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Monday, April 24, 2017

Overlord + SAO = ?????

I found this new novel when I was checking Syosetu to look for some interesting reading material. The synopsis is attracting my attention so I try to read all available chapters (16 chapters) and then..... words Overlord and SAO popping out in my head for some reason.

I have translated 2 chapters because they were quite short. More chapters will be coming, perhaps? Well, I will back translating Sonomono for now.

Try checking it out to kill time and feel free to correct my grammar.^^

Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King

Year 203X, spring break.

<Full-dive type VRMMORPG> has finally been completed. Reiji Nishina, a second year of high school student, he throws a large amount of money to get a dive machine.

He starts a game called "Another Earth Story", but suffer from the choice of initial job, thus he leave the choice to random selection.....

The character setting finished. Now, transported to the town of beginning.....

Huh? Demon King's castle? My initial job is Demon King?

Could it be, I have to play as the enemy that all other players should subjugate?

It starts from a coincidence. It's a slapstick exhilarating comedy about an ordinary high school student, that was supposed to be targetted by all players because of some freak coincidence!!


  1. Thanks for the release

    I have a suggestion: Can you please translate this Novel, I read it and like it very much
    I Work As A Healer In Another World's Labyrinth City (Novel)

    1. My hands are full right now, let's talk again after I finished Sonomono :)

    2. Do you going to finish at 217 chapters ? the same way ARIGATO !! GAMBATE!! (like dont talk much I say XD )

  2. I'm gonna love this "Job As Demon King" novel. Please translate this one on your free time otherwise... I'll be SABISHII~DESU!

  3. I hope u will translate an [janitor is not a hero]

  4. Overlord + Sao = Quan zhi gao shou