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Friday, December 16, 2016

Chapter 53 - Near Miss

My thoughts stopped the moment I heard her words from the other side of the door. Eee.... who is coming.... Hero-sama.... also.... his party.... in other words.... don’t.... tell.... me.... Ariaaaaaaaaa!!!! Awawawawawa!!!! Why they are here? My hands started to tremble....

[It can’t be helped. Naminissa, I will tell you about the details later.

Fine, bring them here!!] (Leria)

[Understood] (Sarah)

Following Leria-san’s consent, I could hear the sound of Sarah-san the receptionist running in the corridor in hurry.

Huh? You are going to see them? In this room? Da-Dangerous wh-wh-what should I do....

[How about Naminissa and companions? Should I take you to another room? It seems their business won’t take a long time though] (Leria)

Th-That’s it!!! Le-Let’s do so!!!

[No, I don’t mind. It seems to be an important matter for Hero-sama to intentionally come to see Leria-sama. I’d like to remains here unless I will be a bother for them] (Naminissa)

[We will also stays as Naminissa-sama’s attendants] (Orlando)

[All right. Well, if it doesn’t seems to work I will prepare a room for you guys to wait in the meantime] (Leria)

Why is it!?! Let’s move right away!!! Aaaa~~~!!! This is the end!!!

When I held my head restlessly, everyone noticed and looked at me with a strange face. It’s impossible for me to calm down now. I couldn’t let this to continue, should I go to another room alone?

Before I could ask Leria-san, the sound of knocking door come at me mercilessly.

[It’s Sarah. I brought Hero-sama and his party] (Sarah)


I looked around the room in a hurry. I leave Meru to Naminissa and hide in the shadow of Leria-san’s work desk. Everyone looked at my sudden behavior absent-mindedly. Then Sarah-san called out again from the other side of a door.

[Umm? Guild master?] (Sarah)

[Ah....!! Sorry!! You may come in!!] (Leria)

[Please excuse me] (Sarah)

I heard the sound of a door opening. Because my body started to trembling, I hold it tightly. But still, it couldn’t be stopped. I closed my eyes while hoping this will end soon. I don’t want to hear anything so I covered my ears with my hands. But their conversation still reaches my ears.

[You have come. Well, sit down please] (Leria)

[Excuse me..... Naminissa-sama, it has been a long time] (Luther)

[Yes, southern hero, Luther-sama seems in good health. Aria-sama too, long time no see, but you looks a little haggard?] (Naminissa)

[You can tell, Naminissa-sama? Well, there were various things but for the time being I’m fine. Let’s leave it at thet for now] (Aria)

Gulp! Of course she is here.... uuu....

[That’s right. So, what is the reason you came to visit me?] (Leria)

[Before that, who is he? I’d like only trustworthy people to hear this] (Luther)

[He is Orlando. Currently he is my attendant, an apprentice knight. There is no problem] (Naminissa)

[Understood. Sorry to doubted you] (Luther)

[No, it’s only natural because it’s the first time we meet. Don’t mind it and please raise your head] (Orlando)

[Thank you.... then let’s talk about the main issue. Actually, there is a person I want the guild to investigate it confidentially] (Luther)

[Hou.... is this person really dangerous enough to make you ask me personally?] (Leria)

[.... it may be so, depending on a situation] (Luther)

[Hmm? what an ambiguous answer] (Leria)

[After our victory celebration for the defeat of Demon King, we traveling around the world because there were a lot of dangerous curse tools and large-scale occurrence of monsters in many places. However, there is always a story of sighting a certain person in the place such a thing happened] (Luther)

[Hou~] (Leria)

[I don’t know its face because of the hood. But it said a merchant who wore all black clothes, that’s all we knows] (Luther)

[I see.... in other words you want the guild’s cooperation to find this merchant in question?] (Leria)

[Yeah, could you help?] (Luther)

[No problem.... I can’t let a person who might be dangerous running free. The guild will look for that merchant] (Leria)

[Thank you very much] (Luther)

[Where I can send the results of the investigation?] (Leria)

[We will be heading to the south and take a break, to be precise to Aria hometown in the Imperial Capital of Isuca Kingdom. You can send the reports to the guild over there] (Luther)

[Understood. Well, do expect good news from me] (Leria)

[That’s fine. We still couldn’t decided whether the merchant is really dangerous. Well then, it’s about time we take our leave] (Luther)

Great, please leave at once. My body is getting strange and kept trembling.... my limbs already lost all its power....

[I hope we can see each other again in a good health] (Naminissa)

[Yes, please take care of yourself] (Luther)

[See you again, Aria. I hope we could talk leisurely next time] (Naminissa)

[Yeah that’s right.... Umm Leria-san....] (Aria)

[Hmm? what’s wrong Aria?] (Leria)

[Actually.......... no, it’s nothing. Thinking about it carefully, it would be impossible for him to become an Adventurer.......... see you again, Naminissa. We will talk leisurely next time, it’s a promise okay?] (Aria)

(TL : He is inside this room though :D)

[Yes, I’m looking forward to it] (Naminissa)

*batan* TL: door closed sfx

[They already went out~] (Leria)

On Leria-san’s voice, I take a big deep breath. I just realized I had forgotten to breath until a little while ago. I collapses on the spot and my consciousness slowly left me.

+ + + + +

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