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19 Hikime – Fia-Chan

[. . . Welcome to Ell and Fia Atelier] (Fia)
The girl greeted me while grasping both ends of the skirt quietly, lifted it a little, bending her knees lightly and lowering her head.

. . . . .  in 5m distance.

Too far!
I was still standing in front of the entrance, is there any need to put so much dinstance Fia-chan? She dashed back after opened the door for me a little while ago. . . WHY?

[Ouu. As I said before my name is Yu and I’m Ell’s acquaintance. Well, Fia-cha---] (Yu)

[Please don’t come closer!!] (Fia)

[Eeh !?] (Yu)

I thought she opened the door because she wanted to let me in, I never thought she was shooing me away. Eeh what is this? What did she opened the door for?

[Over there!] (Fia)

This time I was allowed to enter and then she just left me. . .

Umm, I’m not allowed to sit?

She allowed me to enter but then she left me. . . what does she want to do exactly. . .?

I don’t understand! Women's hearts are so complicated, I can’t understand it at all!

For now let’s review the situation. After I came in Fia-chan advances towards the back room cautiously.

I checked the room from the corner of hallway, indeed it’s seemed to be an atelier. The large pot, such as the one for making lunch in school? A jar? Green liquid inside the flask filled half of the wall. Test tube containing purple liquid. There are also other indescribable things lined up. On the other side there are line of bookshelves, table and chair for 4 people was put in the center. And there Fia-chan was standing.
(TL : I was thinking of round pot-like that witch usually use in movie, but it says something like school cafetaria's pot)

The Atelier is located in the front room from the entrance, I wonder if this also served as a parlor?

Although the Atelier and parlor were connected, I think it can’t be helped. From the outside I can see that the space of workshop is almost filled with no room to spare.

Surely it won't be a reason like---

[To save time because I can receive visitors while compounding -desu]

---That’s impossible.

[. . . please sit down there!] (Fia)

[Ah, yes. . .] (Yu)

After Fia-chan pointing a chair for me, she fled to the back room again. . . she ran away like a scared rabbit.

. . . from her reaction so far, it’s clear that she hate me, also---

She said it herself when opened the door---

[Even though you are a rude customer that suddenly come in the middle of the night but because you are Onee-san acquintance I can’t just send you away]

---That was her true feeling, she only reluctantly let me in because I said to be her sister acquintance. 
Surely she only think of me as a ‘Nuisance’.

. . . No, rather than say ‘Only think’, she shows it clearly from her attitude.

[Did I do something worth to be hated. . .] (Yu)
There is still an inconvenient feeling even though it’s not real, and I wonder why she doesn't want get close to me?

A (cute) girl was being cautious with me at the first meeting, because it’s emotially exhausted I want her at least lower her guard a little, what should I do. . .

. . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .

[. . . It’s so quiet] (Yu)

Fia-chan didn't come back. . .

What is this, abandon-play?
Her words from a little while ago, [. . . (until my sister comes back) please sit down there!] is that what she meant?

If that’s right, doesn’t it mean I will be sitting here and keep waiting for a person that who know when she will come back. . .

Impossible, that’s impossible. I can’t just sit here doing nothing for who know how long it will be, if only there was my smartphone! Or get me a novel at least!

. . . Uhh I want to just leave frome here.
But she told me to wait here, I don’t want to give her more reason to hate me. . .

I want to see Boparu and Mizuki. . . Hmm? That’s a good idea right?
I’ll be happy if I can touch Boparu and Mizuki. Fia-chan also wouldn’t hate Boparu and Mizuki becuase they have no sin. Or rather she might be will envious to seeing me being lovey-dovey with Boparu and Mizuki! And if Fia-chan wants to touch Boparu and Mizuki it’s inevitable that our (physical) dinstance also will get closer!

[It’s trully a perfect plan!!] (Yu)

[. . . Sorry, to make you wait] (Fia)

[Ah, no. I’m not waiting at all, it’s alright] (Yu)

*startle* I pull a chair and sit down again. Did she hear? She must heard. . .

Uooooooo, it’s super embarassing!!

Or rather, Fia-chan absolutely eavesdrop me! The timing is too perfect!

[. . . ?] (Yu)

While sending a cold gaze (Yu perspective) to me that still writhes in shame, Fia-chan moved to the other side of table staggered. And then with rumble sound she put something on the table.

[. . . it’s was all Heal Cream from warehouse, is this enough?] (Fia)

There are around 20 Heal Cream lying on table, this is completely sufficient but the problem is---

[I want as much as I can buy, but right now I only have a little money] (Yu)

[. . . How much do you have?] (Fia)

I tell Fia-chan the gold in my possesion and she began to choosing a Heal Cream. It seems there are subtle variations in the effect for each one. She considering which I’ll need for the price.

. . . I thought she hated me, or I am wrong? Or this is just her profesionalism? Anyway I don’t care what the reason is, as long it's a good thing.

[. . . Alright, it’s decided. This one and then--] (Fia)


[I ~ Am ~ Home –desu !!] (Ell)

[--This. . .] (Fia)

[Fiaaa! Where are youuu! Onee-chan has come back -desu yo~~~!] (Ell)

With *Zuzazazaza* sound, Ell which jumped into the workshop while drifting and scraping the ground with her right foot, look at Fia-chan.

[I want to see you –desu yo~~~~!!] (Ell)

[. . . Be quite please] (Fia)

Ell rushed to Fia-chan with full force and doing a large jump to pounced her. . . No, it just a jumping hug!?
Hmmm. . . hmmm. . . aah Lu*pin Dive!!
(TL : Lupin The Third reference)

Within the air Ell spread her arm while doing a nose-dive towards Fia-chan. She casually avoided a direct hit with only doing a half a step to the side and then raised her right hand. No, rather than raised, she was readied her right hand, and then---

[*Gupye~*] (Ell)

Without moving from her position Fia-chan did a half rotation to stop Ell’s momentum with her right hand. Ell fell on her back and hen slipped on the ground until she stopped after hitting the wall.
[ . . . ]
[ . . . ]
[ . . . ]

[. . . also this one too, it’s 5 in total] (Fia)

[Eh!? No reaction!? after all the spectacle that just happened, you just casually continue to talk as if nothing!!] (Yu)

I wonder why since the first time in FWO, I always play a straight-man. . .

Be it with Taku or others, I cant help but to retort if there is something amiss. . . how did this happen.

+ + + + +

**If you have any suggestion or finding fault in my translation feel free to tell me**

Translator : Sabishii desu
Proof reader : Truffle
http://sabishiidesu.blogspot.com/p/18-hikime-atelier-visit.html    http://sabishiidesu.blogspot.com/p/prolog.html    http://sabishiidesu.blogspot.com/p/20-hikime-man-hater.html


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