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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chapter 74 - Another Story 3 : Encounter

There were people who wanted to meet me and my elder sister according to Leria-sama’s story. It seems she came to pick us up because they were waiting in the guild masters room now, thus we headed there. Wazu-sama..... it's unlikely, I wonder who are these people? On our way I told Leria-sama that father would leave the country, while laughing she said --[Then, should I also move the adventurer guild headquarter to the south?]--, are you serious?

As we entering the guild masters room, there were 5 people inside. There are 3 elves, I wonder if the two of them are a brother and a sister? they have a similar face. The two are a beautiful women and a handsome man.

The other elf person is a peerless beauty that usually only exists in the paintings. Silver hair that really suits her well, even I who is also a woman was fascinated to see her.

The next one is a cat-eared beastwoman with sharp eyes that gives off a strong impression. The last one is very beautiful woman with a gentle smile that has wrapped everything up.

The five of them stand up and curtsied to greet us, then we sit down on the sofa at the other side of table.

Leria-sama sat down on a seat that overlooking us, she floated a genuinely happy smile for some reason..... I wonder what is it? From that smile, I can feel something like a child who found something interesting. Leria-sama claps her hands to gather our attention while observing our reaction.

[With this all members completed. First of all are the princesses of this country Naminissa Mabondo and Narellina Mabondo] (Leria)

We are bowing while still in a sitting position on Leria-sama’s introduction.

[Then, from this side are Nenya, Tata, Sarona, Yuyuna, and Ruruna] (Leria)

The other side also returns a bow.

[So, about the reason why these people came here to looking for Wazu is.....] (Leria)


My thought ceased to work for a moment..... looking for Wazu-sama..... these beautiful women are? it ca-can't be.....!!!

[To put it simple, it seems that wazu has confessed to Sarona and Tata here] (Leria)

Yeah, the boom is coming~!!!!! I guessed so!!! It’s just as I thought!!! Two people both their face turned red, but it’s still beautiful..... that’s not it!!! My sister and I were lost for words.

[By the way Naminissa and Narellina also have feeling for Wazu] (Leria)

She said it~!!!!! How do you know that? I never told her about it. Uguu, my face suddenly gets hot. If I turn my line of sight towards Sarona-sama and Tata-sama, I will see an awkward smile on their face respectively.

Certainly, it's not like I never thought the possibility of other women are falling in love with him, but this is all too sudden. This early encounter is beyond my expectation. After that, we talk about each other's events as we exchange information. Wazu-sama has helped us, that's something we all have in common.....

[We want to to solve the misunderstanding  and convey our feeling.....] (Sarona)

How e-n-v-i-o-u-s~~~!!!!!!

I envied them, Wazu-sama hasn't done it to us yet. Damn, Sarona-sama and Tata-sama are one step ahead of us. But I won't lose!! I will snatch Wazu-sama's heart for sure!!

.....but they are really good people. One of us will be chosen, what will the people who aren't chosen feel in their heart? It may be myself. Besides other than us, Wazu-sama has confessed to them. I feel sad when I think about it.

We got to know each other because we liked the same person.....

It seems we will surely get along. No, I want to get along with them, we are similar and we also have the same concern about what’s going to happen next to us. I bet everyone of us thought so too.

The answer was a remark from Narellina ane-sama thats sitting next to me.

[Fumu..... so, for now we are all a member of Wazu's harem, but only if he accepts the harem] (Narellina)

Narelline ane-sama said that with a smile.

That’s right!! That’s it!! Certainly only one legal wife is recognized but polygamy is allowed. But it also exists in vice versa (TL : seriously???). Why would that idea never come to my mind? fool, idiot, I am an idiot!!

We got the light. Certainly, with a harem all of us will be able to share the happiness. Looking over at Sarona-sama and Tata-sama, they certainly nodded. There seems to be no rejection for a harem. Narellina ane-sama GOOD JOB!!

I reach out my hand towards Sarona-sama in front of me.

[Do you think we can get along well?] (Naminissa)

[.....surely] (Sarona)

Sarona-sama smiles and shakes her hand with mine. In the neighbor Narellina ane-sama also holding Tata-sama in solid handshake.

[Let's make Wazu-sama accept the harem and be happy together] (Naminissa)

[ [ [ Yess!! ] ] ]

Four people adjusted their hands together. Even if there are other people, I will include those person and make a harem. Please be prepared my future husband!!!

**Proof reader : Truffle**

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