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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chapter 52 - Let’s Meet The Cooperator

Thanks to Naminissa we could quickly enter the imperial capital. Inside the city, we split into two group just as we had decided in advance. I, Meru, Orlando, and Naminissa headed to meet her cooperator after sending off Floyd and Kumia-san who headed to the castle. On the way, I got an explanation about the imperial capital from Naminissa.

Imperial capital of Mabondo kingdom is the most prosperous city in the eastern continent. It's a place where the royal family lives. The city is divided by three area, the widest one is the peripheral area where I'm walking right now, is an area where people of commoner class live. Large shops, Adventurer guild headquarter, etc. various commercial facilities are scattered around to support the people who living in this city.

Separated by the wall, inside the outer circumference section, is the noble ward. This is area for aristocrats to live as the name suggested. Likewise, there was also a wall which separated the inner area. This is an area of the imperial palace.

In addition, this Imperial Capital is one of the bases for import and export activities that are spread through the continent. Various products are gathered and developed in this city.

It seems that the Imperial Capital underwent a rapid development since King Givrio Mabondo took the throne. That alone showed his high ability as the king. He is a wonderful person....

But Naminissa --[He is a wonderful king indeed]-- she said with a bitter smile. --[You won’t understand unless you see him directly, but he isn’t like a king that much]-- she added. Well, I don’t think that I would have an opportunity to meet him though....

It seems we have reached the place in question. The place which Naminissa addressed is the Adventurer guild headquarter. It’s three times bigger than the guild building in Linnic city. Oh? Come to think of it, I also have a business here.... well, let's see if there is an opportunity while I am here..

We entering the guild and Naminissa headed to the receptionist right away. I was surprised to see how many people are inside. It seems it's the same everywhere, there was a bulletin board to post available requests. 

There was also a place where you can take a light meal and everything is larger than the one in Linnic city. Adventurers who are in this place also have various people, ranging from rookies to veterans, the number of people is countless. I’m getting nervous to see there are various people who are dreaming to become an Adventurer.

From an old man with a scar on his face or Onee-san with an erotic equipment..... when I focused my eyes on her, suddenly my ear was pulled. Ouch!!

[Okay that’s enough, Wazu-sama let’s get going] (Naminissa)

Ouch, it hurts!! Naminissa who has come back from the receptionist pulled my ear. Why she looks so angry? Orlando!! What are you looking at!! Please help!!

I went straight to the back of the reception room while my ear being pulled.

In front of my eyes, there is a name plate which indicating what this room is. There was written “Guild Master Room”. Opss, is her cooperator the top person of this adventurer guild headquarter? I remember Regan’s words to meet his elder sister who is the Guild Master here. He also gave me some badge to show her.

I asked Meru to take out the badge that I stored inside her Space-Time magic. I hold in my hand so I can show it anytime. Naminissa finally released my ear in front of the door. --[You deserved it]-- she said. What is it? that’s what I want to say, but because Naminissa entered the room after knocking, Orlando and I followed suit.

The guild master room has been beautifully arranged so that it looks like the finest room of a high-class inn, there was also an expensive-looking sofa and table placed. In the end of a room there was a work desk where documents were put. Over there was a woman pushing a stamp on some document.

My first impression of her is “Onee-san”. Long slit eyes with glasses, a small mole around her mouth increased her feminine charm, golden hair that's beautifully tied, emphasized her fine features further. It’s completely different from the image of Regan’s elder sister in my mind.

The woman smiled gently when she noticed Naminissa. Then, she stood up and approached Naminissa. 

Black leather pants and shoes with heels look good on her. I can see she has a slender body from above her clothes. She spreads her arms while approaching Naminissa, and hugs her.

[I’m glad you are safe. I was worried because I couldn’t contacts you]

[I’m all right as you can see] (Naminissa)

She hugged Naminissa while confirming her safety. Then she releases Naminissa and turn her eyes towards Orlando and I.

[So, who are these guys? I've never see their face before, are they your new attendants?]

[No, they are new collaborators. They helped me when I was being attacked by some unidentified group] (Naminissa)

[Hee~ so they are strong regardless of their appearance huh. If it’s someone who has saved Naminissa, I have to introduced myself. I think you could understand because I was in this place. I’m the master of this guild headquarter, Leria] (Leria)

She said so and reach out her hand. Orlando and I shook her hand and introducing ourselves. In the middle of that I show her my guild card and the badge from Regan.

[You got the badge but still F-rank? That idiot brother, he wasn’t doing his job as a guild master properly. I will punish him next time we meet. I guarantee that your guild rank will be judged properly by me later] (Leria)

I appreciate it. I will not be able to get on with F-rank forever. I want to become B-rank at least.

[Is there any punishment you desired for my stupid brother?] (Lerai)

I wondering a moment about Lerai-san’s question and tell her what's come to my mind.

[Regan always shaved his head but didn’t like it when kids from the neighborhood call him bald. So make him true bald] (Wazu)

Leria-san laugh a bit to hear my answer.

[Oh, I like you. OK!! Leave it to me!!] (Leria)

Because she gave me a thumbs-up I answered it with a thumbs-up. Lerai-san says --[Well then~]-- while lightly hitting her hands, she turn towards Naminissa.

[Naminissa, I have found out the cause of your elder brother and elder sister turned hostile each other] (Leria)

[Really!? What on earth---] (Naminissa)


Naminissa words got interrupted by a knocking door of this room. A woman called out from the other side of door. I was solidfied to hear the contents.

[I’m Sarah from reception desk. Some people are seeking an audience with the guild master.... umm.... it’s southern Hero and his party. What shall we do?] (Sarah)

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