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Monday, December 19, 2016

Chapter 56 - For The Smilling Face Of My Sweetheart

We are observing how the situation is going to turn out at a slightly elevated hilltop where we can get a bird's-eye view of the Bondo plains. Horses with their rider were lined up in a columns conspicuously with the forest is just behind their back. I move my eyes through their formation on the Bondo plains, it’s a situation where the war can begin at any moment.

At the back of each formation there was male and female who are able to be seen even from a distance because of their red hair. Probably, they are Naminissa’s older brother and older sister. Currently each one seems to be giving a war speech to their soldier, though I couldn’t hear it. But it’s likely the war will begin once they finished their speech respectively.

I look at Naminissa next to me. She was watching the scene with a sad face.... I don’t want to see her with such a face....

[What shall we do? Naminissa-sama. It seems impossible to approach the two of them inside this crowd of army] (Orlando)

Orlando also floated a severe expression. Not only him, both Floyd and Kumia-san have the same faces.

[Let’s see....... first, there should be around 100 holy knights under the command of my older brother and my older sister respectively] (Naminissa)

[ [ [ ..... ] ] ]

[Persuading the knight would be difficult.... they have pledged their allegiance to my older brother and older sister directly. It would be a different story if we talk in the peace-time but when it comes to a battlefield.... to be honest, I couldn’t think any measure right now.... while being called the Bloodless Holy Princess, I’m powerless when it comes to a fight.... at this rate, not only my older brother and older sister.... it will also bring harm to the knights] (Naminissa)

Naminissa covered her face that is about to cry. I look at her condition and made up my mind. I gently take her hands from her face and look at her with a serious expression.

[Wazu-sama....] (Naminissa)

I would like to see her gentle smile that soothed people’s heart.

[I.... what should.... I do....?] (Naminissa)

So I decided it.... even if I couldn’t be together with Naminissa....

[Orlando, I am going. Perhaps, that group will come to attack again and I don’t know whether I could get back here at that time, so I leave this place to you] (Wazu)

[Please...... and be careful] (Naminissa)

[Who are you talking to? Floyd or Kumia-san....? I will protect Naminissa-sama without need to ask] (Orlando)

[It’s natural thing to do] (Floyd)

[Je~s] (Kumia)

I strokes Meru and leave her with Naminissa. --[Kyuii!!]-- she said. Oh, did you say good luck? I remove my hand which stroking Meru towards Naminissa’s head and patting it lightly with *pon-pon*

[Leave the rest to me. I’m going!] (Wazu)

I said so and jumped from the hilltop. I heard Naminissa called out from behind but I continue to advance without looking back.

I descended to the plains and slowly walked to the center of the Knights which are divided in two camps. When they noticed me, the Knights who are in the front of formation started to make noise. Everyone asked --[Who are you?]--- but I kept silent and continue to walk.

In the center position between the two camps, I stopped my feet. I am in the situation where I being glared by two sides. Navirio and Nariealla finally noticed my presence at this time. Their speech stopped and the surrounding became quiet. And then....

[Everyone!! The height of each loyalty is sure wonderful, but does this fight have any meaning? Shouldn't all of you have noticed already there is something unusual with your own Lords respectively? I can get rid of the cause of this matter!! Please put down your swords and open the path for me!!] (Wazu)

I make an appeal in a loud voice but it seems there is no one who put down their sword. Well, I have expected this situation because I’m just looking like some suspicious person right now. Even this unknown person said the right things, nobody will just believe and follow it . Perhaps, they already knew it isn’t right but still have no choice so they have come this far.

So at the end, the both sides decide to follow suit while protecting their lord in the process. That’s why they are participating in this war.

Navirio-sama and Narellina-sam still didn’t take any action towards me. Perhaps the one who manipulating them didn’t take me into account. If Naminissa in my position, perhaps the two will commands the knights to kill her. I absolutely won’t allow it though.

The knights just paying attention to me, but that’s good enough for now. I won't let the fight between the knights occurs, I just need bring down the two before that happen.

[It seems the both sides doesn’t feels like opening me a way....] (Wazu)

The Knights pulled their swords and even took a stance. They seems to start getting angry with my one-sided protest

[Fu~.... then, there is no helping it] (Wazu)

I slowly concentrating on my power. Don’t let anyone die.... because Naminissa will be sad.... I have to hold back my power carefully but also have to be a little serious. I take a deep breath and declare it loudly so everyone at this place could hear.

[I will push through by force, ouuuuuuuuu!!!] (Wazu)

I bolted instantly with the declaration.

+ + + + +

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