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Chapter 101 - Relatioship With Haosui

There are only Haosui and I inside this room now. Haosui had asked Meru, Grave-san, Serena-san, and Freud leave the room to give us some time.

Since Haosui is still not in her perfect condition, I have her stay on the bed just as it. I took the chair next  to bed and sit on it.

To be frank, my heart beating so fast being alone with Haosui right now, but I manage to keep my calm somehow.

I sat on the chair and look towards Haosui, but then she lowered her head to avoid eye contact with me.

[.........Thank you for saving me!!] (Haosui)

[..........I also heard that you got white dragon-sama's tears to save me..... Thank you very much!!] (Haosui)

Did she hear that from Serena-san? Because I only told Grave-san about this matter. Oh, well. I don't mind it. I stroking Haosui's head to convey that she don't have to worry about it. Her hair is so smooth and comfortable.

I gently stroking her head, but she suddenly make *hyuu~* sound  while her face turn deep red. Maybe it just my imagination, but I saw the steam rising from her head.

Eh? Did I do something wrong?

While thinking that I had screwed up, I pull my hand from her head because it's impossible to talk like this.

Haosui slowly rasied her face, she touching the part I stroked with ecstatic expression. While watching her action, our eyes meet once more. --[Uu~u~u~]-- she hide under the blanket again.

After a while, Haosui finally comes out from her blanket and teach me a bit about her past.

I stroking her head again with smile to make her feel at ease without saying anything. For the time being, I won't bring out about the peddler matter. I keep stroking Haosui's head until she calmed down.

Haosui look at me to make sure that I was still by her side.

I'm still here. Then..... may I ask a question now?

[And then..... umm..... the thing about you will be the wife of the winner.....] (Wazu)

[Unn, I will..... I will be Danna-sama's wife~] (Haosui)

Haosui got closer to me while answering it in quick succession.

[No, it's not like that..... Is Haosui okay with that? To suddenly become my wife? Is that a condition that was arbitary put by your challenger, right? You don't have to follow it, you know? Certainly, I won. But I won't force Haosui to be my wife. This is your life so do what you want to do..... in addtion, Haosui is not old enough to get married..... umm, what am I saying!?] (Wazu)

[.........In other words, do you hate me?] (Haosui)

I messed up. Haosui has a sad face with tears flowing from her eyes.

[Th-That's wrong!! That's not what I meant!! I giving the priority to your feeling!!] (Wazu)

[..........Do you dislike me?] (Haosui)

[No, well..... I don't dislike you, but.....] (Wazu)

[But.....?] (Haosui)

[We yet to understand each other well.....] (Wazu)

[..........Then, it's not problem. It's still about half year until we can get married. In the meantime, I will make Danna-sama unable to live without me anymore. Or, do you already have another wife?] (Haosui)

[No, I'm an unpopular guy. I don't even have a girlfriend] (Wazu)

I got sad by myself because of that words.

[..........Yup, I don’t see a problem. Even if you already have a wife or two, I will convince them to also let me become Danna-sama’s wife] (Haosui)

[Ha-Harem!?] (Wazu)

Haosui is so possitive.

[Is this really okay with Haosui? Umm.... to be my wife?] (Wazu)

[No problem..... Because I’m falling in love with Danna-sama!!] (Haosui)

Huh? Is that so? Umm.....since when? Did I do something? I have no idea.

Well, there are still six months time to think about everything. Let's start with get to know Haosui better....

Hmm? Eh? Why am I kinda looking forward to it as well?

Certainly, I think it's not a bad deal at all. I also want to properly accept her feeling..... but, what kind of step I should take.....?

Besides, after I heard Haosui's firm feeling, I also feel something within myself. I don't understand what is this, but I think the answer will come over the time..... surely.....

Having said that, I sink in the sea of thought by myself. Then, Haosui take out her guild card and gave it to me.

[.........I also want to thank Danna-sama for the other thing. A new possibilty has manifested after I lost from Danna-sama] (Haosui)

I received her guild card and check it.

Name : Haosui Tsurugi                              
Race : Ryujin (Hero)

Age : 14 years old

HP : 1546 / 7691

MP : 257 / 659

STR : 759

VIT : 800

INT : 438

MND : 698

AGL : 761

DEX : 367


[Battle king] Lv.Max (Compound)
[Tactics king] Lv.Max (Compound)
[Dragon-ization] (Unique)
[Special Magic : Dragon] Lv.Max (Unique)  <currently unusable>
[Super Recovery] Lv.Max (Compound)
[Body reinforcement] Lv.7
[Total Tolerance] Lv.8
[State Abnormal Invalidity]
[Hero] Lv.6
[Limit Breakthrough] (Unique)

Hmm? Has her status values fallen!?

However, I feel relieved because the "Demon Lord" thing has disappear and changed to “Hero”. Is the difference in her status values because of that? But what is this new possibility that Haosui was talking about?

Hmm? There is new skill in the bottom most part, in her status.

[Limit Breakthrough] what’s with this exciting word? It has a nice ring on it.....

I confirming this limit breakthrough skill.

[Limit Breakthrough] (Unique) = Skill to exceed the limit of human. The status upper limit rises 1 digit.

(TL : For example, before = 999 / after = 9999)

In other words, it seems that the current Haosui can become stronger than before as she train. But why is this because she lost to me?

[Because I learned the losing from Dann-sama..... I'm sure it was the reason] (Haosui)

Is it such a thing? Well, the manifestation of this skill is a fact. It's fine if Haosui was convinced about that reason. But, there is something that still bothering me.

[Umm..... I understand that, but will it get complicated if you keep calling me Danna-sama?] (Wazu)

[..........It's not a problem because Danna-sama will become Danna-sama in the future] (Haosui)

Is that so? Well, that's fine though. I return her guild card back.

[It seems you are still not in perfect condition, so take a good rest for the time being!!] (wazu)

[I know..... I want to get well as soon as possible so Danna-sama can teach me again] (Haosui)

[Th-That's right.....] (Wazu)

Hmm? Have I ever taught Haosui something? I don’t think there is something I can teach her about battle skill.

While thinking about such a thing, the outside of room become noisy. Noticed that something happened outside, Haosui send her line of sight towards the door.

The door opened vigorously with *dobaan*. From there, Grave-san come in with a girl with beast ears.

[Help me!! Hao-chan.....!!]

[Ma-chan.....!?] (Haosui)

Hmm? Do you know each other?

**Proofreader : Truffle & Ninetail Vixen**

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