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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sonomono Chapter 101

There are only Haosui and I inside this room now. Haosui had asked Meru, Grave-san, Serena-san, and Freud leave the room to give us some time.

Since Haosui is still not in her perfect condition, I have her stay on the bed just as it. I took the chair next  to bed and sit on it...............

Chapter 101 - Relationship With Haosui


  1. How many cha are translated on a weekly basis? or is is running on donations?

    1. Donation is optional. Sometime "when the weather is good" I could translating 1-3 chapters a day but I still have to wait for my proofreaders and couldn't post them right away. When I have chapters in stock, I usually post them once a day.

      But for your note, I went missing from time to time.

  2. Do you consider translating the light novel version after done with the web novel one? Looks like author is making big change to story starting from vol 4 novel

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