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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chapter 55 - Cursed Tool

After coughing once, Leria-san continued the talk while looking at us with a serious expression.

[The main cause of Naminissa’s elder brother and elder sister turned strange is........ a cursed tool] (Leria)

[Cursed tool?] (Naminissa)

[Yes, your brother’s cursed tool is called “Immature Puppet” and your sister’s cursed tool is called “Banquets Of Berserker”] (Lerai)

[What kinds of cursed tools is that?] (Naminissa)

According to Leria-san’s explanation, Immature Puppet is a dangerous cursed tool that designated for destruction in the form of a bracelet. First of all, the bracelet will absorb your magical power. It’s possible to manipulate the person since the beginning but the effects is instantaneous, just as the name suggested it’s immature. That’s an explanatory statement that has been circulating around the world, in fact there was further effect of this cursed tool. If someone use it for a long time the manipulation effect will also becomes longer and stronger. It seems Naminissa’s older brother has been wearing the bracelet for quite a while....

Banquets Of Berserker is also a cursed tool that designated for destruction in the form of a necklace. The effect is to eliminate a reason of the wearer, as the name implies it makes people go berserk. One more reason why it’s said to be designated for destruction, it seems this tool can be triggered any time with the magical power of the registrant. It is up to the registrant to decide how far the reason will be lost.

Probably the cursed tools is used to manipulate Navirio-sama to fight with her sister Narellina-sama who lost her reasoning. It seems with a little bit of luck, the mastermind is aiming for the two of them to fall together. I thought so too. Naminissa seems to have accepted this fact with a sad face.

[It’s certainly a dangerous curse, but it was also easy to repell. If you remove the cursed tools from them, its curse will also disappear] (Leria)

[In other words, we just need to approach my older brother and sister to take off the cursed tools?] (Naminissa)

[Yeah, they will return to normal] (Leria)

[I see] (Naminissa)

I saw a powerful light of hope returned to Naminissas’s eyes. Either destroying or removing.... it’s job for me to settle it with a brute force.... I sincerely want to become Naminissa’s power at time like this.

[By the way, the source of the information about that curse.... actually I have called him. I wonder if he has arrived?]

[ [ [ ? ] ] ]

When we have a puzzled looks, a knock sound was heard from the door.

[It seem he has arrived

You may enter!] (Leria)

[Excuse me]

The door opened after a humble voice is heard. Appeared from there is a man with a timid-look and red hair who looks nervous. However, I can tell he is an aristocrat from his good-looking outfit.

[Denoga-sama..........] (Naminissa)

[He-Hello Naminissa-sama] (Denoga)

Oh? Is he Naminissa’s acquaintance? I mean, I think I have heard the Denoga name before.... that’s right, fiance!! Denoga is the name of Naminissa’s fiance.... that’s right, Naminissa has a fiance.... she is from the royal family.... the love with status difference is just a dream within a dream....

[I never thought the information would come from Denoga-sama] (Naminissa)

[I-It was just a coincidence.... fr-from father.... he ga-gave me a book about cu-curse tools before.... th-then I saw Navirio-sama and Narellina-sama.... we-wearing a cursed tool.... as your fi-fiance.... I wa-want to help you....] (Denoga)

[I see...... thanks for your cooperation] (Naminissa)


Eh? That? No No No.... Eh? Eeeh? It can’t be.... It must be a lie?

I covering my field of vision with my hands in hurry. I can see a floating smile of Naminissa just like from before in the back of my mind. I also can see her face is blushing for a moment. I’m glad I didn’t see it directly with my own eyes. 

(TL : There he go again with his delusion..... )

[Ho-However, it may become a little rough after this....] (Denoga)

But.... Naminissa has a fiance.... my love was already over huh.... it’s finished.... it didn't even have a chance to start.... but.... I will keep this feeling in the back my heart.... I still have to give my best to help her brother and sister....

[Because Doneoga-sama doesn’t possess an ability to fight, please leave to rest to us. I really appreciated the information] (Naminissa)

[Ye-Yeah, I glad could be helped] (Denoga)

I removed my hands from my face.... Huh? Since when the talk is finished? That reminds me, this man is Naminissa’s fiance. But I wonder why? from my point of view, Naminissa looks like wearing a mask on her face when she talk with him....................

On the second thought, I couldn’t accept it~!!!

I hate him!! I don’t think I could get along with him!! Let me be honest.... I’m so envious of Naminissa’s fiancé~~!!!!!!


I hear a sound of someone running in a hurry from outside the room. After that sound stopped in front of this room, the door opens with a loud knocking sound.

[Please excuse me] (Floyd)

[Fuhi~ pl-please excuse me] (Kumia)

It was Floyd and Kumia who came in. Floyd's condition is just as usual but Kumia is all sweaty.

[Huu~....  Huu~.... Floyd-san, after running with that speed.... why there is not even a single sweat on you.... Huu~.... Huu~....] (Kumia)

[Because I am a butler] (Floyd)

[Please don’t always use that words as an excuse....!!] (Kumia)

I wonder why.... I knew that these two people would always behave like this for some reason.

[You two, what happened?] (Naminissa)

Naminissa asked these two.

[Naminissa-sama, it seems that we are a bit late. The two sides are leading 1000 knights to the Bondo plains right now. Probably, that place would be a battlefield] (Floyd)

[Understood.... we are heading there right now] (Naminissa)

We started to move in a hurry on those words. Lerai-san asked guild staffs to prepare horses. I with Meru on the top of my head, Orlando, Naminissa, Floyd, Kumia-san, will going to the Bondo plains ahead.

Bondo plains is half a day distance on foot, it should be in time if we hurry. We parted with Naminissa’s fiancé, Denoga at the guild. Leria-san is going to announce an urgent request for Adventurers inside the guild as a reinforcement. She told us will catch up later.

Then we arrived at the Bondo plains. The Knights who had formed a formation were glaring at each other.

+ + + + +

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