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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chapter 68 - Iddle Talk : Narellina

My heart was deprived at a glance.

Even if I lost my reason and my body didn’t listen to what I said, the memory remained. I didn't want to point my sword towards the knights (Navirio’s) and hurt them, but everyone who approached me had seemed as enemy. I felt full of gratitude towards my knights that still followed me despite my condition. However, deep inside my heart I was also afraid that I would see and attack them as an enemy later. It’s wrong, I screamed inside my mind that they are not an enemies but my body was forced to hurt them.

In such a situation, he appeared in front of my eyes and saved me. I left the weight of my body on his form in relief. This is my first time to be held by a man. *badump* I could hear the sound of his heartbeat that put me at peace.  I would like to remain in his arm forever just as it is....

Wazu said that Denoga who gave me the cursed tool was inside the forest....

He is the fiancé of my cute little sister!!

Such a person in unworthy for her!!

I would ask my father to cancel it at once!!

The thing that worried me was Naminissa looked happy when she heard that Denoga is the mastermind of this incident.... even though he is her fiancé, why did she look so happy?

Naminissa and I are twins, we often liked the same thing since the old days.... it can’t be.... did she also fall in love with Wazu!!

Denoga appeared in front of us. After he did all of this, what nerve he has. I wonder what he was planning this time.

Denoga summoned a monster horde with a black ball and transformed with a red ball. Even if you have turned into something mysterious, did you think could overpowered our anger with such an effort? It doesn't matter even if you are a son of the late king!!

The thing about Denoga is the problem of our royal family so we must settle it by ourselves. Understanding it, Wazu was going to keep Fluegel busy for us. His strength as an S rank adventurer is extraordinary. We may be able to do something if we challenge him together. Fluegel was that kind of opponent. However, we have to settle things with the transformed Denoga before that.

As were fighting with Denoga, I saw Wazu was badly done by Fluegel. You.... I am going to kill you!!

Denoga's claws come closer when I let my guard down because I turned my attention towards Wazu. I managed to parry it with the sword somehow but it was really dangerous. Guhh, I have to concentrate fighting this guy now. I have to defeat him quickly and help Wazu!!!

Our cooperation was brilliant. We had a breathtaking combination like some veteran party of adventurers. Wazu was overwhelming Fluegel when I turn my line of sight at him again this time.

How strong is Wazu!? As expected of my future husband!! How much are you going to make me fall in love!? My heart is beating so fast just watching you!!

More unbelievable things happened. Wazu who has defeated Fluegel, also crushed the group of people with strange shield and the horde of monsters all alone.

Wonderful!! Please hug me!! ....opss, my concentration got distracted by Wazu's coolness.

When the surrounding people were astonished, we also succeeded to defeat Denoga. Using the opportunity when he lost his balance and fell down because of Naminissa's barrier magic, I unleashed a deadly sword attack.

[My sword burns everyting] (Narellina)

Fire from the fire magic flared on my sword.  I thrust it towards Denoga's throat in a reverse grip. Denoga’s life was over just as it is.

But the situation didn’t end there. A peddler wearing black clothes took the dragon child who was on Wazu’s head to the northern hotspring town. Certainly over there.... don't tell me the girl he mentioned before was....

It seemed Wazu is going to leave this country to pick up Meru. I caught a word "reward" from Naminissa when we exchanged conversation. Therefore, I also promised to meet again. It's not good to stealing a march, Naminissa.

After that we returned to the imperial capital. We made father and mother drink a medicine that was prepared under Navirio nii-sama instruction, their consciousness came back not long after. The whole family embraced each other. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart that it was over.

The prime minister was surprised to hear that Denoga was the mastermind of this incident. Though he was crying because Denoga died, but I wonder how he really felt deep inside his heart.... I'm sure he was also trying to get rid the royal family from behind the scene.

A few days later, Naminissa and I lined up together in front of father and mother who were finally able to move. We are going to convey the result of our discussion from the past few days.

Orlando who is Wazu's friend has become new exclusive knight of my older brother. Currently, it seems he was moving around according to instruction from older brother, because of that they are not here.

[Father, the young man who has helped us, we are thinking to go after Wazu and marry him, could you please allow us to go?] (Narellina)

[Father, please grant our wish] (Naminissa)

[Sure, no problem] (Givirio)

Eh....? can you allow us to go so easily?

[I heard about this young man from Navirio. If you two are good with him, why not? About that shitty father (prime minister) and shitty son (Denoga), we didn't recognized the engagement and all] (Givirio)

[ [Thank you veru much!!] ] (Narellina / Naminissa)

Naminissa and I holding each other’s hands in joy.

[However, he is a commoner, is that really fine?] (Naminissa)

[No problem. I mean, we already quit from the royal family so don't worry about it. It's troublesome and I don't want to be bothered by that shitty prime minister. I will be going to the south with the people I could trust and the people who are willing to come with us. Because of that we are not a royal family anymore~] (Givirio)

[Haa~a....] (Narellina)

I knew that father was a happy-go-lucky person but I didn't think he would go to this extent.

[Could I also have a words for the two?] (Mirellina)

[What is this, mother?] (Narellina)

[We have not meet Wazu yet so bring him to meet us without fail, okay? Also, I’d like to see my grandchild’s face soon!] (Mirellina)

[ [Understood!! Certainly!!] ] (Narellina / Naminissa)

Grandchild huh!! Understood!! When we are promised to ourselves in the heart, Naminissa's maid (Kumia) came into the room.

[U-Umm!! Please excuse me!! Leria-sama has came to see Naminissa-sama and Narellina-sama] (Kumia)

Leria-san? Did something happen?

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