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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chapter 57 - The Target Is Cursed Tools

I was successful in drawing their attention to myself. There is a simple reason for all of this, it’s to prevent the knights of both sides from fight each other. Naminissa will be hurt to see that happen. I want to make this battle become me vs knights from both side.

Because of that, I choose to become their common enemy and let their hostility be directed towards me. I won’t kill the knights after all. I will just neutralize minimum numbers of people until I reach both Navirio-sama and Narellina-sama. Another reason is because there are people watching this war.

I noticed it when I stood at the center of the two knights camps, I felt some malicious gazes. It’s not the knights, not Navirio-sama or Narellina-sama either, of course it’s not from Naminissa’s group.

It came from the forest and directed towards a hill in the opposite direction of the Bondo plains where Naminissa waited. I wonder if they are here, those who handed the cursed tools to Navirio-sama and Nariella-sama. Also those group with red shield as trademark. Perhaps it’s some kind of scenario when they plan to crush both camps who exhausted after the battle ends later. Therefore I want to end this war while leaving the battle potential as much as possible.

I run towards Navirio-sama’s camp first. Nariealla-sama is merely losing her reason whereas Navirio-sama is being manipulated. I thought is better to release him first so everything won’t get out of hand later.

I grabbed two nearest knights by the hand respectively before advancing. The other knights preparing themselves in shield formation at once. I will just push forward and leave this job to my STR status

[Uoooooo ~ ~ ~ ~] (Wazu)

*dom~ dom~ dom~*

Navirio-sama is in the center of formation and I has advanced about one-third to the center.

I threw the two knights I had grabbed before into the air at different distances. Utilize the running momentum, I jumped forward while using a knight’s shield in front of me as a foothold.

I headed towards the knight which I threw a while ago who is closer and jumped again using his back as a foothold this time.

I landed on the abdomen of the second knight which I threw before and did another jump. I flew down near the center of the formation.

I looking at the front, there was a group of knights which is clearly different from the knight until now. The difference is their appearance, they use a different armor, sword, and shield. There is also a cloak with some decoration on their back.

But not just their appearance, they are a totally different existence in a sense. I can feel they are a veterans because in front of me are the holy knights group.

While I flew down, the holy knight on the ground aimed their sword simultaneously at me. --[Sorry but....]-- I apologized in my mind. I dashed forward at the speed which even the holy knights couldn’t reacts.


I push all the holy knight in front of me at once with a kick that won’t kill them. Their formation collapsed and a red long-haired person came into my view. I assume he is Navirio-sama.

Navirio-sama pulled his sword and tried to stab himself. The holy knights around tried to stop him but seemed won’t make it in time. I put all my strength in my feet and ran forward. Make it pleaseeeee!!!!

The moment I ran at top speed for the first time, the world seemed to stop.

No, it’s different. I just couldn’t move my body as usual but still could walk normally. It turned out that everyone else also were moving a little bit.

I dive my palm between a sword’s tip and Navirio-sama’s body, the moment it got in contacts with my hand....


The swords fell apart. As expected of my VIT status, there was even no scratch on my palm. I took Navirio-sama hand. I removed and crushed the bracelet he worn with my hand.

I supported Navirio-sama who lost all his power and was about to collapse from behind. The holy knights turned their swords to me. I remained on the spot to see the situation.

In just a few seconds Navirio-sama regained his consciousness and command the knights around to lower their weapons.

I can see the power returned to his body so I separated my hands. Navirio-sama slowly stood on his own feet and turned around to approach me.

Looking again, Navirio-sama has very beautiful features. The red long hair which is beautifully divided in the middle extended to his shoulder, it has a clear shiny gloss. The same red eyes as Naminissas but its corner is a little dropped while giving a gentle expression to people who look. After Navirio-sama confirmed my presence, he got in a one-knee position while lowered his head. Eeh? Waaait? Why?

[Thank you, while being manipulated, there was slight consciousness remaining, though my body didn’t listen to what I said. However thanks to you I could be freed from the curse. Once again, thank you very much] (Navirio)

[No, wa-wait!! Please raise your head!! The royal family should not be lowering their head, it’s uncomfortable for me!] (Wazu)

[That’s not true. Even if it's the royal family, it’s a shame for a person to lack gratitude towards his savior (Navorio)

This time all knights and holy knights put their swords and get on their knee simultaneously. Wa-Waiiiit~~!!!!

[Un-Understood!! Because I have understood, please raise your head!! The battle is not over yet] (Wazu)

[That’s right. However let me say this once again, I’m really grateful for your help] (Navirio)

By saying so, Navirio-sama stood up and directed a gentle smile at me. For now, I look at Navirio-sama with a serious face. Did he know what I wanted to say? Navirio-sama also nods with a serious expression.

[Next is....] (Wazu)

[Narellina huh....] (Navirio)

+ + + + +

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