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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Chapter 58 - Smile That I Wanted To See

[As you all can see, I am safe and I have also had regained my senses back] (Navirio)

Navirio-sama declared loudly to the knights around. Cries of joy resounded in an instant and the knights raised their swords high to the heaven.

Navirio-sama nods at the scene. He walked slowly towards the knights at the other side, then he declares....

[The knights of Narellina!! There is no reason to fight anymore. There is a person who will save your lord here. I also want to save my sister. So please open the way!!] (Navirio)

When that words spread through the Bondo plains, Navirio-sama knight order and Narellina-sama’s knight order move in unison. They divided into two to make a way. It's opens from the place where Navirio-sama stood to Narellina place.

[Come to think of it, I have’t heard your name?] (Navirio)

[My name is Wazu, Navirio-sama] (Wazu)

[Just Navirio is fine. Then, let’s go] (Navirio)

[Yes] (Wazu)

Navirio started to run so I chased after him. On the way, an old gentleman who dressed in a butler outfit --[I’m glad to see you are safe more than anything, young master]-- approached and said that. Perhaps he is the personal butler of Navirio. They are talking two or three words while Navirio was still running while facing ahead.

[It seems that my knights are also safe. I had returned to myselft so they may rest at ease now. Though they just tried to protect me, I trully appreciated you didn’t take away their life] (Navirio)

[No, it’s because Naminissa will be sad if someone died because of this incident] (Wazu)

[Hoho~.... You didn’t use an honorific to call my sister huh.... are you in love?] (Navirio)

[Wha-Whaaaa!!!] (Wazu)

What are you saying out of the blue? He is grinning at me for some reason. We have arrived at our destination before I could say something back.

In front of us, there was a red-haired woman equipped with fine armor and sword, standing inside a stretched barrier. For a woman she has short hair. But on her back, a thin braid is hanging down to her waist.

Though it’s opened a little, there is no light inside her eyes because she has lost her reason. Even so, her facial expression looks artistic just like a Noh mask. She would be more beautiful if she regains her consciousness for sure.

[Is it her?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, she is my little sister and Naminissa’s elder twin sister] (Navirio)

Navirio looks at Narellina with a grievous face. It must be hard for him to see Narellina in this condition.

Then, a young woman who wore a maid uniform approached us and talk about something to Navirio. He explained about the current situation to me after the conversation ended.

[Currently, the magician unit has used their full force to confine her inside a barrier. But it seems the barrier won’t last long. If you approach, she will immediately attack you without warning.... even so, can I still count on you?] (Navirio)

[Yes, no problem. Can you remove the barrier?] (Wazu)

The barrier was removed with a signal from Navirio and I slowly approached her. When I’m at a distance where her sword could reach, she immediately attacked me without a moment delay.

I dodge the sword that came from overhead to cut me down. It descended just as is and stopped at the place where I was standing before. In the interval time, I immediately grabbed her hand which held the sword with my right hand, and used my left hand to tear off her armor with brute force.

What’s came into my view was a necklace with a distorted shape decorating a very abundant chests that was covered by a white shirt. While still sealing her movement with my right hand, I threw the armor in my left hand and grabbed the decorative part of the necklace this time.

For a moment a spark was scattering on my left hand. Perhaps it was a countermeasure for those who tried to remove the necklace. There was no abnormality so it seems to be useless on me. I crushed the necklace with my hand.

I understood that the curse had disappeared from Narellina-sama’s body because of a sensation that transmitted through my left hand.

I embrace Narellina-sama who is about to collapse from the front to support her. Her consciousness still remained and the power slowly returned to her body. After some times she laughed a little....

[Fufufu.... I thank you for helping me] (Narellina)

[Is something funny?] (Wazu)

[No, it was the first time a man embraced me and I think it’s surprisingly not bad] (Narellina)

[Huh....?] (Wazu)

[May I know your name?] (Narellina)

[I am Wazu] (Wazu)

It seems she hasn’t fully regained her senses. I tried to calmly analyze her but my heart started to get excited because the feeling of Narellina-sama’s chests being pressed on mine. Let’s get away quickly after she could stand on her own feet.

I feel troubled, it seems she reacted for some reason even if I just move my chest a little bit. When I wondered about what to do, a cough sound was heard from nearby.

In response to that sound, Narelline separated her body from mine. I turned around to see the source of the sound and there was Navirio doing a thumbs-up. What’s with that response?

[I have troubled you, Onii-sama] (Narellina)

[That goes for me too. But it was a good thing that we are safe and sound right now] (Navirio)

[Yes!] (Narellina)

[Navirio nii-sama~~!!! Narellina ane-sama~~!!] (Naminissa)

Hmm....? I heard Naminissa’s voice just now. When I look around restlessly, I can see Naminissa is running towards this place. Huh? Why are you coming here?

Behind Naminissa was Orlando, Leria-san, and several dozen other adventurers were running together to escort them. The knights open the way for Naminissa and the group to pass through. After reaching this place, she embraced Navirio and Narellina-sama.

[I am glad you’ve returned to your original self safely !! Nii-sama! Ane-sama!] (Narellina)

[I made you worried, Naminissa] (Navirio)

[Me too. I’m sorry, Naminissa] (Narelline)

These three are drowned in joy because of each other's safety. On the other side, Floyd and the knights are joining hands with the adventurer that came as reinforcements. Meru jumped in the air while saying --[kyuii-kyuii]--. Orlando watched the scene from the side next to me.

[You did it] (Orlando)

[Yeah] (Wazu)

The scene of Naminissa, Navirio, and Narellina-sama embracing each other while shedding tears came into my view. The three put a big smiles on thier face.

That's a smile I wanted to see.....

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