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Chapter 111 - After A Long Time.....

I try to sleep inside this cage but because I was sleeping a lot before, I don't feel like to sleep again right now. However, there is nothing I can do even if I keep my eyes open.

Hmm, what should I do..... ah, that's it!! Let's check the guild card after a long time.

I take out the guild card from my bosom. Fortunately, there is a source of light here so I don't have to worry about visibility.

Name : Wazu
Race : Human (51%..... just give up already!)
Age : 17

HP : Umm..... can’t be counted anymore
MP : It's zero! For now

STR : My blow shattered the stars
VIT : Can’t be cut even with the Divine Sword
INT : Can't use magic for now
MND : It's meaningless
AGL : You are able to move using warp now, aren't you?
DEX : God artisan..... You shouldn’t make thing carelessly

Skills :
[True - Extreme Cannibalism] (Unique)
[Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid] (Unique)
[Fight Lv.8]
[Godhood] (Unique) <currently unusable>
[Special Magic : God] (Unique) <currently unusable>
[Sea Goddess stops at 10 diamonds] (Unique)
[War Goddess stops at 3 spades] (Unique)
[Earth Goddess stops at 6 clubs] (Unique)
[Goddess stops at 8 hearts] (Unique)

Sponsored by : Goddess, Earth Goddess, War Goddess, Sea Goddess

Hmm.....? Have the sentences inside my status turned somewhat peaceful?

The name is good but the race part is telling me to give up..... I'm telling you here..... I won't give up..... I will keep being human..... if possible.....

AGL is renewed. Umm, can I move using warp now? I can't, right? This is a metaphor, right? Or is that the fact that I can move as fast as that? This is already beyond the human realm!! Say it is a lie, please!! No one can answer me here..... sigh.....

DEX is telling me to refrain for making things. No problem, I won't make anything, I don't have a plan to make something either.....

The main problem is about the skills as usual.

Let's see, [True - Extreme Cannibalism] and [Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid] nothing changed with this two. I want [Abnormal Conditions Invalid] skill like Haoui's but it doesn't seem easy to acquire it. I don't know what should I do..... let's ask Haosui later.

[Fighting] skill level rose. This is a result of the battle with Haosui, I guess..... but I wonder if it increased too much. Well, it’s a good thing so there is no problem.

[Godhood] and [Special Magic : God] nothing changed too. I still don't understand the condition to use these skills. Well, I don't want to use these two skills if possible. I got the feeling my humanity percentage will drop fast if I use this two skills, and that's scary.

Here it comes the main subjects..... But first, I don't understand the meaning of the sentences. Will the skills details explain it?

[Sea Goddess stops at 10 diamonds] = Fufufu..... they won't be able to continue as long as I stop here. Now, make up your mind and pass. This is shall be my win. I will win Wazu-san's heart for sure..... fufufu..... fufu.....

[War Goddess stops at 3 spades] = Hee! I still have a room in my hands. I will be the winner if the other goddesses keep passing like this. Yeah I'm going to win. It's me who will be savoring Wazu's body to the fullest.

[Earth Goddess stops at 6 clubs] = Kufufufu..... The chance of victory seems to be inclined at me. This is the proof of my strong love for Wazu-sama. I'm going to win. I'm the only one who will get abused by Wazu-sama.

[Goddess stops at 8 hearts] = Fufufu..... it seems everyone hasn't noticed. Yes, I have a complete set of 8 hearts and the later in my hands now. I will definitely win with this. I'm going to be the winner. I will be the one who receives Wazu-san's favor. I shall be victorious. I will be the winner of this Shichi Narabe game.

(TL : More detail https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sevens_(card_game))

What are the goddesses doing this time.....? I don't understand what is Shichi Narabe thing, but it sounds like they are playing something. They are talking about the winner, so maybe it is some kind of game.

What are you doing when people are in trouble here? I want to ask that but, should I really do it? I can feel a serious feeling from the sentences, I feel bad to intrude them.

Forget it. Let's leave them alone. Let's pretend I didn't see anything. They gave me the same feeling as that ambiguous butler, Freud. I got a headache whenever I involved myself with him.

I pretended I didn't see anything and put my guild card back to my bosom. I want to sleep, I strangely feel tired after checking my guild card.

I woke up in the next morning and found out we are still inside the cage. I raised my body.

Because we are inside a closed room, I don't know the time or the height of the sun right now, but I can feel a morning feeling.

Grave-san already awake. He raised his hand lightly and greet me.

[Yo!! Good morning.....] (Grave)

[Good morning. This is morning, right?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I thought so] (Grave)

We got nowhere thinking about the current time. I stretched my body and do a light exercise on the spot.

The door of this room was opened vigorously and four beastmen entered from there. All of them are fully armed. One of the beastman holds large handcuffs that thick enough to call it iron chunks.

All of them directing the eyes full of hatred and hostility towards us. The beastman who holds the handcuffs approached the cage. He throws the handcuffs inside through the gap of iron bars.

[Put on the handcuffs. Don't think to resist, there are lives of the hostages on stake]

Said that much, the beastman returned to his group and observed us from some distance.

I and Grave-san look at each other, after throw out a sigh, we put the handcuffs on each other's hands.

They open the cage after confirming that the two of us are handcuffed. We are taken to the execution ground while being surrounded so as not to escape afterwards.

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