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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sonomono Chapter 152

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!!

Well, the situation is just as you all can see. I've raised objection since the first day but he doesn't seem to care and still stealing my readers.

I'm sad..... and I'm happy to see a lot people give their supports, to understand that this one year time is not for nothing, to know that there are not just some ungrateful leechs who enjoying my works.

Thank you so much. Because there are the readers like you all that the translation communities keep growing big in internet like now.

Anyway, I couldn’t reach my proofreader Niel so feel free to give correction!!


  1. Thank u always for ur great work...

  2. Thank jooooooooo! And unfortunately it happens, nothing we can do about it. @ @

  3. Well
    Can't compare a pro to a noob

  4. Ty, as always the bot got the 1 place

  5. Ty. I was wondering why another site was translating. I will be loyal.

  6. Hey, I'm not stolen if I read your version as well. All things aside, dude's a jerk for not talking to you.

  7. From what I've read, the other guy offered to collaborate with you and you rejected, so I have no idea why you're salty. Either way, it's not like this series was all that high quality anyway. It's not like you have any special permission from the original author or publisher.

    Who I'll support? Well, the other guy doesn't have some Anti-AdBlocker software running preventing me from viewing on my iPhone, so I'll be going over to there. He's faster anyway.

    I don't care who picked it up first. I judge sites by how aggressively they force viewers to view ads. You failed that test.

    1. Kinda harsh, but this is pretty much true. Sonoyaku is translating purely out of enjoyment of the novel and doesn't try to prevent adblock and doesn't even have a donate section (yet). Nothing wrong with having fast translations, especially since he didn't even steal sabishii's.

    2. Just for information
      I'm reading from iPhone...

    3. @Matt I don't know what kind "offer" you're talking about but up to now I hear no words whatsoever from him. There is just a guy who suddenly post the link on comment section and I don't know wheteher that's him or not. But still, I've decided my stance and I've said I wouldn't make any change!

    4. @rice merchant : Yeah out of enjoyment that maybe will only last for month or two. But that "out of enjoyment" will make this blog that has been running for more than year closed down before long.

      Just kidding. I'll keep going :)

    5. What do you mean "no words whatsoever"? I remember reading your comment on his site on October 2nd and he replied to you asking for corroboration or to discuss with you. The next day you posted your announcement in which you wrote "I never have any plan to make joint project". So yeah, although it's not nice of him to start translating like that, it's not like he never tried to contact you, so you're both to blame on this.

    6. That's a news to me. I knew his blog from a comment here, Visited it once to say my objection. The end. The next day I made the announcement.

      Or rather, is this a common manner to come to the other party when you ask something? Not through a comment, he even could ask my email address if he didn't know it yet

    7. There are some people who think that ‘competition’ amongst translators on a same project is good, but you cannot be further from the truth; this so-called competition is devastating in the long-run, both for translators and the translation, because translating is such tiring, drudge work. It’s the mental equivalent digging a hole in the ground to create a well…for hours. Almost no one is going to ‘compete’ to dig holes, because digging holes, in and of itself, is not fun (before anyone starts, manga is a completely different animal, esp. in terms of translation workload). That’s why there are so many unfinished translations littering the web. People run out of steam because digging holes is not fun. And that’s without poaching issues!
      I’ve been translating for 10+ years on and off, so I’ve seen this cycle happen too many times, although thankfully at SPCNET at least, the community was a small, tight-knit one and so translation poaching did not happen. But here is the cycle:
      1) A translation gets popular, and some people start to clamor for the translation to be done faster. The translator keeps at the original rate, because there is a limit to how much energy s/he is willing to expend on digging holes (because digging holes is not fun).
      2) Another translator (often a new one) steps in and goes, ‘hey, I can do it faster’ and jumps in. For the first few chapters, the new guy goes at a rapid-fire pace, faster than the original translator, because translating this project is new, it is exciting, and because he is getting plaudits from certain readers, who praise him for how fast he is going! This is what I call the ‘honeymoon’ phase.
      3) The original translator, nine out of ten, looks at it and goes, ‘fuck it’. digging holes is not fun, and it’s even less fun when a loud, vocal minority of readers are berating him for being ‘slower’, or telling him he should leave it to the new translator, or that he should go work with the new translator (solo translations vs group translation is a separate subject). He quits, probably with a grudge against the new translator.
      4) The new translator eventually slows down after the initial excitement of the honeymoon wears off, because like everyone else, he finds out that digging holes is not fun. Instead of a chapter every day or every other day, he slows down to a few a week, or maybe one or two a week.
      5) Return to step one. The cycle repeats.

