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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chapter 71 - Nidi Village

According to Buff-san's story, Nidi village is a village of agriculture and pasturage that's well-known with its dairy products. Above all, cows are carefully raised and loved by everyone in the village. He seems to hurt so much because he couldn't find his cows that ran away. I mean, he preached to me about "The Path of Cow" from my back.

Cows in the village are cute, cows produced delicious milk, etc. His love for cows is too excessive. I don't want to pay attention but he was talking behind my ears. It's a secret but I really want to run away right now. "The Path of Inn" or "The Path of Cow", please spare me from any of that.

I responded to his preaching with --[I see~]-- or --[Yes~]-- but then, --[Such answers are extremely rude for a person whom pursuit the path of cow]-- I was scolded. I don't remember entering that path in the first place....

Then, we arrived at Nidi village under Buff-san's guide, but there were no figures of villagers at all. Buff-san also notices this strange situation, then screams rose from somewhere inside the village.

We heading towards the direction where the screams were heard in a hurry. Men and women of all ages were making noise in an open place of the village. Everyone didn't seem to notice our arrival because they were facing in the opposite direction. I spoke to a young man nearby while shouldering Buff-san.

[Excuse me, what's going on? What are you all doing in this place?] (Place)

[Oh, actually.... eh who are you? wait, Buff old man!! what happen? were you looking for your cows?]

What a busy person....

[Noisy.... I am fine as you can see] (Buff)

While still being carried by me, Buff-san swung around his arm in buzz. Please stop because it was dangerous.

[So Morph, what is this fuss all about?] (Buff)

Buff-san called the young man Morph, he showed a strained face when hearing Buff-san’s question. Then he approached us and spoke in a whisper.

Wait, how long should I carry Buff-san....?

[Actually.... the bandits came back again.... they attacked in a large number this time and Fluff was taken hostage a little while ago.... those guys said to give all our money and valuable things if we don't want Fluff's life in danger....] (Morph)

[What did you say!!!!!] (Buff)

Hoi calm down!! You will fall at this rate!!

[Umm, are the villagers collecting money right now?] (Wazu)

[No, we don’t have money, we has been using it all for our beloved cows.... more importantly, who are you?] (Morph)

[Oh, my name is Wazu. I came to this village to send home Buff-san who I found collapsed on the road] (Wazu)

[I see, Buff old man has been in you care, thank you very much for saving him. It would be good if we are not in this kind of situation....] (Morph)

[I came in a bad situation huh?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, we couldn't fight back because Fluff was taken hostage, those guys also didn't believe no matter how much we said that we don't have money] (Morph)

[Fwuh.... for the time being, let’s see if I can do something about this situation] (Wazu)

I put Buff-san down and headed to the front row with Morph-san in the lead. Meanwhile, I asks about this Fluff girl. Apparently Fluff was 12 years old girl and she was also Bluff-san's cute granddaughter. Therefore he got mad earlier.

We stood in the front row while looking at the other side, we could see around 30 bandits over there.

Is the person who stood in the center their leader?

A big man with an unrefined beard was shouting to the villagers to hand over their money. He pointed the tip of a knife on his hand towards a girl's neck who got caught and seems about to cry. I guess she is Fluff. The surrounding thieves also set up their swords and daggers to threatening this side.

[Come on, bring us the money at once!!]

[Also, bring us a beautiful woman while at it!!]

[That’s right, let’s have a lot fun together with us!!]

I can’t bear to listen. I move one step forward to quickly end this turmoil, but Buff-san beside me is running forward before I could take an act.

[Bastard~ release my granddaughter at once!!] (Buff)

Wa~Wait!! You are too reckless old man!!

[What the heck are you!? Do you understand the situation?]

[Grandpa!!!] (Fluff)

Buff-san stopped his steps when the bandit showed him the knife that directed towards his granddaughters neck. Morph-san and I who came later, move in front of Buff-san to protect him.

[Stop there!! If you move from that place, this brat's life will end!!]

To be honest, I may be able to save Fluff with my speed. However, I can't guarantee it will be safe. Because the knife is touching against her neck, she will get hurt even if it only moves a little. I want to avoid it in all cost.

When I was at a lost about what to do, I feel the ground is shaking. No, it's not just my imagination but the ground is really shaking. Together with the tremor, I hear a big number of something running echoed all around.


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