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Chapter 124 - Secret Talk : The Battle Of Quagmire

Goddess's POV

[I.am.baaaaack~!!] (Goddess)

I returned to the guild card in high spirit after I finished my job as a goddess. I couldn't help myself from grinning. It’s because I finally got Wazu-san's lips which I desired. I'm full of energy. I'm in a good mood now.

However, there are three corpses sprawling in front of me.

[Hmm? Everyone doesn't look so well, what happened?] (Goddess)

The three corpses react to my words.

[Because you won the game, you said it was natural for you to go.....] (Earth Goddess)

[You took away our power by force to manifest.....] (War Goddess)

[Die.....] (Sea Goddess)

[Oh, come on~! There is no reason for any of us to die because of such a thing. Thanks to collecting everyone's powers, I was able to manifest and strengthen the seal. Well, even if I said strengthen, it was just enough to buy us some more time. The situation over there was dangerous. It wouldn't be strange if the seal broken at any moment if we just leave it alone. It was thanks to everyone powers, thank you very much!!] (Goddess)

I honestly thanked everyone here, but they were directing hostility towards me in return for some reason. I wonder what's going on? Did I do something wrong?

[You haven't explained the most important thing.....] (Earth Goddess)

[Yeah, you did something we could never forgive.....] (War Goddess)

[Kill.....] (Sea Goddess)

Sea Goddess said a dangerous remark since a while ago. WHY?

(TL : WHY is written in english here)

[I really don't understand what everyone is trying to say] (Goddess)

[ [ [ It's about kissing with Wazu(-san,-sama) ] ] ]


[Nuoo~ did you see that? How embarrassing..... So everyone was watching us exchanged a hot and passionate kiss..... You should have took the hint and close your eyes ~] (Goddess)

[Kill.....] (Sea Goddess)

[Seriously kill.....] (Earth Goddess)

[Absolutely kill.....] (War Goddess)

Oh, come on everyone. The light has disappeared from everyone's eyes, you know?

[Fuh..... fufufu..... No matter what everyone says, it doesn't hurt or even make me itch in the slightest!! Because the words of losers are nonsense!! Do you understand? among us, only me who had kissed Wazu-san!! Therefore, I'm the winner and you girls are the losers!! Please keep that in your mind!!] (Goddess)

Everyone went silent when I exclaimed that fact with a triumphed face.

All of a sudden, everyone get up like zombies and attack me who was caught off guard, they brought me down. Damn, release me~!!

[Fufufu, once this is done, everything.....] (Earth Goddess)

[The power you robbed from us.....] (War Goddess)

[We will have it back!!] (Sea Goddess)

Su-Sucked~!! My power is being sucked~!! Damn it~!! I fought back with all my might but I have no chance in 1 vs 3 battle. They regained all the power I took from them. Curse you~!!

[Haa~..... Haa~.....] (Goddess)

The power left my body. In front of me who breathed heavily, everyone who has returned to their original physical condition was looking down to me.

[Fufufu..... I finally was able to return to my original state!] (Earth Goddess)

[Geez..... You reap what you sow!] (War Goddess)

[You should be grateful because we didn't take your original power!] (Sea Goddess)

Damn it..... I will remember this.....

[Now that our power has returned.....] (Earth Goddess)

[Next is the punishment time!!] (War Goddess)

[Fufufu..... I'm looking forward to do it.....] (Sea Goddess)

[Why!? Even though I had returned your power, why are you doing this to me?] (Goddess)

I stand up swiftly and close at once.

[ [ [ This is for your sin because ignored us and kissed Wazu(-san, -sama) ] ] ]

Oh, I see..... they are jealous of me.....

[Fufufu..... I understand now..... what a losers!!] (Goddess)

[ [ [ .......... ] ] ]

I smiled an elegant smile as the winner and declared so. Earth Goddess, War Goddess, and Sea Goddess, surrounded me in silent and then click their tongue one after another. Oh please..... everyone looks like savages, you know?

[I just ask out of curiosity, but what kind of punishment will you give to me.....?] (Goddess)

[Buried alive in the ground] (Earth Goddess)

[Become a training doll to test the sharpness of my weapon] (War Goddess)

[Throw into to the sea with a weight] (Sea Goddess)

Earth Goddess, War Goddess, and Sea Goddess really came to kill me..... I have to be cautious.....

