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Friday, February 17, 2017

Sonomono Chapter 86

From that point Haosui slowly spoke, or more like muttered about her purpose. To put it briefly, when training oneself, she realized that she couldn’t find someone who were stronger than her in the surrounding anymore. She couldn't tell the reason about why she was obsessed with strength..........

Chapter 86 – The Power Of Haosui


  1. ok I get the whole blocking adblock but its not working right cuz I disabled adblock for you but its still kicking me out I had to go to a different slower browser just to read it and post this comment

  2. Thanks for the new chapter.

    Biasanya update chapter barunya setiap kapan gan? =3

    1. Sep, sering2 aja deh XD

      btw, ane ga sabar trus baca rawnya semaleman suntuk.
      Endingnya boleh juga (=w=)d

      Situ uda baca sampai ending+epilogue?