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Monday, December 12, 2016

Chapter 48 - Informal Request Is Premonition Of Trouble

Right now, in front of me there was a woman who called herself the second princess of Mabondo Kingdom. Huh? No, No, No, it can't be.... are you serious?

I cast a quizzical eye towards the ring on my left hand. The woman who named herself as Naminissa noticed and changes her gentle smile to a startled expression. Then she suddenly grabs my left hand and stared intensely.

Eh? What is this? What's wrong? I w-w-won't get excited just because a beautiful woman holds my hand, you know?

[This ring.... .... You!! How could you possesed this ring?] (Naminissa)

Ah, the ring. Yeah of course. I knew it. There is no way a beautiful woman would suddenly hold my hand without a reason.... I'm not crying.... I knew that much... sobs....

[This is.... when we subjugated the bandits, this ring was among the treasure that the bandits had amassed. I got this as a reward] (Wazu)

[Then, the original owner of this ring....] (Naminissa)

[Probably already....] (Wazu)

[.... is that so] (Nami)

Umm.... since I have told you about the situation, could you let go of my hand soon? My heart is getting funny here....

[The ring was originally given to a person who I sent to gather some information. The other ring is here, see~] (Nami)

Finally she released my hand. She showed me the same ring as the one I was currently wearing on my left index finger.

It was dangerous.... I thought my heart was going to go “boom”.

[But it was a good thing I didn't give up. Thanks to the ring I can be saved in this way. I'm really grateful to you] (Nami)

[No, please don't mind it, Naminissa-sama] (Wazu)

[I don't mind if you call me Naminissa, just speak to me casually] (Naminissa)

[Un-Understood] (Wazu)

She grabs my hand again~!! Stop it please~!! Because it feels like my heart is going to explode, I'd like you to stop it please~!!

She immediately released my hand this time. When I started to regain my breath, Naminissa turned towards Orlando.

[I also gave that sword with the ring] (Naminissa)

[Is that so.... should I give it back?] (Orlando)

[No, please use as it is. Because the sword has been blessed with a spirit of the wind, if you use it, your AGL status value will rise] (Naminissa)

[I see, so that's why my body feels lighter when I use this sword] (Orlando)

Good for you, Orlando. You finally understood about the sword's effects. But I just noticed something, even though she referred to me using “anata”, why did she refer to Orlanso using “anata-sama”. Ughh, there is also a disparity here....

(TL note : It's a little tricky here, anata = you and “-sama” is added to refer someone with higher status or someone respected).

[Ah, sorry for the late introduction Naminissa-sama, my name is Orlando and he is Wazu] (Orlando)

Orlando introduced me without permission. Moreover, Naminissa muttered my name so many times.... is that difficult for her to remember my name? Umm, I going to cry....

[So, are you two Adventurers?] (Naminissa)

[He is an Adventurer but I am not. We are heading to the imperial capital because I want to become a Knight, he's just accompanying me on this journey as a friend] (Orlando)

[I see....] (Naminissa)

Somehow their talk kept advancing without me.... Huh? Did you forget about me? I am unneccessary here? 

I stroking Meru since I have nothing to do. Naminisa turns towards me with a serious face.

[Then, Wazu-sama. Though this is unofficial, but would you please accept my request?] (Naminissa)

[Well.... what kind of request is that?] (Wazu)

[I have an older brother and a twin sister, I would like you to cooperate with me to help those two. I have a little favor to ask right now] (Naminissa)

[What's exactly a "favor" you are talking about?] (Wazu)

[I will tell the details if you accept this request. I'd like to take measures to prevent the involvement of an outsider as much as possible] (Naminissa)

Well... it smells like a dispute.... what to do.... it would be nice if I could solve it by force, I don't understand something political.... actually what she need right now is military power but why is she asking an Adventurer for help.... but still....

I took a glance at Orlando and answered Naminissa.

[I have a condition. Just as Orlando said earlier, he dreams of becoming a Knight. Because it would be impossible for him to suddenly become a Knight, could you give him a chance to act as your knight at least?] (Wazu)

[Oi, Wazu!] (Orlando)

[I don't mind. Originally I was thinking to present that kind of reward for your cooperation later] (Naminissa)

[Naminissa-sama.... thank you very much. This unworthly Orlando shall serve you to the fullest] (Orlando)

[Thank you Orlando-sama] (Naminissa)

I see. There would be a reward because it was originally a request to an Adventurer, and she's planning to make Orlando a knight for his cooperation. I'm glad if I can be of help for Orlando....

[Good, I don't have any condition in particular for myself. All right, I will accept the request] (Wazu)

On my answer, Naminissa make a happy face.

[Well then, the reward for Orlando-sama is the chance to become a knight, and for Wazu-sama is “me” that's all] (Naminissa)

[Understood, Naminissa-sama....] (Orlando)

[ ..... ] (Wazu)

Eh? There was something strange from her words earlier, right? No, I was sure she just said my reward is “me”!! Huh? Is that normal? Why is Orlando say nothing? Eh....? Perhaps, I heard it wrong? 

That's right. If you think about it normally, there is no way she would offers herself as a reward. I see, yeah of course. However, what was my reward again? Well, if Orlando can become a knight, as a friend I don't mind to help for free.

+ + + + +

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