[I see, I see..... but, do you think I will obediently accept it? Of course I will resist with full power] (Goddess)

[I thought you would say so.....] (Earth Goddess)

[Then, if you lost to us in the game.....] (War Goddess)

[You have to receive the punishment obediently!!] (Sea Goddess)

[Game again..... huh.....?] (Goddess)

[ [ [ Yeah, fight us in the game!!! ] ] ]

The game they were talking about is.....

"God Game (unmarked)"

(TL : Not sure about this name, here is the raw 神生ゲーム・無印 please tell me if I was wrong. This game some kind of game like The Game of Life, I guess. I saw this game several times in animes but never played it myself. For the simpler version, I think this is the game like Ular Tangga from Indonesia. Speaking of which, this "unmarked" part is something like "unrated" for movies, it seems)

I see, are you prepared? God Game, as the name implies, this is a board game about the days spent as God. Up to 8 pillars can participate in this game that often played in the beginning of the year.

However, the production of the unmarked version was discontinued because the ruthlessness of the contents. This game should have been difficult to obtain..... I never thought they had one here..... gulp..... I kinda wanted to try it myself.....

[It can't be, the owner of this game.....] (Goddess)

[No, this is "her" game] (Earth Goddess)

[..........do you want to die, everyone?] (Goddess)

[Th-There is no problem as long as we don't get caught!!] (War Goddess)

[Th-That's right!!] (Sea Goddess)

[ [ [ [ Then, let’s keep it secret!! ] ] ] ]

We looked at each other's eyes, nodded, and then started the game immediately.....

The in-game money which commonly used inside this kind of game was replaced with the number of believers. We begin with 100 believers, and depending on the squares it will increase or decrease. Winning or losing is decided by the number of believers when someone reached the finish.

But of course, as a bonus for the player who first reached the finish, he/she can get the title Genesis God and 50 million believers.

We spread the game board on the table, prepare the game accessories, and it's ready!

[Okay, let's start from me] (Goddess)

I pick up the dice and throw it into the air.

[I bet everything in this one throw!!] (Goddess)

Dice fell and the number shown is "3".

[1,2,3..... Damn it. You accidentally eat the forbidden fruits. Mankind wouldn’t evolve and remains stupid..... Wait there till another fruit grew..... Pass your next turn..... No way~~~~~] (Goddess)

[Fufufu..... it's because you are a greedy person] (Earth Goddess)

[It's a natural result] (War Goddess)

[Gluttonous] (Sea Goddess)

I'm not gluttonous!! I just like sweet things!!

Earth Goddess rolls the dice this time.

[Next is me, eii..... all right, 2.... Because the collision of meteorite, all volcanoes and submarine volcanoes erupted all at once..... Because all living beings have been destroyed..... go back to the start.....] (Earth Goddes)

[This is because you’re of usual behavior was bad] (Goddess)

[You deserve it] (War Goddess)

[You certainly deserve it] (Sea Goddess)

[Everyone are enemies~~~~~!!!] (Earth Goddess)

You are too late realized it.....

Turn for War Goddess to roll the dice.

[Yosh, it's my turn. Cieii~!! Eh..... 1? what is this..... Please work a little more as a goddess.....] (War Goddess)

[Well, we are talking about War Goddess here] (Goddess)

[Full fledged NEET] (Earth Goddess)

[Pre-established harmony] (Sea Goddess)

[There are various restrictions for me~~!! I don't work not because I don't want to~~!!] (War Goddess)

Yeah. Yeah. Most gods who controls who the war said it.....

Sea Goddess casts the dice.

[My turn now. There..... 6..... hmm, a large number of monsters appeared in the ocean, all believers curse the ocean and leave..... In the case of a goddess related to the sea, all believers..... confiscated..... 500 believers increase to a goddess related to the land.....] (Sea Goddess)

[Yes, confiscated ~ !!] (Goddess)

[Everyone, return to the earth~!!] (Earth Goddess)

[Leave at once~!!] (War Goddess)

[Someone, please say it was all dream~!!] (Sea Goddess)


It seems this will be a long night.....

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