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Monday, April 10, 2017

Sonomono Chapter 99

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!!

I welcome new readers who are coming here because of manga adaptation of this series has come out yesterday. Ehe, it’s quite a lot.

This is just a hobby of mine. I’m not a profesional translator and english is not my native language, because of that my vocabulary or grammar are lacking.

Feel free to give me correction, but PLEASE go easy on me because my heart is fragile like glass.

For a note, there is no point they make web novel, light novel, and manga of the same story if the contents are 100% identical. There must be some twists here and there to keep the reader’s interest. So please no more question “why is it different with LN/manga?” or the likes.

That’s all, let’s get along!

Chapter 99 - Commemoration Talk : The Parallel World?


  1. some goodnews for those who dont they made a manga of this novel

    and thanks for the chapter

  2. the reason why manga is different from LN is to prevent a whole spoiler on the reader.

  3. Yeah, read the manga yesterday @ noon, because I was bored, and by midnight, I catched up.

    Don't let people dishearten you, the translations are totally comprehensible, only problem were the times when someone's or something's name was modified, but it's not much. :-)

    Also, I noticed in the comments that ppl here like Death March too, which got me into the world of LNs last year's november too. Tee-hee! :-D

  4. Thanks for the chapter!!! Finaly i can stop to press F5! Jajaja

  5. I read the manga, and saw the light novel illustrations; the part where he first saw the hero and the saint kiss in the Web novel doesn't happen in LN and manga, only implied a misunderstanding on his part that jump to conclusion. From what I see it doesn't look like the saint is feeling chummy with the hero from her facial expressions.

  6. Because I can not read the chapter?

  7. Hello, is this the Light novel or the web novel?

  8. Hmm, does anyone have a link to the manga? Just did a quick search, but can't find it(just found link to the novel).

    1. http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/sono-mono-nochi-ni-r21166 This is the manga

  9. The manga brought me here. CHEERS!


  10. Sabishii: "Feel free to give me correction, but PLEASE go easy on me because my heart is fragile like glass."
    Me: don't worry, we'll go easy on you... Satou, prepare the whip!