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Chapter 105 - Holding Back Is Poison To The Body

I, Meru, and Marao immediately leave the Osen town and head off to Leganile kingdom. Another companion joined us on the way to Leganile kingdom, it was Grave-san.

Because there are three of his wives in Leganile kingdom, and all of them in moderate faction side. He was worried about them, thus he volunteered himself to accompany us while we are at it

Moreover, one of them seems to be Marao's acquaintance, a maid who served in the royal palace. Marao taught us that she also has been captured.

[Don't worry, she is a strong fellow] (Grave)

---he said so. However, he couldn't hide his uneasy feeling completely. I also prayed that she was safe.

We are heading to Leganile kingdom, it takes about a month if we go by foot. There is a vast forest between Osen town and Leganile kingdom and it seems that we will definitely get lost when enter it without a guide.

We can't use a horse-drawn carriage because that's too stand out, so we are walking..... or, go running. Under the guidance of Marao that familiar with the terrain, we keep running through the forest.

Well, this much is easy for me, there's no problem with Meru because she is just ride on my head. Live up to his title as S-rank adventurer, Grave-san running in considerable speed. Marao is able keep up with our speed as well. Although we also had break several times.

We are progressing within the forest in straight line, I think we are advancing quite faster compared using horse-drawn carriage.

I wonder if it's about the time to rest? I thought so as we saw a highway in front of us. But it seems the nuisances are appearing everywhere. I and Grave-san jump to the front to protect Marao.

[Wa-Wait a moment.....!! No, PLEASE wait.....!!]

From his appearances, there is no doubt he is a bandit. Dirty clothes and long swords hung on his waists.

Have you not take a bath for days? His skin is dirty.

Unshaven beard grew on his faces gave out a feeling..... a feeling.... his face somewhat pale and he was breaking into sweat everywhere while held down his stomach with his hand. Hmm..... stomachache?

[Yo-You all..... some paper..... no, leave your money here.....]

[But I need some paper.....]

[No, just money is okay..... I guess..... ughh!!]

Isn't that bad? Isn’t he already in the very limit? The bandit is desperately struggling to hold back something.

Grave-san and I are looking at each other about what to do. We decide to talk to the bandit for the time being.

[I see..... you want our money huh..... then, there is no choice but resist.....] (Wazu)

[I agree..... I can give you some papers, but I have no choice but resist when it comes to money. We are in a hurry and you also seem in a trouble, it will take some time if we fight here!!] (Grave)

[You have a point..... that would be a big problem..... for both sides]

I and Grave-san are speaking while holding back our laughter. The bandit desperately holding back something while uttering "uuh~" or "aah~" as he listens to our interaction.

I wonder how long can he endure it? Of course the moment something is about to broke down, we will leave this place at once.

[Hei, that person seems to suffer, won't you help him?] (Marao)

Marao came from behind and said so.

[Eh? I mean, he is a bandit. We don't have obligation to help] (Wazu)

[That's right. The moment we help, there is possibility he will attack us later in return] (Grave)

[I see.....] (Marao)

[ [So now, what we can do is to buy time as much as we can] ] (Wazu/Grave)

His face stained in despair because of our words. Trembling and rattling, his mouth gasping. The next moment with "Uhh~" he protrude his lips while looking at the sky, one hand holds his buttocks. Did it finally come out?

I and Grave-san instantly prepared take Marao away from this place. The bandit stays in that position for a while. He inhale a deep breath before suddenly begin to laugh in small voices.

[Fufu..... hahaha..... hahahahaha.....]

The bandit suddenly begins to laugh out loud. What's wrong? Did your head broken? He just laughs and didn't say anything.....

[It's gone~!! The waves have passed~!! Now then, you better to be prepared!! You will regret for not following my demand from before!!]

The bandit pulls out his swords and turns the tip at us.

Foolish!! He said that he got over it!? It's getting troublesome, but what does he mean by it has gone?

I and Grave-san grinned down. We shift to combat stance to finish him quickly. The bandit showing a reaction to our action and pull out another dagger from his bosom.

[Naive!! Do you think have the advantage because it's 2 vs 1 battle? I could use dual swords technique!! I will show off my strength!! You will regret for not escape while you can!!]

The bandit raised his hand high to prepare for big slash. I and Grave-san are preparing to dodge and launch a counter attack to finish him instantly but.....

[ [ .......... ] ] (Wazu)

[Ugh.......... Agh..........]

[That person begin to suffer again.....] (Marao)

As Marao said, the bandit threw out his weapon and put his hands on her stomach and buttock again.

Thinking it has over, but then it comes again. Looking at his complexion, it seems to be stronger wave than before. He is struggling desperately, his mouth gasping, I can see tears flow down from the corner of his eyes.

[Please..... Please leave this place at once..... I can't move anymore.... I'm at the limit..... In front of a girl..... I don't want to..... Please..... To preserve my dignity.....]

[Shall we go.....?] (Wazu)

[I agree.....] (Grave)

Grave-san silently takes out a piece of blank paper from his bosom and put it on the ground in front of the bandit. We leave the place in hurry so neither sound nor smell could reach us.

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