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Chapter 122 - Goddess One Time Return

It's not an illusion that the number of people in this place have increased.

In front of my eyes, there are Sarona-san, Tata-san, Naminissa, Narellina, Haosui, and..... Goddess has joined before anyone here realized it.

[When did you get here!?] (Wazu)

[Eh? Just now?] (Goddess)

Why in a question tone?

[Wazu-sama, who is she? Come to think of it, there seems to be someone like her in the battlefield before.....] (Naminissa)

Naminissa asked me about Goddess.

[She is a woman who robbed Danna-sama's lips from before.....] (Haosui)

My future harem members take a battle stance at once while scattering murderous intent. Those words can be applied for Haosui herself.

[Fufufu..... directing murderous intent to me, a goddess..... are you ready with the consequences?] (Goddess)

Said so, Goddess took a stance with an excited face. She raised her hands up while stood on one leg. What are you doing, Goddess!?

(TL : I guess something like Crane Stance from Kung Fu. Here is the image for reference)

[The goddess? Please come up with a better lie next time] (Tata)

There is no light in Tata-san's eyes. SCARY!! My body is trembling for different reason than before.....

[Ho-Hold on!! She is the real one!! She is the real goddess!!] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ You don’t have to lie in order to protect her!! ] ] ] ] ]

Please believe me~!! Oi, Goddess-sama!! It's not the time to feel depressed!!

[I'm telling the truth here!!] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ Eeh!?!? ] ] ] ] ]

Why don’t you believe me? You all were prostrating when she appears during the battle, weren't you? Hmm? Speaking of which, I can't feel the aura like that time from the current Goddess. I ask as I approach her.

[I don't feel the power of goddess from you, what happened.....?] (Wazu)

[Yeah..... the power needed to strengthen the seal was a little beyond my expectation.....] (Goddess)

Seal? What are you talking about? I do want to ask that, but let’s stop as it seems I will get caught in the trouble if she speaks any further.

[Wazu-sama, please get away from her!! I can't kill her like this] (Narellina)

Please stop with the dangerous remarks!!

[Pl-Please calm down..... She is really a goddess..... She has been helping me.....? since a long time ago in various matter.... for example.....] (Wazu)

[Hey, why are you getting stuck there? Even though I have been working hard!! Even though I have been showering Wazu-san with a lot blessing!!] (Goddess)

[Oh right!! That happened. I received a lot blessing!! I was able to live until now, it's all thanks to this Goddess-sama...............

though I don't want to acknowledge it] (Wazu)

*fu~fu* Goddess puffed out her chest to my words. Everyone turn their eyes to such a Goddess, it seems they have convinced for the time being.

[So, she is a real goddess huh..... Then, I want to hear it, Wazu-sama's hair had turned black and white like now, does it have anything to do with you?] (Naminissa)

What!? That’s a news to me.

[Oh, that? That's the effect of "Godhood"] (Goddess)

[ ..... ] (Wazu)

You say it as if nothing serious!! or so I thought. But she is the goddess after all.

[Godhood?] (Naminissa)

Naminissa shows a complicated face. Well, because Goddess has already said it, and I also feel bad for keeping secrets from them, I honestly explained both my status and my skills.

I hardly can be called a human anymore, so it can't be helped if they come to dislike me because of this.....

[I see, Wazu-san is incomparably strong] (Sarona)

[Sturdy~] (Tata)

[I'm convinced with your strength] (Naminissa)

[I'd like to have a match once] (Narellina)

[Please train me.....] (Haosui)

Eh? Does everyone take it positively?

[That face, did you think we will change our minds after knowing this fact?] (Sarona)

[Our feelings will never change] (Tata)

[On the contrary, we are glad you tell this openly to us] (Naminissa)

[Please believe in us] (Narellina)

[We are the future wives of Danna-sama.....] (Haosui)

[Thank you..... Thank you for accepting me!!] (Wazu)

We stare at each other with smiling faces. I want to cry.....

[Hey!! Don't forget about me!!] (Goddess)

Goddess appeared in front of me and blocked my view. Even though the atmosphere was getting so good here.....

[Goddess-sama, I'm sorry for doubting you before] (Naminissa)

Naminissa lowered her head. Everyone learned from her and lowered their heads as well.

Goddess saw such a sight and said --[It's fine, as long you all understand~]-- and happily laughed *guhehehe*, which doesn't look like a goddess at all.....

[Can I ask another thing to Goddess-sama?] (Naminissa)

[Hmm, what is that?] (Goddess)

Goddess put her index finger on her lips and then tilted her head. Oi, don't get carried away!!

[If Wazu-sama has completely been deified, that..... what's happen with his life span?] (Naminisa)

[Hmm? Life span? Such a thing will disappear, we are talking about a God Being, here.....] (Goddess)

I thought so~. It will be so~. I would like to live with human life span if possible..... I guess that's probably impossible..... after I became able to activate Godhood with my own free will..... I bet my human race's percentage was barely remains..... I wonder if I should give up being human this time.....

[..... disappear........?] (Sarona)

Sarona expression turns dark after hearing Goddess's answer. Huh? Why?

[Hahaha..... I see..... I see.....] (Goddess)

It seems that Goddess has understood something. Please explain it to me!!

[Your worries are understandable. But when Wazu-san become a deity, he can make you into his kin and you all will be able to stay together forever] (Goddess)

[ [ [ [ [ There is no problem then!! ] ] ] ] ]

Everyone put on a smile on their face at the same time..... were you all worried about that.....? However, if we are able to stay together forever..... becoming a deity is not too bad.....

[If Wazu-san becomes a deity, we can meet anytime ♪ ♪ ♪] (Goddess)

Hmm? I wonder what..... I suddenly don't want to become a deity..... while I thinking of such a thing, Goddess looks back to me again.

[Well then, the manifestation time almost hits the limit so I will return once] (Goddess)

She smiles with a pleasant smile to me.

[I will be back, I will be back for certain!! So please wait for me!!] (Goddess)

Goddess-sama turns into light and disappears into my guild card as if being sucked.

Eh? Are you going back there.....?

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