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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chapter 65 - The Person Who Overhelms

I rushed out at once towards the battlefield with Meru on my head. First of all, I grabbed the head of a cow-shaped monster which held a black iron club that I found on the way. I threw it towards the horde of monster that are still appearing from behind.


After the cow-shaped monster that I thrown passed by, hundred or more monster carcasses were scattered in pieces. The open line has been made through the monster horde. The cow-shaped monster was dead because it couldn’t bear the pressure and speed.

I jumped into the air. A big bird whose beak is hard and sharp like an iron, I beat it down towards the ground where the monsters are gathered while breaking its beak


The ground gouged up and exploded as the bird crashed. The monsters in the surrounding were blown away by the impact alone, the bird monster died together with the monsters around it.

I regained my balance upon landing. I gave a heel drop over the head of a monster which was drooling from his large and big green mouth. The momentum couldn’t be stopped, the monster was torn into two when I touch the ground. Meru seemed to be happy and clapping her hands with *peshi-peshi*.

Knights, adventurers, and monsters were frozen on the spot because couldn't understand what just happened, but I didn't stop there. I brushed off the monsters around my landing point. I tried to practice Fighting skill such as how to do a roundhouse kick while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I will crush all the monsters under one blow.

Many of monsters are frightened when they saw their companions get blown away easily and escaped in the midst of the confusion. Still, I won’t stop.

I reaped the lives of remaining monsters while moving with tremendous speed. I saw a monsters that were about to attack the knights and adventurers who stopped their movement because they were watching me. I picked some stone and threw them towards their faces (monsters). The stones penetrated their faces in a speed which can’t be seen.

I ran in a semicircular track while mowing down the monsters. I kicked them off as I passing by. Monsters whose lost their face or monsters with a hole in their belly came down like rain. I advanced while leaving hundreds of monster bodies scattered behind. The remaining monsters has already escaped whilst the monsters in this place had lost their live.

My movement didn't stop. This time I headed towards the red shield group. Upon seeing me come, the majority of them threw down their weapon and raised their hands to surrender.

To attack the people who had no will to fight anymore would just attract unnecessary attention so I leave them to the knights around.

I mean, they naturally opened the path as soon as I approached, and they also prostrated themselves as soon as our eyes met.

Oi, I haven’t done anything to you yet....

Even so, there are still people who came to challenge me. They approached and tried to kill me with the sword but got immobilize in return. I broke their sword, crushes their red round shield, punch them once, and finish.

Unlike the monsters side, there are allies and enemies here and there in this place. I push forward as if sewing the battlefield.

The people who challenged me had been sent out with a punch and kick. Orlando was fighting with two people at the center, the three are trying to cut each other in front of my eyes.

Orlando is superior if we are talking about the sword skill but these people are good with using the shield. It seems the battle won't end anytime soon.

[Yo, Orlando! Need a help?] (Wazu)

I stopped my feet. I spoke to Orlando in a light tone while I beat a guy who used the opportunity to come near and attack me with a sword without looking.

[Guhh.... no.... I am fine.... if I can’t do this much.... I am not suited to become....  a knight!] (Orlando)

He answered while delivering an attack to the opponent. His breath is ragged but I'm sure he is going to win. Orlando is calmly reading the movements of his opponent and sent an accurate attack. As I thought Orlando is stronger than average knights.

[Then, I leave this place to you!] (Wazu)

[Yeah!! leave it to me!!] (Orlando)

Orlando continued his fight and I headed to defeat other red shield guys. Beating, kicking, throwing, I leave the knocked down guys to the knights. I'm going to drive them off one after another.

There is also a tough-looking man among them. He is a big man with a body around 3m height. He appeared while making *tumb-tumb* sound.

[Guhehehe!! This is your end-----]


Breaking his red shield and armor, my fist sank into his abdomen. Well, he just had a big body. I go off to clean the remainder of the red shield guys.

Before long the red shield guys has been cleared up. You can hear groaning voices from all over the place. Orlando also seems to have won the battle. He approach me while looking around.

[Wazu.... this is overkill, no?] (Orlando)

[I think so too....] (Wazu)

In the end, I defeated almost all the monsters and the people from red shield group alone.

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