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Friday, October 6, 2017

Update 06/10/17

Please read and think about it carefully https://redd.it/3eukbh . Thanks to (-Raf-) for sharing the link.

I have several interesting novels in my mind, for my next project after Sonomono and the next project after that. I could see myself translating it in the next 2-3 years in the future.

But now, I’m not really sure about it anymore. All I can see is myself inside the situations mentioned in the link above.

Translation poaching is wrong so stop it!! I’ve made myself clear enough. Please respect my decision, my effort, and my time I spent translating Sonomono. There are countless untranslated novels out there. The community is so big and people never have too much novel to read. There are sites like NU that will help you get the reader even when you just started or translating novel that no one know about it.

That’s my final statement. The drama ends here. I'll do the cleaning later. This is a place for me to enjoy my peaceful time. I won’t allow any comment that’s still trying to make a commotion out of the matter from now on.

I don’t have any plan to stop at the present and really don't want to stop. I’ll keep going like my usual pace and won’t make any competition whatsoever. I’ll just believe to my readers.

But if I stop at some point like the case above, I hope the people who right now don’t care with translation poaching, can take a lesson from it. I hope you all can take the original translator’s side when something like this happened in the future. The translator is powerless here, only the reader who can stand to fight against translation poaching. I’m the source of it.

Now that sounds like a flag. I won’t die, right? You won’t let me die, right? Ou, sabishii desu!! :D


  1. I'm tired and will call it a day. See you tomorrow on chapter 153!!

  2. Will be PATIENTLY waiting (`・∀・´)

  3. Thank u always for ur great work...

  4. Will be waiting. See you then. Thanks for the hard work!

  5. dont really care who translation and so on but if Translation group stop posting for a few weeks without any posts of explain beside post comments in comments place
    i jump to other group then because atleast i read active or atleast a more or less recents goin process then a silent main post group

    1. Don't worry, you will mature soon enough. You will find out that catching up to all your favourite LNs and waiting for all of them could be as much fun as anything else. :-)

      Don't get me wrong, when I found Sono Mono, I read the already translated 72-ish chapter in the afternoon. Since then? I check out this site 2-3 times a week - or once per fortnight if I'm busy and forget -, and read the new chapters. Meanwhile I'm binging others, catching up, and moving to yet another LN, checking it's site regularly too. The cycle continues...

      This other guy's site? If not for Sabishi's posts, I wouldnt even know about it.

      I think you guys are lazy in the wrong way, thus in need of correction (c) Alderamin of the Sky.

      Just the opinion of a leech who turned off adblocker, cuz why the heck not. :-D

    2. People like you are the majority where you and they dont have any respect for those who take their precious time and to translate, I want to use a harsher word for the like of you but I refrain here. Maybe you will never understand the joy and hardwork of translating just so their fruits being leach off to others. Hope you have a great day and mature.

    3. Most of these problems could have been avoided if Sabishi made a news post or something mentioning a delay because of personal reasons, which is understandable because life happens and you have to deal with that stuff before a fan project like translating.

      You have to understand the confusion of some of the readers when the comments I can find before the post of 152 are mostly about Sabishi's interest in translating another novel. It can make someone assume that you are more focused on the new project than Sonomono, so a news post just saying something along the lines of:

      Hey everybody i'm currently busy with some personal things right now so the next chapter will be delayed but don't worry i'm still working on it.

      Just a short message like that in its own news section probably would have cleared up a lot of the confusion some of the readers were having.

    4. TBH im not really old in this business (reading online translations), but a) if he would have started a new translation, there would have been updates here; b) it takes usually 3-4 months before a translation is considered as abandoned. One itsy bitsy month without any news is like nothing. Of course, it would have been niceR with some news about him, but it's not like the world has ended without it either. Just usual business.

      Well, at least, let's hope Sabishii too learnt from this that his readers are curious about his state in general. At least I am, for sure. This can be said about all the translators Im involved in, not only him. :-) They are not robots, they are people who make our lives more fun.

    5. In this occasion, I'll tell a little story about me for the readers who just read my works recently. I've said several times in the past that I went missing from time to time.

      Missing? Yeah, I didn't know how long it would take so I never said anything. Well, the truth was I just took a break from translation of something came up in the real world. Normally, I went missing for 1-2 weeks so it was kinda abnormal(? this time.

      I don't want to pursuit this matter any further but feel free to ask whenever you have a question.

  6. We always beside you! Have a nice day!!

  7. I love your site so I will be waiting

  8. Ahaha so you finally hear my opinion to jump the translation :P Nice

  9. Actually it's me and random-triggered-translator that jumped the translation, Sabishii is still doing the other chapter in his own phase, bot of us is just here to help Sabishii a lil bit.

  10. yup, it feels like digging holes, I actually helped to both TL and Edit two novels before at one ch each a week before workload increased so much that I couldn't keep doing it and yes you get the satisfaction of the new chapter, just as you would drink fresh and cold water from a well, but if you didn't dig it, you would never know what Digging a hole feels like

  11. Been waiting for a few months now. A few more years wouldn't hurt.
    If you think I'm exaggerating, no I'm not.

  12. I am totally confused... Like totally... Well I like sabishii and the way he acted.

    When people say that sabishii is in the wrong too because he/she/it(lol) reject a joint project... I really can't see where his/her/its(lol) fault is. He (I'll stick with he) has his rights to reject it, he is not obligated to accept. And most importantly... Translators went missing for up to a month is normal, they are humans, and humans are not perfect, especially their memory. Sabiahii could be too busy to remember posting anything, or maybe too sick to post.

    Well my point is... I may be late here... But I like you, so I will support you~ though I may be not rich enough to donate or anything... But I will visit here whenever I have the time (or remember)~ keep it up nii-san!

  13. Truly appreciate the translations! Very closely following sononomo