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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Chapter 60 - Denoga's Identity

How did this happen....? right now, behind me are three people from the royal family, Orlando, and Leria-san standing side-by-side. Behind them are 2000 knights and hundreds people from the adventurer association.

Eeh? when I said about going to help Navirio and Narellina, I was thinking to follow and support them from behind, but why I am in the lead?

I told them that I would cooperate indeed, but why I am standing in front of a royal family?

It just looks like I was the top person of this coalition, right? wait a moment.... could it be they used me as a shield? Even if there is an unpredicted incident, I would be the only one who receives damage, something like that? No No.... that can’t be.... but.... however....

While I was wondering about it, Denoga and the S-ranked adventurer Fluegel that were among the people with red shield had arrived in front of my eyes.

Oh!! Since when!?

Fluegel is a man with large muscle mass, sharp eyes, short hair, and many scratches on his face.

[You are from before, Wazu-san was it?] (Denoga)

[Yeah, your atmosphere is different somewhat, is this your true nature?] (Wazu)

[Is this my true nature? I wonder? I don’t dislike the timid myself] (Denoga)

In the midst of our conversation, he shifted his line of sight behind me.

[It was a good thing that Navirio-sama and Narellina-sama had returned to normal, Naminissa-sama] (Denoga)

[How dare you say such things, even though it was all your doing] (Naminissa)

[Hahaha, have I been found out? well it can’t be helped. I planned for the two to die here so it’s no use to hide it anymore. I never thought the two would survived though. That’s why I have no choice but to use direct means like this] (Denoga)

[Using the guys behind you?] (Narellina)

Narellina stared at Denoga with an angry face without hiding her hostility.

[Yes, Narellina-sama. They are the knights which I prepared by myself, they also are quite good] (Denoga)

[.... So, why is Naminissa fiance doing all of this? what is your aim?] (Navirio)

This time Navirio asked with a serious look.

[My aim? Isn’t this clear? I want to claim my right to become a king] (Denoga)

[A right....?] (Navirio)

[Well, I don’t have to hide it. Certainly I am called Denoga Flebondo right now, but my real name is Denoga Gnarbondo. I am a biological child of the former king, Deo Gnarbondo. I am a so-called illegitimate child] (Denoga)

[ [ [whaaa!?] ] ]

[I couldn’t become a king just as Naminissa’s fiance. To be honest, the present royal family is in the way] (Denoga)

[It can’t be.... our parents illness too....] (Navirio)

[Yeah, I will get rid of them after killing you] (Denoga)

[Then, if we defeat you here, everything will come to end] (Narellina)

When Narellina pulled her sword, the knights behind also followed suit at once. The red shield group also pulled their sword as a response. In an instant the place turned into a battlefield full of bloodthirst. Then, Leria-san take one step forward and stared at Fluegel.

[I see.... he is a son of the previous king. Is that the reason why you are there?] (Leria)

[....that’s right] (Fluegel)

Eh? What does this mean? that’s what I thought but Leria-san explained to me in a low voice. Apparently, Fluegel was quite close to the previous king and had received various help from him. It seems he cooperated with his son to return the favors.

[I will say this just once....] (Navirio)

This time Navirio move one step forwards.

[As you can see, there are 2000 knights and hundreds of adventurer joined together on my side. But on your side, I could estimated there are only around 800 people. Even if there is an S-rank adventurer on your side, it’s clear that you have no chance of winning so just surrender quietly!] (Navirio)

[That’s right.... as expected it’s going to be difficult with this much of a number difference, I need to call for reinforcement] (Denoga)

Denoga took something from inside his clothes. I have no idea what he is going to do.

[Can you survive inside the chaos?] (Denoga)

Denoga extended his arm which held something to us. There is a black ball riding atop his palm. Huh? I think I have seen it somewhere before.... that’s right, at the Elf village.... it’s bad!!!

[Oh gospel of the great darkness come fills my heart] (Denoga)

Responding to Denoga’s words, the black ball emitted black light that covered the surrounding but soon disappear. The black ball shattered into pieces and danced to the sky.

*- - - - - - - - - - badump! - - - - - - - - - -*

Again huh! I could hear a sound like heartbeat from somewhere in the dinstance. However, that’s not important right now.

[Be careful!! horde of monsters will come!!] (Wazu)

[Oh? You did know that. Even though that merchant told me it was a rare article....] (Denoga)

Because I told everyone about what’s is going to happen with a loud voice, Denoga affirmed disinterestedly. Believing in the contents of my interaction with Denoga, Navirio passing some instrcution to the knights at once.

*dododo dododo dododo !!!!!*

In this way, we were caught between a group led by Denoga and horde of monster, we entered a brawl.

+ + + + +

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