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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chapter 72 - Hero?


Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow. Cow.....

A large number of cows are approaching at great momentum, while shouting *moo* they are running towards this place. No, towards the bandits to be precise.

And then, there is a huge cow twice as big as the other cow in the front leading them. One eye that closed because of scar increased its heinous look.

However, it's not the cow that draw my attention but a fellow on the top of that cow instead. Black and white with cow pattern cloak, cow-shaped mask that covers his whole face except a mouth part, his face is hidden but....

He wore butler clothes.... Freud? He is Freud, right....?

The man shouts loudly with a big laugh.

[WAHAHAHAHA!! If a cow demon king exists, I also exists!! I am “Cow Hero”!! I love cow, for those people who also love cow, I will bring a judgment to the evil in this place for you!!] (Hero Cow)

Huh....? I wonder what.... my head is hurt for some reason....


The villagers eyes are sparkling regardless of their age and sex, they are shouting in excitement. There are also some people who whistling with *phi-phi*  sound.

On the other side, I and the bandits who couldn't get to the situation dropped our jaws respectively.

I couldn't comprehend the situation, I just looking at the cows that heading towards this place in daze. I  noticed Hero Cow's line of sight, ah that’s right!!

I move in an instant and snatched the knife from a bandit that was still in daze before saving Fluff.

Fluff and all the inhabitant of this village glued their sparkling eyes towards the horde of cow. --[Yahoo....!!]-- then she also started hopping in joy at the scene. Where did your crying face from before go? and it seems she also didn't noticed that she has been saved.....

The Hero Cow nodded at me and then he lead the horde of cows to charge towards the bandits in great speed.


The bandits are being trampled by cows. I couldn’t see the end but a lot cows rushed all the way here from afar. It’s horrible, but despite such a sight the villagers are in great excitement.

The cows who were running in the front row turn their heels and trampling the bandits once again. The bandits are shrieking in agony, even if they try to escape, the cows are chasing them at a frightening speed and they are getting blown away as a result.

Then the hero cow jumped with *hop!!*, he spun around on the air before landing to the ground splendidly. The villagers are getting even more excited.

Dyed with anger, the bandits are aiming towards Hero Cow who just landed to the ground to return the favor. But no matter how many swords that comes simultaneously to cut him, Hero Cow avoids them with a nimble movement. One by one their consciousness being deprived by a single hand chop towards their neck in return.

It seems like I was watching a superb fight scene from some drama....it was splendid.

The bandits are fall down one by one as if responding to Hero Cow's movement. All villagers started to cheering towards Hero Cow’s action, the adults are shouting with --[Get them all!!]-- or --[I have been waiting for this!!]--  and the children --[It’s cool!!]--.

Is he cool?

But if my eyes aren't playing trick on me, the most dangerous group is a female camp. From a little girl to an elderly, all women are looking at Hero Cow with a face as though they were shot through their heart. --[How charming....]-- when I heard that, I wondering if my hearing had become strange.

To that extent.... huh? I wonder if I am the odd one here.... no no, I was almost dangerously taken in. His appearance is not cool or anything no matter how I look at it. I sat on a stump that was near and devoted myself to watch from the side.

Soon the trampling drama of cows and Hero Cow ended, then Bluff-san was screaming --[Juliaaaa~~~]--. He cuddled to the face of a gigantic cow that led the horde of cows. Is that a female cow....? The gigantic cow expressing her joy with a --[mooooo~o~o~o!!!]-- roar.

Hero Cow stands on a roof of the house. He is standing in full height like the time he appeared while seeing the villagers in calm manner. The villagers showering such a figure with a words of gratitude.

[Thank you~~~!!!]

[You saved us~~~!!!]

[It’s cool~~~!!!]

[Kyaaa~~~!!! Marry me please~~~!!!]

[How charming~~~!!!]

[Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!]

I let out a big sigh at the scene. The Hero Cow tooke a pose and shouted something in a loud voice as to reach everyone in this place.

[Those who love cows!! Evil has perished!! Everyone drink milk to become stronger and healthier like me!!] (Hero Cow)

What is this guy saying with a thumbs-up pose? Just drinking milk doesn't make you that strong. But the villager are getting more fired up to hear that.

[Well then let’s meet again!!!!] (Hero Cow)

The Hero Cow turns his mantle and leave this place in dash. Still, cheers of the villagers never stopped.

[Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!] [Hero Cow!!!]

Do as you like, I couldn't keep up with these people anymore.

**Proof reader : Truffle**

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