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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chapter 51 - A Butler Who Can Do Anything And A Strange Maid

We have arrived at the inn but we could only reserved 2 rooms because there were no other room left. Normally, we would distribute one room for men and one room for women. However when deciding on a room, for some reason the butler guy proposed to put me in the same room as Naminissa.

Naminissa got angry while the maid girl's face turned deep red while imagining she will sleep in the same room as Orlando. Though the butler guy was scolded, I wonder why he was smiling pleasantly?

The butler guy said to me that I should act more aggressively but I don't understand what I should be aggressive with. Now we are all gathered in a room to talk about the future.

Inside a room, with Orlando beside me, we sat face-to-face with Naminissa while being separated by a table. The Butler guy and maid girl are standing behind Naminissa. Meru is on her usual designated seat, my head.

[First of all, I'd like to introduce my two attendants] (Naminisssa)

[Certainly. My name is Floyd, 18 years old. I'm serving as the personal butler of second princess Naminissa-sama. Please call me Floyd freely] (Floyd)

Taking one step forward, Naminissa's butler, Floyd, bowed graciously. He was smiling, or rather he was always putting on a thin smile on his face all the time. He doesn't looks like an 18 years old, with blueish black hair he looks so perfect in butler clothes. As Naminissa's butler, his movement and behavior also looks excellent. And from the previous battle, I can tell he possessing some combat skill.

[Umm... well... my na-name is Kumia. I am the personal maid of Naminissa-sama. Ni-Nice to meet suu~] (Kumia)

She bit her tongue and then her face turn red, it seems she feels embarassed. Kumia has big eyes and a childish characteristic which roused a people's desire to protect her. Her body is small, her height maybe just around my chest. Curly golden hair that looks fluffy, stretched to her back. Maid clothes with a knee length skirt suits her so well.

Her chests is.... it was unbalanced enough that seems about to burst out from her clothes. I was surprised to see breasts that are  bigger than Naminissas. Did she noticed my line of sigh? She turned her face down with a red face.

Then, I was glared by Naminissa with a terrific pressure. Immediately, I turned my eyes to the day after tomorrow. That was scary....

After that, Orlando and I introduced ourselves respectively to Floyd and Kumia-san. We are going to discuss about what to do from here on, I wait for Floyd open the discussion.

[I'm sorry to interrupt the talk, but there is still one more person who hasn't introduced herself] (Floyd)

[One more person?] (Wazu)

Only I, Orlando, Naminissa, Floyd, Kumia-san, are inside the room.... I couldn't find anyone else here.

Kumia suddenly lowered her head, not long she raised her head while scooping up her hair that got in the way.

[Tch, don't speak without permission!!] (?????)

[I'm sorry, but since we are going work together for a while in the future, I thought is better if they know about you early time] (Floyd)

[Yeah, Yeah, I know it already!!] (?????)

[ [Eeeh......?] ] (Wazu / Orlando)

Who is this person? Though it's Kumia-san who spoke, but her eyes turned vicious. Her sheepish behavior from before also changed to a dignified one. Orlando and I are at a loss for words to see Kumia-san changed so much. On the other hand, Naminissa is smiling and makes a small giggle while looking at our face.

[Most people will be surprised just like Wazu-sama and Orlando-sama] (Naminissa)

[Don't got surprised for every small things!! Shows your balls if you are a man!!] (?????)

Oh..... her speech is turn vulgar.

[She is Kumua. It's so called a double personality so to speak. Although her main personality is Kumia, occasionally Kumua come out like this, so please take care of her together. Also, it seems their memory is shared] (Naminissa)

[Nice to meet 'ya~] (Kumua)

Oi, even though her master Naminissa lowered her head when she intoduced her, why is this maid only waving her hand casually, Is that fine? However, nobody cares and the talk continued as usual.

[Well then, about what we are going to do after this, first of all we will be going to imperial capital to meet my collaborator. Wazu-sama, Orlando-sama, the three of us. Floyd and Kumua go to the castle and look for information about the current status of elder brother and elder sister. It might be too late by the time we arrive at the imperial capital, but I'm counting on you] (Naminissa)

[All right] (Wazu)

[Understood] (Orlando)

[Certainly] (Floyd)

['kay, then let's sleep! Hurry up!] (Kumua)

Scary.... this maid is scary.... she answered a member of the royal family with such lightly tone. Moreover she dragging Naminissa out of the room.

[See you again tomorrow. Good night Wazu-sama, Orlando-sama] (Naminissa)

We seen off Naminissa who bowed gracefully while being dragged out of the room.

[Well then, shall we sleep to prepare for tomorrow's journey] (Floyd)

Saying that, Floyd went to sleep on the sofa inside the room. He fell asleep not long after. Orlando and I also went to bed and slept.

The next day we departed early in the morning. We prepared for the journey quickly and headed to the imperial capital. It was Kumia when I got up, that's a relief. Nothing happened during the journey in particular. Seven days later, we arrived at the imperial capital safely.

+ + + + +

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