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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chapter 47 – A Voice Which Reaches Through The Ring

Orlando and I slowly walked down the highway towards the next village. It seems we will need another five days on foot to reach the village, we advanced steadily while taking our time for training. Occasionally Orlando did sword practice to accustom himself with his new sword.

Apparently the blade part of his old sword got chipped here and there after the battle with the giant man and its lifespan almost reach the limit. No wonder since he used it to parry an axe of the giant man.

I watching Orlando cut a Goblin that appeared along the highway while stroking Meru. He came back while tilting his head.

[What's wrong?] (Wazu)

[No, it maybe just my imagination but my body feels lighter when I use this sword] (Orlando)

I can't tell by the look, but if Orlando who used the sword felt that way, it must be true. We won't get any where thinking about it so we begin to walk towards the next village again.

We are just one day distance on foot to the next village. While walking and chatting with Orlando, a strange noise reaches my ears.

[He..... p..... me.....]

Hmm? What now....? I check the surrounding but couldn't find anyone else other than us here. Orlando is looking at me with a strange look because of my sudden behavior. Meru is just sleeping without reaction. I thought it was just my imagination so I continue to walk just as is, but this time the voice is getting clearer.

[Can.... you.... hear.... me.... any.... one....]

Oh? I heard it. I look at the surroundings again but still couldn't find any human figure.... a ghost? as expected I won't be able to kick or punch it. While I was wondering about what to do, Orlando pointed at my hand.

[Could it be from the ring?] (Orlando)

[Oh?] (Wazu)

I see, I'm wearing a Ring of Order on my left index finger right now. Then, the woman's voice I heard was coming from the ring.

[Help me...............]


The moment she spoke that, a flame explosion rose from the direction of the forest ahead of us. Orlando and I look at each other and nods. We run towards the forest where the explosion from before occurred.

There were three men over there. Two people were holding a sword wearing red armor and red shiled. The other one who holding a cane wearing a red robe. I can't see their faces clearly because of their helmets and hood.

There was also a woman who confronted these three. She was covered by semicircular of slighly semitransparent light which seems to be a barrier while looking at the three men with a grieveous expression. Although she wore monastic clothes, it's enough for me to understand that she has voluptuous breasts from the top of the clothes because of her slim body shape.

Although she had  a grieveous expression right now, I can imagine her gentle smile that soothed everyone's heart. However the most eye-catching part is her red eyes. It has the same color as her hair that was tied in small braids to her back. Somehow, I can't take my eyes off from her.

Right now I was standing between a woman and three men, alone. Orlando and Meru were hiding somewhere in the bush. It can't be helped, because I ran too fast, I couldn't stop in time. Meru had flown away as soon as she understood I couldn't stop running. That traitor Dragon....

I told Orlando to not come out with a gesture. I don't know what the situation is going to be so I don't want to give unnecessary stimulation.

Because I stood still in front of them without uttering any words, the men with swords attack me without a second thought. I avoided their swords with plenty of time to spare.

Their swords come towards me in unison. I think their attack had a similar style, so to speak. Good armor and good shield, they wore the same equipment, I can tell they are a members of the same group that belongs to somewhere.

I tried not to think about it as much as possible but.... they looked like Knights, hmm? Could it be they are a good men and the woman inside the barrier was an evil? But.... they are seriously tried to kill me.... I can feel bloodthirst coming from the swords that were aiming at me.... I took a glance at the women, she was looking at me with a pale face as if worried about me. It's clear who is a bad person here.... sigh.... it can't be helped.

I avoided their swords with paper thin distance and while at it I struck them one by one to make them unconscious in rapid succession. I approaches the wizard who was surprised because the two fell down in the blink of an eye. I  was also made him unconscious in one strike as not to give him a chance to use magic.

Fuu~.... because I'm not killing them, for the time being I won't get into a trouble, right? But I don't know if it will become a trouble later?

[Did you kill them?] (Orlando)

[No, I just made them unconscious] (Wazu)

Orlando came out from the bushes and asked me. Meru had jumped to my head again. Or rather, do you think anyone will die if I hit them? What do you think about me.... well, I could though.... sigh....

The woman who was supposed to be inside a barrier had approach us with a relived expression. In the distance of several steps from us she suddenly lowered her head.

[Thank you very much for your help. Right now, I can't give you anything in return except this words of gratitude]
When she raised her head, she have a very gentle smile as I thought.

[I'm the second princess of the Mabondo kingdom, Naminissa Mabondo]

Oopss, it smells like a trouble....

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