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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chapter 59 - The Mastermind Is....

Because of those guys who are still hiding in the forest.... I guess it won’t end just like this.

Naminissa, Navirio, and Narellina-sama are approaching me. It’s a little tickle to receive words of gratitude from each of them. I mean, the other party are a royal family.

[Naminissa, Navirio, Narellina-sama, please raise your heads~~~!!!] (Wazu)

[Wait a moment!! Even though you called my brother’s name and my sister’s name without a honorific, why I’m the only one who is different?] (Narellina)

Narellina-sama came pressing at me. People said that a beautiful woman who got angry is scary. But I am afraid because she's not only a beautiful woman but also a strong woman. Did I do something  to offend her?

[Well that’s.... it’s because those two told me to call them without honorific....] (Wazu)

[Hoho~.... I could understand if it’s about Aniue, but also Naminissa huh....] (Narellina)

(TL : Aniue = elder brother)

When Narellina looks at Naminissa, she averted her eyes to the day after tomorrow for some reason. It seems she tried to whistle but what came from her mouth was only a *huu~ huu~* sound. That looks cute somewhat. After seeing such Naminissa, Narellina-sama directed her eyes at me.

[Then, I will also allow you to call me just Narellina....!!] (Narellina)

[Un-Understood] (Wazu)

I couldn’t refuse!! I mean, she gave out a tremendous pressure. Because the person herself wanted it, there is no reason to refuse. More importantly, why does Naminissa look at me with the eyes full of grudge?

[Fufufu~.... You really did well!! I never thought I would see a mere adventurer be able save the royal family alone] (Leria)

Leria-san approached me while laughing happily, then she hit my back with *ban-ban*. Even so, I could sense a tension still lingering around her. I don’t want to say it in such a mood but....

[Umm.... it’s not over though?] (Wazu)

On my remarks Orlando, Naminissa, Navirio, Narellina, an Leria-san turned their attention at me.

[Wazu-sama, what do you mean it’s not over?] (Naminissa)

Naminissa was asking.

[I can feel the gaze of a lot people from inside the forest over there. Perhaps, it’s there.... the person who manipulated Navirio and Narellina with the cursed tools....] (Wazu)

Taking a glimpse at Navirio and Narellina, the two were looking at Naminissa. The memory of the person who gave them the cursed tools  should still remains.... First of all, to be able to give a suspicious thing to these two, I thought this person must be have a considerable position and quite close to them.

First, Naminissa is excluded from this condition. Their personal butler and maid looked truly happy when the two returned so I also exclude them. Leria-san is Naminissa’s cooperator in this case, people who are close to the two and currently are not in this place.... He is the only one who comes to my mind as expected...

[Denoga, right?] (Wazu)

I gave out the name of Naminissa’s fiance and confirmed it with the two.

[Yeah.... it was Denoga who gave me the bracelet. He said it was a charm] (Navirio)

[Me too. When my brother had started to acting strange, he said it was a necklace for protection....] (Narellina)

Orlando has an astonished expression on his face and Leria-san let out a sigh to release her tension. Perhaps except Naminissa, Leria-san suspected all people around the two. Probably it was a breath of relief because she found out the perpetrator wasn't among the people here.

[With this my engagement is canceled.... great....] (Naminissa)

While Naminissa mumbled something in a low voice, I can feel she emitted a black aura for some reason. This time Leria-san asked me.

[However, why would he do such a thing?] (Leria)

[Who knows? But is that really unexpected? Such a man, I thought that  he would proudly use any means to fulfill his desire. It seems they are coming] (Wazu)

I said so and pointing at the forest, everyone turned their face towards the direction. There was a group with red shield heading towards this place. Approximately 800 people by a rough estimation. There is the man  in question, Denoga at the front. On his side, there is a big man armed with red knuckle pads in both arms.

[That guy!!] (Leria)

[Do you know him?] (Navirio)

Leria-san cried out at the sight of the big man. When Navirio asks, Leria-san nods after clearing up her throat while still focusing her line of sight at the big man.

[His name is Flugel Razor. He is an S-ranked adventurer who is skilled in close-combat fighting as you can see from his equipment] (Leria)

On the word S-ranked, the tension in this place increased at once. Finally S-rank huh. I wonder how strong he is....

[My knights!! Take your swords!! The enemy is coming!!] (Narellina)

The atmosphere of delight disappeared on Narellina's shout and the knights clad themselves with fighting spirit in an instant.

They are well-trained huh....

Navirio also passing some instructions to his knights as well. Leria-san is going to explain the situation to adventurers. The knight are moving in a hurry.

In this place I, Orlando, Naminissa, Floyd, and Kumia are all that remain. I had Meru stayed in the air just in case.

[Say.... as a man who aspiring to become a knight, should I also do something in this situation? I can’t stick up with the knights movement though] (Orlando)

[Oh yeah, I think that’s a good idea to appeal.... Though I also don’t know how the knights are going to move] (Wazu)

When Orlando and I are having such a conversation, Navirio and Narellina approaching us.

[It may be a bold request because the opponent is S-rank, but I’d like to ask the cooperation from you guys] (Navirio)

[I want you to lend me your power again] (Narellina)

On their words, Orlando and I answered with an acceptance and followed Navirio and Narellina from behind.

+ + + + +

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