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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chapter 46 - Ring And Sword

When I arriving at the village, the chief and some adventurers were waiting at the entrance of a village. I told them that Orlando was currently rescuing the other people and entrusted the cleaning up of the giant man's body to them. It seems the village chief has already sent a fast horse to Rinikku city to ask for reinforcement. I took the other bandits who were still alive to their companion in the village square.

The cheers are raised from the entrance of the village. It seems Orlando has come back with the people who were caught. I buried the bandits I brought in the same manner and walked towards the village's entrance to meet Orlando and Meru.

Orlando was applauded and surrounded by people in the village, words of appreciation come flying from everywhere. He received  a grand welcome while several women entwined their arm to him. I was looking at the scene from outside the circle.

Umm.... I was also working hard you know!!

Meru is patting my head with *peshi-peshi* as soon as she understood what I thought.

Uu, Meru is the only one who understands me!! This is the disparity due to our faces!!

Orlando who notices me being comforted by Meru waving his hand. The crowds finally realize my existence and come to say their thanks while hitting my back with *bashi-bashi*.

I was surrounded by men.... Orlando was surrounded by women...

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!! Even though I was stronger than him!!!!!!!!!!

After that, Orlando and I were invited to a celebration banquet that was held in the assembly hall. Several people insisted to invite me to drink some liquors but I refused it politely. I promised not to drink anymore.

There was a talk about treasures that the bandits had amassed so I asked Orlando. It seems we got the ownership because we defeated them and he ask me back about what to do. Not only treasures, there are also bandits who had a bounty on their heads and is seems to be a considerable amount. Orlando and I headed to a small room where the treasures were kept for confirmation.

Inside the room, we take out and line up the contents of a bag for confirmation. There are various items inside, swords, knives,  spears, axes, etc. Some of them are rusty but there was also beautiful jewelry inside the bag. Other than jewelry there are silver coins, gold coins, and several magic items that I don't know its function. We are slowly checking various items one by one. After a while I took a ring that peeked my interest.

[What is this ring?] (Wazu)

[Aah....] (Orlando)

I look at the ring on my palm. Although the shape is just like a normal ring, there is half shaped green gem embedded beautifully at the upper part of ring. I'm curious about a reason why is the gem half shaped....

[That's.... could it be “Ring of order”] (Orlando)

(TL : 番の指輪 = ban no yubiwa = ring of number/turn. It doesn't sounds right for me, do you have a better name?)

[Ring of order?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I have seen one a long time ago. It's said to be a defective magic item though. There was half shaped gem embedded like this so there is no doubt....]

[What kind of ring is this?] (Wazu)

According to Orlando's explanation this ring is made in pairs of two. The effect seems we could send and receive messages through the rings that has been registered to each other.

However, the reason why it's said to be a defective magic item is because the amount of magical power needed will change depending on the distance. Summary it consume enormous magical power so average wizards couldn't use it to send a message to far away place. Yup, it's a defective item. But it looks interesting.

[All right, it's decided!! I just need this ring. I don't need anything else so you can take the rest, Orlando] (Wazu)

I can't use it even if I got the weapon.

[Eh? Is that all?] (Orlando)

[Yeah, I don't have any particular problem with money, I don't need a weapon as well, I just need to kick or hit any opponent] (Wazu)

[Wait a moment. This is a defective item as I told a short while ago, also there is only one....] (Orlando)

[That gives me more reason. In other words, someone out there has the other ring, right? If I keep it, perhaps some message will come later. If that happens, I can return this ring to the rightful owner. It could be a memento of someone....] (Wazu)

[I see....] (Orlando)

Orlando nods to my story. He pondered on something while looking at the treasure in front of him. What's wrong? Everything is yours.

[All right, I will take this sword and several gold coins.] (Orlando)

That said, he took a sword with wings-like ornament and several gold coins.

[....Eh? Is that okay?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I will give the rest to people of this village. They are the people who suffered damage here] (Orlando)

Ugh!! I never thought about it. Is this the difference between us? Is this the mindset of a man who aspiring to be a knight? You are dazzling, Orlando.

After telling the village chief that we will give the remaining treasure to everyone, the banquet become more rousing. We stayed overnight at the village and on the next day, while being thanked by everyone we departing from the village.

In the future, those who committed crime in this village will be buried alive at the center of village while leaving only their head outside. On their side, a signboard that state their crime will be put. This punishment is made to humiliating a criminal. Later the village chief said –[When I saw it for the first time, I thought “This is it!!!”]-- However, it seems nobody could remember anymore who is the first person who did it.

+ + + + +

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