      I'm taking this from a post that RWX made on reddit I posted the link in another comment.

    8. The end result of this? Multiple discouraged translators, some of whom now hold grudges against each other, a translation that is inconsistent in quality and terminology, a toxic history, and which is frozen in its tracks. THIS is the result of so-called ‘competition’, aka ‘translation poaching’. Ill-will and bad feelings for everyone involved, and nothing for readers to read.

    9. Yeah I can see myself inside the situations above.

      Some people just doesn't care how much effort and time that translator put inside the chapter that they finished reading in less than five minutes.

      I managed to run this blog for almost 2 years because I have no target, I have no schedule, and did it with my own pace, so I could keep translating while I enjoying the process myslef up to now.

      It's so sad to know some people doesn't even think this my one-year-effort and just tost me aside beacuse the heat of a moment. :(

    10. Nii-san, Keep it up!!! you're not alone even though your name seems lonely!!!!

    11. LOL, I just now noticed that I pasted the text BEFORE what should be the first line explaining that it was from a post RWX made on reddit.

  8. Well, the other site is kinda rude because he didn't follow unwriten take over translation.
    And in the other side you reject to coorperate, so me as reader sonomachi can say you both at fault .

    If you still didn't wanna someone take over your translation, why not you contact the author and make your translation have special translation by author ...

  9. I understand your pain, ALOT of effort goes into translating, and to have someone come along and take over your hard work is terrible. I find it perfectly acceptable that you don't allow adblock, you work hard on translations, you deserve money.

    My only gripe is that other guy is putting out a chapter a day like it's nothing, he's insanely good O_O

    1. yeah, even i cant keep it up when the last time i translate 1 chapter a week

  10. Wat the hell is going on?
    Why got another translator?

  11. Thank you always for your great work

  12. That's why, like i said, don't waste your time translating these already-translated chapters. Go to the next raw before sonoyaku and your readers will back. And to fill the hole on your site, you can just respectively put redirect link in your ToC to sonoyaku's chapters.

    No one will read ch153-155 from you anymore because they already read them at another place.

    To tell you the truth, no one cares about neither you or sonoyaku. People just want the translation. That's the harsh world we living in :( Do something about it or you'll lose your daily readers. Fighting !

  13. Despite all the translator drama, I just want to say welcome back and thanks for the chapter.

  14. I totally get you, but I just wish you'd agree to the collaboration. If the other guy really didn't contact you properly even though he said he did, that definitely isn't nice. I still hope some1 of you two will be the more mature person and ask the other for collaboration. If other guy doesn't agree then do what others mentioned, translate chapters ahead and post after he posts the previous chapter every now and then imo
    Good luck and ty for the translations!

  15. Well dont worry i am still read both site even its make me read 2 times for 1 chapter

  16. I really don't want to stard with this, but... Are you guys really that stupid?
    What the other guy is doing is just translation poaching.
    You're saying that you don't care as long as you get the chapter, but after sabishii stops because of the hurtful comments and then the other guy stop or slows down cause he got bored or busy you'll start to cry.

    TrPoaching has destroyed countless projects, there were plenty of novels for the guy to choose, but he stole sabishii's project and work (Yes, work. Because I don't see him start the project from scratch, he is using sabishii's work to get his readers.).

    You should read this post from RXW on reddit about what is the usual course of stolen projects:

  17. Thank you for your work
    as long as you stay translating this story, who cares what else
    Gracias por seguir con este proyecto, aunque sólo sea por diversión se aprecia el esfuerzo

  18. Estoy contigo hasta el final!!!
    Gracias por el capitulo

  19. I just read about everything and... Those traitors, must be lit on fire in the stake. >:-(