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Thursday, December 21, 2017

I'm back?

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!!

I'm back, maybe? Yeah I'm still not really sure myself. After somehow managed to live for almost three months without laptop, I finally got a new one. My new laptop only supports Windows 10 (64bit) but that's not the problem.

You know, my internet connection is quite slow and all the online services from Windows 10 ate all the bandwidth. Yesterday, I couldn't even access gmail. I'm still looking the trick to solve this problem so if you know something, please tell me.

There were a ton of another problems happened in the last three months. I wonder why, everything never go the way I wanted lately. I think I can turn all my complaints for the past three months into a book. Well, maybe not that much but it was still a lot. I don't feel like doing anything until new year, but let's wait and see.

That's all, I hope you get a better new year than me. See you soon.....


  1. Welcome back. For your problem, you can try disable windows automatic updates it can help.

  2. Welcome back, and merry christmas/happy new year. I hope you have better luck in the coming year.

  3. let me give you a list with step to step guide:

    first: stop microsoft from using your data plan (and money) to update other people pc


    second: stop the update themself


    the full step by step guide complete


    Hope you enjoy and find use for those

  4. Welcome back. try ctrl alt delete, and open the application manager. Try disabling certain services you don't want. You might have one of the pre installed cloud services on there. my laptop was like that, and that app sucked up so much bandwidth it wasn't even funny. I disabled it as fast as i could.

  5. For a new laptop its better if u update the windows update to make it smoother,then just disable any useless software

  6. Welcome back, and happy holidays! We missed you and your novels!

  7. If it makes you feel any better the other guy died.

  8. Welcome back!

    Happy new year!

    Where are u from?

  9. Welcome back and happy New year....

  10. Welcome back!
    Finally i can stop come to site and see the RIP post.