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Monday, January 16, 2017

Chapter 69 - Another Talk 2 : Cleaning Up

I, Tata-san, and the others are headed to Linnic city as fast as possible. It's because Wazu-san may have left the city if we don’t hurry. I think we were moving at a considerable speed. Tata-san had difficulties to breath, she must be tired. But still, she kept moving her legs forward. She wants to see Wazu-san as soon as possible, that's same goes for me. Because of that I didn't neglect to help her. I applied a wind magic on her legs so they could move easier even a little. It's a strange feeling even though she is a rival. Perhaps, I didn't dislike her who is honest with her feelings towards Wazu-san. We talked of each other's episodes when Wazu-san helped us.

We arrived to Linnic city in a short time. We have to go through the examination to enter the town. First, we elves at the front and then behind us Tata-san who wore a hood that attached to the cloak of travel clothes to hide her identity. I asked about the reason behind it, even though she was from this city.

Garret-san said that there was the possibility that the idiots who had lived from sucking the sweet nectar from the previous lord will be looking for her as revenge towards Wazu-san. I’d like to say that it’s their own fault.

We were passed through the gate without being inspected on the sight of Garret-sans face. They also didn't asked us any question whatsoever in particular. Just like that, we enter Linnic city.

First we headed to adventurer guild. According to Garret-san, Regan the guild master there should know Wazu-san's whereabouts. However, Yuyuna and I had another concern inside our mind.

We feel a gaze watching us since we entered the city. I think that Garret-san also noticed it, but he said we don’t have to mind it now. Thus we arrived at the adventurer guild without meeting any problem in particular.

[Do you know Wazu's whereabouts?] (Garret)

Led by Garret-san, we arrived to a room where a man without hair on his head was inside. That person is the adventurer guild master, Regan. He was in trouble when he heard about our circumstances.

[Too bad.... he had left. He should be in Mabondo kingdom right now] (Regan)

It seems that he has already set off. According to Regan's story, Wazu-san headed to the imperial capital with a young man called Orlando. I am relieved because he wasn't with a woman but at the same time I am disappointed because I couldn't meet him.

However, because he said he went on foot, I think it's still possible for us to meet him in the imperial capital if we head there with a horse-drawn carriage right away. But we decided to stay overnight to heal our fatigue from the journey so far and head to the imperial capital tomorrow morning.

Though I am still fine but it would be impossible for Tata-san. Besides, if I leave her and meet Wazu-san alone, it seems as though I was stealing a march from her, and I dislike it. We have to be together to meet him.

As for the inn, we were introduced to "Wind of Light Pavilion" that's running by Regan-san's wife, we plan to stay overnight there. Wazu-san also stayed in that inn before. Is this only me who wants to use the same room as Wazu-san used before?

That's a story for a later time, we leave the adventurer guild to head to the inn. The moment we come out, we are surrounded by a dozen of rude-looking guys. Some people also blocking adventurer guild entrance door to cut our way for escape.

[Yoo~ Garret!! If you are here, it means Tata has also come back? Give her to us quietly if you don't want to taste some painful experience!!]

Is he the leader of these guys? A man who is neatly dressed speaking to Garret-san. Though he was neatly dressed, it couldn’t hide his vulgar face. There was only an unpleasant feeling from his gaze as if appraising us. Probably, these guys were the people who had lived from sucking the sweet nectar from the previous lord that Garret-san was talking about before.

[What are you going to do with Tata?] (Garret)

[Isn’t it clear!? we ere going to mess up her pretty face and drag her in front of that shitty bastard!!]

Shitty bastard? is he talking about Wazu-san.... suddenly the anger rose up inside my body. I put my hand on the hilt of my short sword.

[What was that again!? ....ah that's right, we will make that Wazu bastard suffered and regret for being alive!!]

I slowly walked towards that man the moment Wazu-san's name come out.

[Haa? What the heck are you? Are you perhaps Tata?]

[Regret for being alive....] (Sarona)

[Haa? What did you say?]

I stopped in front of that man and pull out the short sword with anger.


The man who was slain by me spouting blood and fell as is sinking on the spot. I shake off the blood that attached to the sword and take off my hood. I turned my eyes full of anger towards the other guys.

[You should understand the result of your stupid behavior now!!] (Sarona)

After that it was just a trampled play. Nenya-san and Ruruna fought while protecting Tata-san. Yuyuna skewered those guys with spear and Garret-san cuts them with sword. I ran around while killing those guys one by one with a short sword and magic. The adventurers who heard the commotion also come out. Regan-san also joined the fight pleasantly.

Those who could still fight disappear in the blink of an eye. They all were taken by security guards of this city. The adventurers from this city were all pleased because they could return a little favor to their savior in this way. Cheers also raised from the citizens who watch the fight. We leave the rest to Regan-san and Garret-san and headed towards the inn. Thus we spend overnight there.

On the next day, Tata-san and I went out from the room where Wazu-san was staying before and took breakfast. After that we headed towards the imperial capital with a horse-drawn carriage that Garret-san has
prepared. We are going to see Regan-san's elder sister, Leria-san that might know information about Wazu-san's whereabouts.

To be honest, The Path of Inn is so deep....

(I translated it as "The Inn Road" bofore. I change it to match the next one)


Later time, Reagan became the new lord of Linnic city with the support from the citizens. As a former of guild master, he created good cooperation with the adventurers guild to keep the peace in Linnic city. After being independent from Flebondo kingdom, this city will become the world's smallest middle-ranking country a bit later....


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