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Chapter 100 - It’s Embarrassing.....

The next day after I fought Haosui.....

I don't want to go out even one step of the room anymore!! What was that? Has the outside turned into my public execution ground?

In the midst of fighting, because I was only thinking of saving Haosui, I had forgotten that there were audiences in that place watching. In other words, they all saw Haosui and me kissing.

Because Haosui fainted again after that, I left her under Serena-san's care. She was brought to her room in the women's bath district.

Although I was relieved that Haosui can be saved, but her physical condition hadn't returned.

And when I tried to leave the arena and go back to the inn where I stayed, I was showered by various reaction from the surrounding audience.

--[*hyuu-hyuu*]-- or --[Not bad man!!]-- or --[My Haosui-chan.....kill him!!]-- or --[Hug me please!!]--

Incidentally the last --[Hug me please!!]-- was coming from a man with bulging muscles *tremble*. I absolutely won't go near the men's bath district.

With a bitter smile towards such crowds, I quickly left the place with Meru on my head.

However, even on the road leading to the inn, I got teased by many passersby. It's embarrassing, so I ran straight into my room and never went out since then.

Too much embarrassment, I raised strange voice like "Hiaa~~" or "Uwaa~~" inside the room.

Freud and Grave-san who watched me in such a state, seemed to be having fun by themselves. I will get them later. I lied down in the bed while stroking Meru for peace of mind.

When I calmed down, I was finally able to think straight.

I think the kiss with Haosui was simply a wonderful thing, though it was a little surprising. Come to think of it, there was some rule that said she would be the wife of the winner.

Is that the reason she called me Danna-sama before? Eh? Has Haosui already become my wife now? You must be kidding, right? Seriously? I mean, how about my feelings?

(TL : I will use Danna-sama instead my husband from now on)

Certainly, I think Haosui is a cute girl, nobody would mind to become her husband. But talking about love into consideration, I’m still not sure myself......

Moreover, you have to become an adult before speaking of marriage..... Haosui is still 14 years old, right? Then, it's still impossible to marry her.....

Eh? Wait, why am I getting depressed because of that? No, No, there is no such thing..... but, what about Haosui's real feeling?

She called me Danna-sama, also the kiss, does that mean she's falling in love with me? How can? Why? I don't understand the reason at all.

Perhaps, she just following the conditions that has been imposed on her. If it's so, I'll tell her to forget such a thing.

It's a bit disappointing though.....

Because everything came so sudden, my thought process is still in disarray. First, I need to go to check Haosui's condition.

Surely, she's just obeying the condition that has been imposed on her. That's right, it's impossible for her to suddenly fall in love with someone like me.....

*sob*..... let’s go back to sleep.

The next day. I received a message from Serena-san's attendant that said Haosui regained her consciousness and wanted to meet me in person. I heading to Haosui's place.

Freud and Grave-san also following me for some reason. I understand that Grave-san is going to see his wife, but I wonder why Freud also come with us? When I ask so, Freud put on a face that seems sad.

[What are you talking about? Wherever Wazu-sama is going, this Freud will be also there.....] (Freud)

[There are more times when you suddenly disappear from my sight though.....] (Wazu)

[It's regrettable that I only have one body] (Freud)

[It doesn't answer the question, you know?] (Wazu)

[Well, let’s forget the past] (Freud)

[I don’t want to hear that from you!!] (Wazu)

It's useless. I can't make a decent conversation with this guy. Let's leave him alone. I could care less about what he is doing.

I gave Meru a ride on the head and leave the inn. But again, I still feel embarrassed.

It seems what happened between Haosui and me, was already known through the town. I can feel the gazes behind my back, I also can hear some people whispering something about me.

Some of them are fast-minded. --[Congratulations on your marriage]-- there are people who send me blessing etc. How far did the gossip spread~!!

I manage to arrive at the inn where Haosui stays while sometime holding my breath.

Horrible..... my mental power got scraped off to this point..... a gossip is horrible.

I steadied my breath before entering the inn. There is Serena-san waiting inside, she lead me to the room where Haosui was resting.

Haosui was resting on the bed with her upper body slightly raised. She was dressed with a neat light green pajama.

The embroidery around her chest, is that a dragon? When Meru noticed her figure, she flew away from my head towards Haosui.

She still has her usual sleepy face, but her mouth raised a little and her face also loosened. It was a smile that suitable with her age.

[..........Just as you said, Danna-sama was stronger than me~] (Haosui)

[Kyuii~ Kyuii~] (Meru)


To Meru who puffed her chest and made a proud face, Haosui showed a slightly unsatisfying look.

Somehow, I also want to boast myself a little because I was able to save the girl in front of me.

However, what did Meru say? I'm curious. I wonder if I will be able to talk with Meru later.....

Just as I look at Haosui while thinking such a thing, our eyes meet. She finally realized my presence. Her face turned red and she instantly hide her upper body with a blanket.

Hmm? I wondering what to do.

As if a frightened small animal, she cautiously lowering her blanket. She look straight at my eyes before uttering a word.

[I was waiting..... welcome, Danna-sama.....] (Haosui)

[H-Hello.....] (Wazu)

I respond to her words before entering the room with a puzzled look because of her Danna-sama remark again.

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