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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chapter 61 - [Arrogance] Calls Others Insect

In the rear side knights and adventurers are engaged in a mortal combat with hordes of monsters. Fortunately, the monsters that were gathered from the surrounding are mostly low ranked. Though the collaboration between knights and adventures looks imperfect, it seems they managed to endure the monster attack somehow.

At the front line, holy knights and knights corps also engaged in melee combat with the red shield group in the same way. Since we allocated many knights to fight horde monsters, we lost our numerical advantage and it seems the war wouldn’t end easily.

Then in the open area at the center of battlefield, stood three people from royal family, Leria-san, and I that are confronted Denoga and Fluegel. Orlando was invited to join the knights.

[The surrounding has started their party, should we also begin?] (Denoga)

Denoga said so in a carefree manner.

[Are you going to fight with this number difference?] (Narellina)

[Of course. I don’t think I could win in normal fight though. Even compared to Naminissa, my fighting ability is inferior to her, because of that I will use this thing] (Denoga)

Denoga took a red ball this time and swallowed it. So he also has it as I thought. Denoga’s eyes turned black, his body shape also changed, cracked marks spreaded through his body, his nails grew like a sharp blade, and black wing sprouted from his back.


[Wh-What is that? What on earth is going on?] (Navirio)


Navirio was shaken by the drastic change of Denoga's appearance and his movement stopped.

Denoga tried to cut Naminissa, who was caught off guard with his nails. Before I could react, Narelline parried his attack with her sword.

[Even if you has changed, it doesn’t change the fact about everything you have done to us. I will cut you down with these hands!] (Narellina)

[CAN YOU DO THAT?] (Denoga)

On those words the fight between Denoga and Narellina has started. Though they exchanged an attack violently, I felt neither of them were serious yet. Each of them still tries to assert their opponents ability at the moment.

My attention directed to Fluegel who still didn't move from his place. I felt something eerie from him for some reason. Then Naminissa, Navirio, and Leria-san approached me.

[Wazu-sama, we will do something about Denoga by ourselves because it’s a problem of the royal family] (Naminissa)

[Wazu, I don’t know how strong you are but I want you to keep Fluegel busy as long as possible. Can you manage it?] (Navirio)

[To be honest, I saw how you saved Navirio-sama and Narellina-sama earlier, but let me tell you this, Fluegel is strong. We can’t win against him.... but, if it’s you perhaps....] (Leria)

I see. It seems Fluegel didn’t move in anticipation of me. I guess he wary of me because he also saw how I saved Navirio and Narellina before. Although Denoga’s power certainly has changed but the strength I felt from Fluegel is different. How should I put it.... he can be said to be on a different level altogether.

[Understood. I will manage it somehow with Fluegel because of that I leave Denoga to you all. I will come to help if things looks dangerous just in case, but you want to defeat him by yourself, right?] (Wazu)

Naminissa and Navirio nodded on my words, they ran to the place where Narellina and Denoga were fighting accompanied by Leria-san. I think they will be fine. I pray in my heart that everything will end safely. I slowly turn my eyes towards Fluegel.

[Did the talk end?] (Fluegel)

[Yeah, it seem I will be your opponent] (Wazu)

[.... kukuku.... sound’s good to me. That’s also what I wanted. I saw your movement when saving Navirio-sama and Narellina-sama from before, it was brilliant. I couldn’t take my eyes from you, it made my whole body shudered] (Fluegel)

Surprisingly, Fluegel seems happy and breaks into a broad smile.

[After climbing to this point what awaits me is just boring battle.... I will fight a strong man after a long time at last!! Please entertain me to the fullest!!] (Fluegel)

He hammered his knuckle pads with *clank!-clank!* to express his joy. Is he a battle maniac?

[In others words, you didn’t choose your side because you wanted to fight me?] (Wazu)

[That’s it. Certainly I was cooperating with Denoga-sama to return a favors from his late father, but he is....] (Fluegel)

Fluegel looks at the transformed Denoga with pitiful eyes and I also following his line of sight. There are Narellina and the transformed Denoga trying to cut each other, Naminissa was using barrier magic to defend the attack, Leria-san was skillfully using a whip and magic attacks with hit and run tactics, and Navirio was giving instruction and magical support. They have good cooperation there.

After confirming their situation I turn back my attention at Fluegel, --[So?]-- he gave me a gesture as if saying that. I only could answer him with a bitter smile.

[Well then, shall we also begin?] (Wazu)

[Come at me anythime!] (Fluegel)

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