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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chapter 66 - Settlement And Unpleasant Feeling

All the monsters has been annihilated and the red shield group has been destroyed. The knights that are still able to move are treating their injured companions or capturing the red shield guys remnants. Without taking any action, it seems they had decided to watch over the battle occurring in the center of the battlefield. The knights also understood that Naminissa's group wanted to settle the fight by themselves.

The knights also didn’t dare to approach me. Though they kept taking a glance at me as if the were seeing some hero. Please don’t look so much.... it’s kinda embarrassing.... 

Well, it's true that I have done something far beyond a normal person could do.... sigh... it's uncomfortable being stared at....!!!

I turn my line of sight towards the center of the battlefield along with Orlando. Though it hasn't been settled yet, it's clear that Naminissa's group has the upper hand. Even Denoga transformed, the person himself doesn't have battle experience so it's not a big deal. He couldn't utilize his new gained power, with that degree of ability it's impossible to beat Naminissa's group. The impatience is mixed with irritation because things didn't work as he thought and his attacks became disordered.

Narellina's sword cuts Denoga's flank while avoiding his attack. From behind Naminissa protects Narellina with barrier magic, Leria-san's whip stopping Denoga movement, and Navirio's fire magic gradually reduces his physical strength.

I was astonished to see how good Navirio orchestrated the movement of this group. I wonder how far he was reading ahead. Though everything looks good so far, I'm concentrating on my feet so that I can jump in

Their battle was already entered the final stage. Denoga's body was covered by a large number of cut. The burned skin because of fire magic attack also can be seen everywhere.

Denoga shakes his big shoulder with ragged breath. Using the remaining spirit, he attacking fiercely with his long and sharp nail clad in magical power.

[GAAAAAAAAA!!!!! YOU INSECTS!!!!!] (Denoga)

Denoga directs that nails together with an earth-splitting roar towards Narellina but it was repelled by Naminissa’s barrier magic. He lose his balance when Leria-san’s whip wrapped his feet and fell on the spot.

Narellina raised her sword high in reversed grip towards Denoga who fell down while showing his back.

[This is the end Denoga!!!] (Narellina)

In an instant, the fire wrapped Narellina’s sword before it pierced through Denoga's throat.


Big cracks opened on Denoga’s body. His long claws and wings shattered and disappear. Denoga’s life meet the end with blood flowing from his throat and formed a red puddle on the ground.


The knights raised a shout of victory. Orlando and I bumped each other fist while laughing pleasantly. Naminissa's group approach us with avirio in the lead.

[It has ended.... I would like to say that but, the king and the queen still remains asleep] (Wazu)

[They will be fine. There was a part of a memory from the time when I was still being manipulated, about Denoga boasting the cause of father and mother slept. So don't worry because I know how to release it.] (Navirio)

[I see, that’s good then] (Wazu)

Navirio and I shook hands. Naminissa and the others watch us with a smile on their face.... but then a person abruptly applauding to attracts our attention.


I turn my face towards the direction. There is a person who's covered his whole body in black clothes with a backpack that's twice as big as his body. A slender man who is hiding his face with a black hood was applauding there.

Peddler on travel? Only his smile could be seen but it gives an unpleasant feeling.

[It’s trully wonderful!! To defeat a new awakened demon!! As expected of the royal family!! Well, because the origin are just flies from garbage so it's not that unexpected though]

I remember at the Elf village when I saw his figure.... umm.... what’s is his name again.... oh well.... let’s beat this guy first.... it seems the balls are from him.... peddler.... I heard it before.... it can’t be....

Besides, who is this guy? There is nothing from his figure that should make me be on guard, then why.... I feel this unpleasant feeling just by watching this peddler.

[It was truly a wonderful fight~!! Es-pe-ci-al-ly the man with the dragon on his head over there!! Your strength is the real deal!! I had instinctively shuddered!!]

The man approaching me while talks in a cheerful manner. This unpleasant feeling is getting stronger and stronger from every step he got closer.

[You are.... this?] (Wazu)

Though I only said these words, whether he understood exactly my question, the man stopped his steps, spreaded his arms happily with a distorted mouth.

[Hahahaha!! That’s right!! I gave that trash the red ball and the black ball!!]

Naminissa tension rose at once because of the mans confession. But still, his expression doesn't change and keep smiling.

[Speaking about it, the thing is.... just recently a reaction from “Jealousy” and “Lust” has disappeared so I wonder.... could it be it’s your doing?]

[I don’t understand what you are talking about but certainly I have defeated 2 men who transformed like this] (Wazu)

[Oh I see!! It's not like I would take revenge or something, ‘see? because it doesn't matter how many trash died]

The man suddenly tapping his chin while thinking of something. should I attack now....?

[Umu.... I would like to see it!! Compared to that girl, which one is stronger?]

[That girl?] (Wazu)

[For that purpose, I need you to go get her.... despite everything she is “Lazy” after all. Be-ca-u-se of that!!]

The man took out a black crystal from his bosom and quickly crushed it with his bare hand. Then, a black mist arises from his hand and disappeared into the air.

I have a bad feeling when suddenly the weight disappeared from my head. I look up and found that Meru was trapped inside a black crystal that floated on the air.

[kyui-kyui!!!] (Meru)

[Meru!!!] (Wazu)


The man waved his hand and the black crystal disappeared along with Meru into the sky.

The dark emotion surrounded me. I grabbed the man's lapels with force while take a stance where I can hit him anytime, but his smile is unchanging.

[Where did Meru go?] (Wazu)

[It’s in her place! You can find her at northern hot spring town, then I will going ahead~!! See you there~~]


With those parting words the man slipped from my hand and disappeared into the air when I tried to cath him back.

[Are you going?] (Orlando)

I slowly turn back when I heard Orlando’s voice.

[Yeah, I'm going to pick up Meru.... sorry, even though I said wanted to see your knight figure] (Wazu)

[I don’t mind] (Orlando)

Naminissa and the other are gathered aroound me.

[Leave him to me. I promise I would make him a knight under my direct control] (Navirio)

[Thank you very much Navirio] (Wazu)

Navirio promised to make Orlando a knight. He will be fine if I leave things to Navirio.

[Wazu-sama.... we are truly indebted to you this time. About the rewards I will.... I will give it to you without fail so please look forward!!] (Naminissa)

[Ye-Yeah] (Wazu)

.....reward? is there such a thing? Oh well, I would gladly accpet it if there is a reward.

[*cough* I will definitely go to see you later] (Narellina)

[Eh? Ye-Yeah...] (Wazu)

Narellina cleared her throat and said so while winking at me. Her face is red. Did she catch cold?

[Then, see you later!!] (Wazu)

I started running towards the direction where Meru Flew away. 

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