along well with her] (Wazu)

Hou~Hou...... always took care Onii-chan huh..... I need to be cautious. That female pig called Aria, if my eyes weren’t wrong, I could see that she was falling in love with Onii-chan. I have to be vigilant towards her.....

I completely forgot to tell Onii-chan that we can get married because the existence of that female pig.

I accompanied Onii-chan in order to protect him from that female pig. He introduced me to that female pig while we were at it.

[Nice to meet you, Kagane-chan. I'm Aria, but I don’t mind if you call me sister-in-law] (Aria)

[Nice to meet you to, A.R.I.A-san!!] (Kagane)

It seems that female pig have also noticed my feelings, in response to my challenging eyes, we shook hands while scattered sparks. This female pig.....!!!!!

When I was 10 years old and Onii-chan was 12 years old, I witnessed that scene.

That place was a park near my house. Onii-chan and that female pig were sitting side-by-side. That female pig spoke to Onii-chan while hesitating.

[Say, Wazu..... we become adults when we turned 15 years old, aren't we?] (Aria)

[Yeah, that's right] (Wazu)

[That..... when we turned 15 years old..... with me..... umm..... do you want to marry me?] (Aria)

[Eh.....? You don't mind with me?] (Wazu)

[U~nn..... hurry up, just say that you will, can't you? Or what, do you want to turn down my offer? Even though you are just a Wazu~] (Aria)

[That's not the case. Just..... I'm really happy. Yeah, we will get married when we turned 15 years old!!] (Wazu)

What's with Onii-chan and this childhood drama!? That female pig.....!! That's my role!! Moreover, she selfishly decided to get married with Onii-chan!! I won't accept it!!

My mood turned worse. Onii-chan is also Onii-chan, why do you just obediently accepted the marriage offer from that female pig!? I'm really in a bad mood, I will kick Onii-chan's ass when he returned home.

Onii-chan had a strange expression on his face. It was not for some time that my mood returned to normal.

*sigh*, what should I do..... that female pig will be the sole winner at this rate..... I can't accept that..... wait..... surely when I was investigating about marriage.....

I found a single hope when I looked into it again. Harem, this is a common route in web novels.

Harem in this world was recognized as well. In this way, even I can become Onii-chan's bride. Female pig..... I absolutely won't give Onii-chan to you!! I met with Onii-chan as usual as I was in a good mood.

Since then, I spent my time thinking about how to make Onii-chan accept my feelings.

This incident took place three years later.

Two years ago, that female pig along with the hero (lol) left for the demon king subjugation at the instruction of the church. A few days after she came back, Onii-chan has suddenly ceased to exist. I found a note inside Onii-chan's room.

"Please don't look for me, and take care of yourself"

"I'm wishing for Aria and Hero-sama's happiness"

---that was written there.

The moment I found it, there was only anger inside me towards that female pig. I understood that Onii-chan left home because of her. That female pig, how dare she betrayed Onii-chan.....

I took immediate actions after that. First of all, I have to look for the injured Onii-chan, comfort him, and wrap him with my love. Because I didn't want to get involved with that female pig anymore, I leave her to my parents when she came to my house.

I mobilized the knowledge from the earth that I have and stopped hiding my powers. This continent is vast. It's difficult for me alone to find a single person. I need to increase the number of people who look for him.

I set up a company for that purpose. I create something from earth one after another, earn money and make the business bigger, increasing the number of employees and tell them to look for Onii-chan while trading.

Of course, I never forget to hone my strength. I knew that I have cheat abilities from the guild card. In order to protect Onii-chan from all kinds of threats, I have to further improve my power.....

Even though I was impatient because Onii-chan couldn't be found anywhere, I spent my days while convincing myself that it was the only thing I can do now.....

After two years and several months have passed since Onii-chan disappeared, I meet him again in the country that located in the southwest of the continent. Yosh, I will definitely get married with Onii-chan by all means~!!

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