Monday, January 30, 2017

Sonomono Chapter 78

No!! There is nothing wrong!! I am sure it just my imagination!! I feel a chill but I am sure it just my imagination!! I won't understand unless I confirm it myself!! If I see it, I am sure I will learn various things and broaden my understanding.......... 
Chapter 78 - Growing Further


  1. What's happening TN? Did you see a gh*st?

  2. Hi~~~~~ Sabishi..... I only came to here to tell you that I have reached your translation........Yes.... I translate this novel into Spanish, using your work........ Thank you very much!! I really love this novel!!!

    Here is mi page, where i posted your version....

    Also i have a lot of images that you can used for show it at the readers.......

    Here are some, they are in order:

    P.S: Check the end of each chapter, almost always they are until the end......

  3. @Ephrain : That just part of the chapter lol :D

    @Oscar Ek : Good luck with the translation!!

  4. I'm waiting for you to release more chapters, so that I can translate them :V