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Friday, October 6, 2017

Sonomono chapter 157

We climbed the mountain while maintaining the barrier. Monsters kept attacking even when the weather was bad but they were all exterminated with Kagane's magic, even if they reached us they couldn't break the barrier so I can say that we have a good offense.

While all that is happening I wasn't able to do anything. No, they have become really strong. The women group members... their strong cooperation with each other was for me.


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    1. http://www.novelupdates.com/series/that-person-later-on
      Go here and see way

  2. Are you still going to translate the other chapters? If so, I'll wait until you are done with those before I read this, as I prefer your translations.

    1. I just did this chapter to help Sabishii, and he did tell everyone that he'll do those chapters in his own phase as he's fed up with the drama that the others are flaming to get bigger.

    2. This chapter is a gift from Nepu. I will continue my translation from the current one (chp153) and so on.... and thanks for the support

  3. Thank u always for ur great work...

    Whoa, a collab...

  4. Thx for the chapter o/
    i am gonna wait for your version of chapter 153 and forward (including this on)so just take your time and as my favorite character says: "dont worry be happy?~~"

    1. in case it might have been confusing the "(including this one)" means that i am counting this chapter as a "official" chapter by you, as i believe you will not translate this one in the future, but with you do i will just read both =]