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Monday, January 2, 2017

Chapter 63 - The Things I Understood

There are two things that I understood after Fluegel beat the hell out of me.

Human.... no, almost all living creatures possess a natural healing power. Even if you get hurt the wound will heal over time. That is a matter of course, but there are also things that can’t be healed over time like disease or fatal injuries for example. Was there aything else? oh well, that’s not the pioint.

Take as an example, let's say that the amount recovered by natural healing power was 0.1% in one hour. That means if your HP is 1000.... it would recover 1 HP in one hour. Now let’s put that condition into my status. First of all, "HP : How could I die, I wonder....?”

Honestly, I really want to complain to the goddess and earth goddess.... forget it!!

That is to say that my HP is so high that it can’t be quantified and the amount that's recovered by the natural healing power is also enormous in accordance with it. In other words even if I received damage, it would  be recovered in tremendous speed?

This is the cause of the phenomenon where I felt pain but it soon disappeared. To put it in other words it’s healed in an instant, I guess? Though if hurt it still hurts no matter what.... but now that I have gotten used to it, I don't feel inconvenience in particullar. This is the first thing!

The second thing.... I wonder if it's the effect because I have been watching Fluegel movements for a long time? Somehow I could understand how to move my body better. Like how to posture my body when punching.... or how to move when kicking a target.... something like that? It feels like I understood how to utilizing my body efficiently during the battle now. I wonder what? Thinking about how I fought until now, it seems there were a lot of wasteful movements.


As if facing a monster, Fluegel’s eyes harbored a fear when looking at me.

[Wh-Why? after received my magical attack that much.... why are you still alive? Or rather, how could you still stand there calmly? Are you really a human?] (Fluegel)

How rude!! I am a human!!


[Ummm....? how should I put this.... that’s right.... what do you think about changes a deserts terrain? (Wazu)

[Haa....?] (Fluegel)

[Like how to make it not a desert anymore? For example, how to turn it into a lake?] (Wazu)

[Haa....?] (Fluegel)

[Let’s assume that you want to make a lake. Your current attack to me now are like dropping a water drop in to a desert to turn it into a lake. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?] (Wazu)

[ .....? ] (Fluegel)

[In short, It doesn’t work at all] (Wazu)

[Have you gotten stronger in the middle of fighting with me? like such a folish story is possible-----!!!!!] (Fluegel)

Between the interval of our exchange, Fluegel fill it with his attack. However, unlike before I could see his movement.

Avoiding his fist, I shoot my punch towards Fluegel’s face but it can be avoided by shifting his face, while at it Fluegel’s knee came fly at me. Sound of something broken was heard when I hit his knee to parry the attack.


[Argggggghhhhhhh........!!!!] (Fluegel)

Fluegel collapses on the spot with his broken leg.

My STR status is dreadful as usual.

Having been beaten up one-sidely until a while ago, I got irritated and hit him somewhat seriously.... it broke in one punch even though  the other party is S-ranked huh?

While I think about it, Flugel stood up while being unsteady and took  his stance back.

[Fuh.... hahaha.... hahaha....!!!] (Fluegel)

What is this? It’s creeped me out when he began to laugh in a cheerful manner....

[It’s nice.... really.... the fight should be like this.... it's interesting because ones life is at the stake! Hahaha....] (Fluegel)

I could sense Fluegel power increased from the look. His muscles are swelling and he gives off more intimidating air than before.
[....won’t you heal it? that foot] (Wazu)

[Haa...!! does it I looks like could use some kind of magic?  Besides, it was a good handicap for an opponent who fought like an amateur until a will ago, no?] (Fluegel)

Hohou~ he said something funny....

Even though he's sweating away because his leg is hurt so much, he still put on air.... I don’t dislike that kind of attitude though....

While floating a smile, I approached Fluegel step by step until the distance where each other’s fists could reach the other party. There is nothing we could do except a fist-fight at this distance.

[Then it’s a handicap for me for a person who couldn’t move properly, let’s us continue with this distance] (Wazu)

[Fuhaha.... hahaha.... hahaha....!!! I see, you gave me a handicap huh!! Bring it!! I don’t dislike a guy like you!!] (Fluegel)

We glared at each other with a smile and began to exchange fists fiercely. We didn’t avoid it, the fists landed on each other’s face, body, and everywhere.

To be honest I have no damage and his internal destruction attack don't work well on me. On the other hand, I dealt a great damage to Fluegel.

But still, Fluegel didn’t collapse and kept hitting me. Though I could avoid it anytime, but such intention never crossed my mind. We will keep on hit each other until one of us collapse.


How long of a time has passed?

It may be a few seconds

It my be several minutes

It may be quite a long time

We just kept hitting each other while couldn't see the end. Fluegel’s fist landed on my face and my fist was sink into his abdomen.

[Guhh.... you are remaining intact even after I did this much.... you are really a monster....] (Fluegel)

[I won’t be happy to receive such words....] (Wazu)

[Hee... even though I praised you from the bottom of my heart....] (Fluegel)

[Calling me a monster is not compliment] (Wazu)

[.... well.... this time you won.... let’s do it again later.... ] (Fluegel)

[I also won’t be happy to receive such words....] (Wazu)

Fluegel fell forward just like that.

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