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18 Hikime - Atelier Visit

[Starting town! I came back!] (Taku)

[Taku Shut up!] (Yu)

And finally we arrived at the Starting Town.
As per Taku and the others advice I reluctantly un-summoned Boaparu andMizuki. I also unequipped the Rabbit’s set and went back to wearing my initial equipment as not to attract attention. We advanced towards the fountain in the center of the plaza on foot.

[Well then we are going to log-out now, how about you Yu?] (Taku)

[Hmm. . . I wonder what should I do?] (Yu)

I checked the time on menu, right now is 8.00 pm in the real world, is about time for dinner. Today's dinner is self-service curry as usual, I just need to heat it up in microwave and wash the dish afterwards therefore I can take dinner anytime but . . . I have been logged-in all day long since this morning and haven’t gone to the toilet 
or eaten anything,  so I’m hungry right now. . .

By the way there was an item called ‘Tent’ with this we can log out temporary if we want to go to the toilet. I need to buy it later from Ria-san.

[I’m hungry so I will log-out as well] (Yu)

[Okay, because we won’t log-in again today, so this is farewell] (Taku)

[See you later Yu-chan] (Rika)

[See you -ssu!] (Tetsu)

[. . . Tetsu, your greeting are incomprehensible. And stop adding ‘-ssu’ in the words. More importantly I don’t understand what is ‘-ssu’ means] (Rika)

[ ‘-ssu’ is part of my indentitty, are you denying it !?] (Tetsu)

Bla. .bla. .bla. . . they are noisy until the end.

I woke up in the dark room and nobody was there, It feels slightly lonely. I want to hurry to eat dinner, take a bath, and go back to FWO.

Also tomorrow is a day off and I think there wouldn’t be a problem even if I play alone.


I logged-in at 9.00 pm.
The day and night is switched at 00.00 am.

Let’s summon Boparu and Mizuki immediately. . .
That’s what I want to do, but it will be pointless even though I went as far as not equipped the Rabbit's set. So even if it’s hard I have to bear with it.

[Well then, what should I do. . .?] (Yu)

With my level there wouldn’t be any problem even if I go to the mountains. Enemies in the mountains and forest seems to be weak for us right now, but it's painful that there is no heal cream in my hand. It’s so reckless to challenge an unknown enemy without any recovery means.

So, I need to buy Heal Cream before doing anything else. But the payment for rabbit meat and fur is still tomorrow.

Now what to do. . .

Ria-san in on my friendlist, for the time being let’s show my face to her.


[Here, this is payment for Turtle, Bat, and Goat drop items. You have to wait a little longer for Rabbit meat and fur payment] (Rika)

[Thank you] (Yu)

Somehow founds were secured. I just realize it when I saw Ria-san's stall that I can just sell today's dropped items separately from Rabbit meat and fur.

There are two kinds of items that I sold, Goat milk and Bat fang.
I have a lot Bat fang but the price is low, on contrary Goat milk sold for a high price but I only have two of them. Also there was no dropped item from Turtle because their number was only enough for sealing completion therefore we couldn't get anything.

I have graduated as person that only can buy 2 apples but I do not know whether my money is enough to buy Heal Cream. Well if it comes to it, I planned to come back again after received my payment.

[You sure have it tough huh. Even after went all the trouble to collect the Rabbit’s set you can't use it freely, but I think it’s just temporary] (Ria)

[Hmm, I don’t really mind it . . . but it’s really painful to be separated from Boparu and Mizuki . . . I think somehow I can hear their voice calling to me from somewhere] (Yu)

[. . . aren’t you a student? Will you be okay going to school next Monday in such a condition?] (Ria)

[. . . . . . I will manage it somehow] (Yu)

[well I’m just worried. . .] (Ria)

[Let’s see, summer vacation will be started on Friday after that I can play the game even on weekdays. You are worried too much] (Yu)

[I hope so. . .] (Ria)

I exchanged information with Ria-san that still doubted me. . . no, I am the only one who received information here. The Tent prices will be deducted from Rabbit payment. Ria-san also taught me information about inn locations so I can summons and take a rest with Boparu and Mizuki. Though it's disappointing that there is no such information about a Basket item.

. . . It’s became a one-sided information exchange. Not good, but there isn’t any information I can offer in particular.

Finally I managed to leave, I want to meet Boparu and Mizuki soon. I noticed Ria-san still looking at me worriedly but I think she is exaggerating it too much. Transaction was properly done and it’s not like I’m thinking about Boparu all the time.


