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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chapter 54 - Naminissa's Smile

The worst scene in my life is spreading in front of my eyes. The harem party members which traveled together with Hero-sama. They are Aria, Sarona-san, Tata-san, even Naminissa is present. They are having fun chatting together while sometimes exchange a kiss with Hero-sama.  I’m watching while crying to see everyone has a happy faces-----


I regained my consciousness and slowly opened my eyes. I confirm my situation, apparently they have been laid me down on the sofa. I look around the surrounding while still in a sleeping position. Since furniture and everything look the same as before, I could guess that I was still inside the guild master’s room. I slowly change my body to a sit position, it seems my strength has returned to my body and I wasn't trembling anymore.  I just noticed that Orlando was sitting on the other side of sofa. He talked to me while smiling a little.

[You looks fine....... that’s good] (Orlando)

[Sorry........ how long I have been unconscious?] (Wazu)

[Let’s see....... around 3 hours, I guess] (Orlando)

[I see....... huh?] (Wazu)

I look around the room but there was only Orlando here.

[Where is Naminissa and Leria-san? Meru was also not here] (Wazu)

[Ah, they are taking a bath. Leria-sama dragged Naminissa-sama because she insisted to stay here because worried about you. Since she just came back after a long journey so as expected she needs one. Meru just got taken as well] (Orlando)

[....... I see] (Wazu)

Leria-san is amazing, she could take Meru from me.

The door opens as Naminissa came in. I waved my hand to express that my condition was fine. I caught Naminissa who suddenly come plunging to me, wa-wait!?

[Your finally awake!! What happened, I was really worried about you!!] (Naminissa)

[Ah, sorry. It seems I have caused trouble] (Wazu)

She embraced me~! Stop it~! Please release me~!! My heart couldn’t stand it~!! So-Somehow she smells so good~!!!

There is peculiar smell of someone after taking a bath. Especially her hair smells really nice. When I look at her hair carefully, it was glossy and beautiful red hair. Her a little wet hair increased its shines. The fragrance from her soft body and her glossy hair deprived my consciousness to embrace her. Then meru appeared from the door and jumped to my face.

[Kyuii~!! Kyuii~!!] (Meru)

[Mmm.... Mmm....] (Wazu)

I couldn’t speak well because Meru was clung to my face tightly. I was also unable to move my body because of Naminissa embraced me. I just remained as is for a while until they calmed down. Meru was also smells good. I hear Leria-san’s voice but couldn’t see her because Meru blocked my face.

[Oh dear, it seems nothing was serious since you have finally got up. Just accept their concern for now because you made them worried] (Leria)

I am accepting it. However I’m at loss here. I need help by all means....

[Look, it’s about time you let him go. We can’t continue our talk this way] (Leria)

Meru moves over to my head and Leria-san pulls Naminissa who still clung to me. For a moment I thought that Namnissa showed a reluctant face, it’s just my imagination I guess. Naminissa sat next to me while Orlando and Leria-san sit in the other side of table. Leri-san’s hair also looks shiner than before.

[Fu~.... so, what was that all about? ..... did something happened between you and Hero?] (Leria)


[No...... well..... that’s......] (Wazu)

I stopped and closed my eyes, I slowly tightened my hands and kept silent. The past memories come to me and make my chest hurt just like being stabbed continuously. I couldn’t shake it off from my mind no matter how hard I tried.... Yeah, I never getting over that thing....

There was a feeling that something touched my hand. When I open my eyes to make sure of it, Namnissa’s hands were put above my clenched hands. I slowly raised my head and saw Naminissa had a gently smile which wrapped the world.

[You don’t have to push yourself. There are things that people couldn’t say. I’d be happy if someday you can share me your story though, so I won’t force you to tell me now. So please stop putting a face which seems to break into tears at any moment, okay?] (Naminissa)

I see.... I’m making such a face right now.... Naminissa’s words is soothing my heart. I feel better to the extent able to make a faint smile.

[Thanks......] (Wazu)

I sent her words of gratitude.

[It was my bad. I didn’t think that it’s such a delicate topic] (Leria)

[This is the first time I saw Wazu make such a face~] (Orlando)

[Shut up!!] (Wazu)

These two said it with a light tone. That’s why I swearing the two of them. Even so,  I say my thanks to them for their kindness deep inside my heart.

[By the way Wazu-sama, don’t you think our hairs got more beautiful?] (Naminissa)

[Th-That’s right] (Wazu)

[Actually, This is because some imported items from a certain popular shop which opened at the Imperial Capital of Isuca Kingdom in the south two years ago, it seems to be called “Shampoo’ and “Conditioner”. It used when washing the hair. It’s amazing, right? it makes our hair to be so beautiful like this~] (Naminissa)

(TL : Transported person? Reincarnated person? Don't tell me it's Echigoya firm!! :D)

Hee~ I never heard such a store when I was living there.

[Moreover, the shop is sending many other amazing products one after another. The first thing surprised me was a seasoning called “Mayonaise”-----] (Naminissa)


[Naminissa, I understand you want to cheer up the mood, but is this fine for me to get into the main topic soon?] (Leria)

Leria-san stopped Naminissa who kept looming over me. Because my heart was beating in an alarming rate when Naminissa was near me, that’s a relief.

[That’s right. I’m was fine already so let’s listen to Leria-san’s story] (Wazu)

[I see, please forgive me] (Naminissa)

Naminissa bowed to Leria-san, after lifting her head, she has already put a serious face. While looking at such a profile of Naminissa, I thought --[She did it just for me, thank you so much]--

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