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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chapter 50 - Let's Charging

Late at night, we secretly entered Maima village so we wouldn't be seen by anyone. The place that Naminissa indicated is a run-down shop located in the outskirt of village. It doesn't seem possible to approach it while hiding because the place is illuminated by moonlight and there was nothing in the surroundings.

Currently, we are hiding behind the shadow of wooden house closest to the run-down shop while observing the situation.

[There are guards] (Orlando)

Just as Orlando said, there is one person in front of the door of the run-down shop and two other people walking around the surrounding. Everyone were equipped with a sword and red shield respectively.

Orlando who was completely hiding in the shadow of the wooden house asking Naminissa after he finished checking the situation.

[At the time Naminissa-sama went to help, how many person were there?] (Orlando)

[Let's see.... it seems there were ten people, and three people has been defeated by Wazu-sama] (Naminissa)

[Seven people left. Since there are three people acting as guards, there are four people inside the building.... however, there is a possibility they have received reinforcements, it would be better to think there are more people inside....] (Orlando)

Oi, why after the conversation was over, you two are looking at me? Don't give me those sparkling eyes as if expecting something from me!! Okay, Okay, I understand.... you want me to go right.... sigh....

[I will go alone, but I don't know what will happen. Orlando, can you protect Naminissa properly?] (Wazu)

[Yeah.... sorry, I'm confident if it's a one-on-one fight, but I don't know if there are a lot opponets, so I'm afraid will be a burden to you] (Orlando)

[Don't worry, you can still become stronger so just leave it to me now, I'm going then!!] (Wazu)

In a small voice Naminissa muttering --[Be careful....]-- while making a gesture like praying to something. Who are you praying to? Goddess-sama? Earth Goddees-sama?.... stop it please. I'm afraid they will really come out....

I got out from the shadow of the house and walked slowly towards the run-down shop. Why don't you wait somewhere, Meru? When I asked, she clung to my head rather strongly.

Are you worried about me? What a good girl~~~~~!!!

I'm approaching the run-down shop while stroking Meru. Three guards stands to block me from advancing. The man who was  in front of the door before, approached me while pointing his sword and talking with a strong tone.


The other men also pulled out their swords.

[You are not allowed to approach this place. Turn around and leave at once]

I ignoored his warning and continued to walk as it. The man turned his swords at me without trying to conceal his murderous intent. He struck me in an instant.

[I gave you a warning]

The sword come from overhead. Because I'm afraid it will hit Meru, I released my hand that was stroking Meru and unleashing a counter attack. The sword shattered and the man was blown off towards the wall and then disappeared inside the building through a broken wall .

I continued to walk. Instantly, I hit the two other men who were looking at the broken wall and send them fly together, following the man from before. I thought the first man will be lonely so I sent them in the same direction.

The door opened, three men different from the people from before tried to come out but I kicked them back inside a room. I went in while watching the men flying after destroying and passing through a wall to the other side. A young woman and a young man dressed in maid and butler outfits were tied up, two men directed their sword at them respectively. Opss, there was an extra person....

[Who the hell are you....]

A man pressing her sword towards the maid girl while asking me that. Hmm.... should I answer it? When I wondered about that, suddenly the other man collapsed. The buttler guy who was supposed to be tied up, broke free and dusting off his clothes.

[It seems help is coming.... well, I have listened what I needed to hear....]


The last guy got angry send a slash at the butler but it was avoided gracefully. It was impossible to imagine the sword would reached his figure. Even the movement of his clothes while avoiding an attack looks so natural. --[Ooh~]-- when I sent an applause and muttered so, the butler bowed elegantly despite in the midst of avoiding a sword.

It's really clear the difference of their ability. If he is that strong, why did he get caught? I wonder.... Oh, I remember what he said earlier, --[I have listened what I needed to hear....]-- in other words he got caught on purpose to collect information. Perhaps something like that....

While thinking so, the butler sent a glance at me. I wonder what he want?  .... and then I remember about the maid girls condition. She was trying to break free from the rope while strugling. It seems she need some help.
For the time being I approach her to undo the rope, she is an ally right?

[Wh-Who might you be?]

[Umm.... I came to help. I will undo the rope.... I will undo the rope right now.... I will undo the rope, okay?] (Wazu)

It seems she doesn't believe me and stareed at me suspiciously. After I took off the rope, I urge her to hide behind me. The butler nods with satisfaction. He avoided the sword with a flowing movement and struck the man's jaw to send him unconscious.

The butler approach me and bowed.

[I appreciate your help. From your appearance, I assume you are an Adventurer?]

[I'm F-rank Adventurer, Wazu. I came here in resnponse to a request from Naminissa.... was I needed?] (Wazu)

[Of course. It was very helpful, thank you very much]

Following the butler, the maid also bowed to me. After that, using the rope from before to tie up the men. We left the run-down shop to join with Orlando and Naminissa.

Naminissa left the tied up men in the run-down shop to the village chief care until a Knight from the kingdom comes. We headed to an inn in the village.

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