[So it’s here] (Yu)

It was one of building that was located in the Starting towns west street, I looked up at the sign that was hanging in front of the shop.

A picture of the large flask is drawn on it. Once again I checked the map and there is no doubt that this is the right place.

It would be a bother for her to visit in the middle of the night, that’s what I thought. But as far as Taku and the others reaction, Heal Cream seems to be quite an excellent recovery item.

Also, it seem Potion is always in shortage supply because players are constantly bought it up. It might be cheaper if you can buy it directly from the producer, but it comes with penalty or tax.

. . . By the way, I have come to this place because I know that it’s Ell’s alchemy atelier from her. But I think other people wouldn’t know about what kind of this place because nothing has been written here. . .

Maybe something like. . .

“Ellnes Atelier ~The FWO Alchemist~”

With that I think people would know about what kind of place this is.

How’s that? Ah not good

*kon kon kon*

[excuse mee~] (Yu)

I knocked on the door because there was no chime to be seen. I often make a mistake, 2 knocks is for checking a toilet. I knew this superficial knowledge from Taku. With haughty and annoying face he told me this so I hit him, I remember it clearly.

. . . . .

Still no answer. Is she not home or sleeping? Hmm? But the light is on, did she not heard me?

*kon kon kon*

[excuse mee~] (Yu)

. . . I know this is out of nowhere but foxes are sure cute.
I've never see the real one though, I wonder what they look like? Live in the forest or snowfield that’s what come to my mind. And then. . .  live in volcano and have some thing like a fire attribute? No, that’s indeed impossible, something like that will be another problem itself.

(TL : Yep it's random, did he just remember about Pokemon Go !? lol)

. . . . . .

Still no answer.
I think there are poeple in because the light is still on. Maybe her hand is tied-up with compounding? Or maybe she is in the bath.

Anyway I need it today, maybe I will just buy Potion at Ria-san place, the effect seems to be lower though also it’s expensive.

[. . . . . . Who are you?]

A thin voice which to the extent you will miss to hear it, was thrown from the other side of the door.

It was the opposite of Ell’s cheerful voice. The answer which can only be considered as surprised mixed with whisper as if something clogged in her throat.

[. . . Ah my name is Yu, this place is Ell-san alchemy atelier right?] (Yu)

[. . . Yes this place is Ellnes Nee-san atelier. Umm. . . may I help you?]

[Ah yeah, I  have thought of whether I can get some Heal Cream here. Is Ell-san not home?] (Yu)

I don’t know why, but I can feel an unfriendly attitude from her tone. But when she introduced herself as Ell's little sister it’s somehow gave me a childish impression.

The tensions that has been stretched involuntarily crumble along with her that stopped using formal language. As expected using honorific and polite language is tiring. Just hearing it makes me nervous.

. . . Huh? Was I using polite language when talk with Ria-san? I somehow used it as if natural, I wonder why? Though it seem Ria-san doesn't mind it.

[. . . Delivery request of heel cream. . . Onee-san is not home. I think it still took a while before she returning, do you have appointment with Onee-san?]

[No, I don’t. . . ] (Yu)

[You don’t have any appointment before, and yet you are knocking on the door of lady house in the middle of night]

[Umm well. . . because your sister told me before that “you can come to play anytime”] (Yu)

[. . . . . .]

No answer. Did I just say something wrong?
At any rate it’s bad to suddenly visited ladies house in the middle of the night . . . Well it seems she's not home, let’s come back later

[She is not here right now. . .]


Before I can answer, the door that separated the girls and me opened while make some noise.

[. . . Uuh?] (Yu)

From the other side of opened door, only a little silhouette can be seen because I was dazzled by the light
that came from inside the room.

[Even though you are a rude customer that suddenly came in the middle of the night but because you are Onee-san acquintance I can’t just send you away]

The room is so bright, that said it’s not like there was sunlight inside. My eyes began to be accustomed with the light and immediately captured the appearance of a girl. The azure pupil and the long hair that has the same color tied with one-sided ponytail style. As the opposite of Ell's flashy clothes she wore a simple black one-piece type clothing.

The girl that focused her attention on me grasped both ends of the skirt quietly, lifted it a little, bent her knees lightly and lowered her head in a slight curtsy.

[. . . Welcome to Ell and Fia atelier] (Fia)

The girl with white skin that like porcelain greeted me with an unchanging expression just like a doll, or so I thought.

+ + + + +

**If you have any suggestion or finding fault in my translation feel free to tell me**

Translator : Sabishii desu
Proof reader : Truffle
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