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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Announcement 03/10/17

Regarding the current situation..... I’m not dropping Sonomono series nor even thinking about it.

You will know it if you following the comments in the latest chapters. Though recently there was no chapter updates, I kept checking the comments on my blog everyday and answered some of your question there.

There was no agreement nor even contact from Yaku blog beforehand, so he was kinda abruptly barge in with his translated chapters.

But well, I can’t really forbid him for doing so because I’m not own the novel. I seriously think that's a bad manner, though.

It's not the first time but I will say it again : "I never have any plan to make joint project"

This translation blog is my hobby and my entertaiment. Because of that, I want to be free here, I want to enjoy translating novel with my own pace and share it, I don't want to be bound by any rules in doing it. These thoughts that keep me and this blog going for more than year now.

I won’t make any change on my side and I’ll leave the matter to each individual’s judgement.


  1. Thank u always for ur great work...

    Will always waiting for ur update...

  2. Take your time, i enjoy ur version and ur light website that i can read on my phone. Cheers from Mexico

  3. "Morlax is getting busy so you won't see chapter from him anymore" -c151

    the fault is partly yours when you make a statement lacking of explanation like that. the way you phrase it make it sounds like there will be no sonomono chapters anymore.

    1. Is that so? I don't understand how's that misleading thou

    2. morlax is the translator, is he not?

      "won't see chapters from him anymore"

      how is that not telling everybody that a translator that has been translating the series stopped doing it?

      are you expecting ppl to think "ok, the translator stop translating, but the chapters will still continue in this site magically somehow". -when you as the site admin didn't even say so.

      isn't that weird? why would anyone even think like that in this scene where translator goes as fast as they come. ppl move on.

    3. @Anonymous:
      Well, if you would pay attention to the notes at the end of the chapters you would notice that only about every second to every third chapter has the note "translator: Morlax".

      That means that Morlax was a translator helping Sabishii but is not the main or only translator as Sabishii is translating chapters himself/herself, too.

      You can recognize the chapters Sabishii has translated himself/herself by checking those notes at each chapter's end, too, because if the translator is Sabishii you will have no translator mentioned there but only a proofreader.

      So just Morlax being busy does not mean a hiatus of the translations but just that the translation speed might drop by a certain percentage.

    4. Morlax here!!! it's been a while guys!!!

      (shock) whaa! why did my name showed up in this issue???
      I just stopped translating due to me being busy and then I became the root of trouble? now I feel bad to sabishii-san even though i did nothing wrong *sob *sob

      Anyway Yaku was quite rude for not consulting sabishii-san first before posting new chapter he didn't understand the translators etiquette and me being a translator(self proclaim) can't appreciate his work. And to begin with sabishii-san would give us news if he really dropped the series.

      And for making it clear, me stopping translating doesn't mean dropping the series after all the main translator (sabishii-san) is still translating it so just patiently wait for the releases.

      That's all guys and don't stop supporting sabishii-san!!!
      I hate Yaku <(`^´)>

  4. I'm still waiting for that new waifu but I'll be patient

  5. I hope you keep on doing the stuff you do.
    Support from some lonely boring place in asia

  6. Do you still want to continue your work ?
    As for me, as long as you still do it, i always wait it. Because everyone has their own ways in translate so i see no problem in your translate ways and your own pace.

  7. So, now we have 2 person translating the same WN ? Doesn't mean to sounds offensive but i think it wil be a waste of time if you translate ch152-153 right now. Maybe you can go straight to ch154 while putting a redirect link in ch152-153 in your ToC. Just my suggestion ok

  8. There will always be people who cannot wait. But as a person who is not even able to read or understand japanese I'm realy grateful for what you are doing. So, Thanks a lot.


  10. I like a lot your work and how you translate the novels, so thank you for make my days funy and GANBATTE!!! :D

  11. Honestly, I prefer your translations and I hope you will keep translating regardless of Yakus actions.

  12. just keep going and let the onii-sama bless you. btw stealing the march in a translation whitout even asking first isnt bad modals, its a mud ball in the face xd. just keep going man will wait

  13. i hope you can more post next chapter. i watch on other translation has chapter 152-154. i more having fun read from your translation

  14. I will admit, I was reading it on Yaku's blog. However, I don't think they meant any ill will. They just love this novel as well. But you should talk to them, even if it's to refuse their help.

  15. *Sad music* All around are femilar faces....(ಥ﹏ಥ) I will be waiting for updates!

  16. Its fine to go at your own pace~

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  17. I like your website and your translation, and I had wait some site with nearly took a year to update, so you can do at your own pace just make note if something happen that good enough.

  18. Hahaha... Sorry i visited Yaku because i missed this post. First time i saw Yaku on Novelupdates i thought you've either dropped the series or have joint operation. But i see that is not the case.

    I sometimes really wonder about how Novelupdates works though, i thought Novelupdates won't let another translators get into the list if there's another translator still active. Like the case with Qi and RTW.

  19. Considering it was almost an entire month without a single update or post about it being delayed or just being busy with other things, you cant really blame someone for thinking it was dropped.

    1. well, personally many translators in NU agree that the series need to be 3 months hiatus before other can continue or take over, or when the translator announce that he drop it. It will be different if Yaku starts from chapter 1 again though, since it will be his translation, however he continued from the chapter that Sabishii stopped, so it's unethical at all.

  20. Well i read both version lol
    I dont care if yaku or sabishi
    I will just read both version regardless that make me read 2x for 1 chapter

  21. Wow, so much happened when I was reading HS DxD.
    Well, I will wait for sabishii updates and no one else, didnt even knew there was other person translating this wn, don't even care who he is. Ill just keep waiting for sabishii translations.

  22. thanks for your great works and time. from malaysia