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Monday, January 23, 2017

Chapter 73 - How Do You Go?

[The Hero Cow.... it seems a wonderful person has came to help] (Freud)

[Uaaah....!?] (Wazu)

I was surprised to suddenly hear a voice come from behind. Looking back, there was Freud with his usual smiling face. Huh? That? Not long ago.... how can he be standing behind me? I mean, I couldn’t feel his presence approaching from behind at all!!

[No, it was you, right?] (Wazu)

[No way, I am a butler!! Because I couldn’t find the cows, I thought about what to do and came back to the village for consultation, then Hero Cow had saved the village at the time I arrived] (Freud)

[No, it was your voice] (Wazu)

[..........] (Freud)

Oh, he was showing a troubled face. This is the first time I saw this kind of expression from him.

[I see, it seems there is a person that resembles myself in this world, a similar face with mine under the mask of Hero Cow perhaps] (Freud)

[Hee..... in other words it’s not you~?] (Wazu)

[Because I am a butler] (Freud)

[Yeah..... it was definitely a butlers clothes] (Wazu)

[Oh.....] (Freud)

Freud is showing a seriously troubled face. Huh? Do you want to hide your identity that much? Oh well..... it’s not like I want to bother Freud with this matter. Or rather, I DON’T CARE!!!

[Forget it. It’s not like I want to know Hero Cow’s identity. So, are we going to spend the night in this village? What are we going to do from here on?] (Wazu)

Freud returned to his usual face when he heard my words, then he cleared his throat with a cough.

[From this village we can go to the hot spring town using 3 different routes. The first one is the safest and most time-consuming process by following the main road just like what we did now. The second one is to cross the mountain located between the village and hot spring town. This is the fastest and the most dangerous one. Although this mountain not as thick as Center Mountain, the environment is still harsh to pass through. The third one is to travel along the route by a ship from a nearby port town, from there we will heading towards the harbor town near the hot spring town. This is one has moderate speed and moderate risk] (Freud)

[Let’s choose the third option then] (Wazu)

[Certainly] (Freud)

The reason is simple. Because we are in hurry so detouring is out of the question. I don't have any problem to cross the mountain but I don't know about Freud. I didn't choose it because it would be a trouble if something happen to Freud the only one who knows the way. So I choose the sea route which has moderate speed and risk.

After that we decided to stay overnight at Buff-san’s house.

Because a banquet has begun in the center of the village, we were made to participate in it. According to a story I heard there, it seems that the cows are treated even better that usual because of this incident.

By the way the bandits who survived were buried in a hole outside the village in the same manner as I did before. It seems that the knights will come to pick up them in a few days.

The cuisine served at the banquet was outstanding. The dairy products is the best and very delicious it's just as expected of their specialty. Milk, cheese, and butter are prepared and I ate everything until full.

Of course in the middle of eating, Buff-san’s preaching about The Path of Cow continued. Huh? what is this..... when thinking about it, I couldn’t recall the taste of dishes I ate..... let’s forget it.....

The topics of the villagers during the banquet were of course Hero Cow. Everyone praised him, the little boys were saying scary thing like they wanted to become Hero Cow in the future. Stop it or you will become a dubious person like the guy next to me.

More importantly, is Freud not embarrassed to hear the villagers praising him? I checked his profile, it’s an usual cool smile, he has a bold spirit. Or rather, he was joining the villagers conversation to praise Hero cow. I don't want to learn his mental power, an I want to say he should be a little prudent.

The next day, Freud and I continuing our journey. The villagers gave a lot of dairy products but I only took as much as I can carry.  We moved at normal speed because we know that it won't take a long time to reach our destination.

We arrived at the port town without any problem. We are in a hurry because the ship is just about to leave port. When I want to buy a ticket to board the ship, I just remember that almost all of my property was stored inside Meru's space-time magic.

I thought of defeating a monster to make some money but the ship is going to leave soon so Freud paid it in advance. Damn!! To think that I borrowed a money from this guy..... this is humiliating..... let's forget it.....

Then, we boarded on ship and heading towards the port town but a problem has occurred again on the ship.


Nidi village was originally famous as a village that makes the world's best dairy products, but after this incident the village become even more famous. The picture book with the title "The Story of Hero Cow" has been made by the villagers. In the beginning it's spread over other stockbreeding villages, cities, and then passed through the royal family which caused a big movement with the mysterious words "If bad things happens, Hero Cow will be come to trampling with a milk on one hand". Then, people from all over the world who want to do livestock raising are gathered in this village. This village changes to an animal husbandry city that worships cows and Hero Cow but that's a story for the future.

**Proof reader : Truffle**

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