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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sonomono Chapter 153

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!!

I found this "maou jou de oyasumi" some times ago when I just started reading manga again after a long time. Short chapters with easy-to-understand jokes. The classic rpg game elements make this manga unique. I was laughing a lot because of each chapter.

You will absolutely like this manga so go check it yourself. Please tell me if you know interesting manga like this :)


  1. Thank u always for ur great work...

  2. If you like "Maou jou de oyasumi" you should try "Maou no Hisho" /

    Here is a short description of the begining of the first chapter : a sealed demon lord wake up after oversleeping for 14 years (because he crushed the alarm clock, mumbling "let me sleep for another 10 years") and decide to resume his world domination plan, for that he want his army to capture humans as he was sealed for 314 years and need to know the enemy ("But male are stubborn. Bring female instead. And for female, obviously appearance is important! Yes! The beautifull ones are the best ! A little younger would be good. They must have big boobs. And also be gentle. Don't forget hardworking and diligent. And also sensible and won't argue.")... Yep even his subodinate call it a christmas list...
    That's what he asked for, and... Well he got way more than he expected : a human secretary that proposed effective plans to destroy humanity in less than 3 days ! And will of course take the focus of the story and the manga's MC spot from him.

    TLDR :

    Then a little later :

    And after that she will introduce healthcare, a pension and pay vacation system to the demon king army.. ;o)

  3. I also ready Maou Jou, pretty good. I recomend Helck, it's a fun read in the beggining and an awesome story later. you will smile easly. I am not sure but i believe they are been translated by the same person too:

    1. you might also like:

    2. My good sir, you have some fine taste in mangas ;o)

  4. thank u for the chapter. lets dig in

  5. Definitely should check out "Kumo desu ga, nani ka?"

  6. Check out "Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!"

  7. Thanks for all the recommendations. I'll read them when I have time^^

  8. Oh right, one more recommendation from me, "Hatsukoi Zombie". It's not pure comedy like the one I mentioned above but I really like the story.

  9. Thank you for that manga suggestion Sabishii, I haven't laughed like that in awhile. You keep on being awesome!

  10. I'm glad to hear that. Please do tell me when you found this kind of manga or novel.

  11. i read maou oyasumi since thwre is only like 4 chapt :DD