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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

1.11 Even The Gallant Knight Has Time When She Looks Cute

When I tried to leave Don Quijote, the cosplay corner came into my view. The lighting ran through my brain at that time.

[Perhaps I will get a status-up if I wear cosplay clothing inside the dungeon? No, No, No, as expected that’s a little.....] (Toru)

But it may be necessary to take a look just in case. It’s really just in case. In order to survive inside the dungeon, just being careful is not enough.

I saw Gothic Lolita costumes and Maid Uniform costumes. Many of them have a skirt with short length that can be said every part except the buttocks part area are laid bare.

Thinking about it, Lia probably wears a tracksuits directly without wearing underwear because it was wet.

There is a package of a Maid uniform with a picture of model with a rear-facing pose, looking back while winking as if telling --[Here, take a peek at my panties]--, and the price is surprisingly cheap!!

[Th-This one.... it's probably has some effects inside the dungeon....yeah!!] (Toru)

The models also quite cute. But she can’t be compared with Lia’s cuteness. If Lia wears the costume with the same pose.... moreover she wears no panties now. I am about to pick it up but suddenly feels dizzy.

Not good! Grandma is going to be sad!! what are you thinking Toru!? I am starting to beating myself.

[What an unscrupulous man, me. Trying to deceive a girl I just met to wear a shameless clothes....

But this? In this case.... perhaps I could use “this” as a substitute for Lia’s underwear instead?] (Toru)

I left Don Quijote and ran towards my apartment. School Swimsuit & Gym Clothes (Bloomer) Set and a jersey for my pajamas were included in the groceries. I came back to my apartment but Lia wasn’t inside the Japanese-style room anymore.

[Huh? I’m home~] (Toru)

[Welcome back~] (Lia)

It seem Lia is inside the washroom. I threw the School Swimsuit & Gym Clothes (Bloomer) Set inside the closet where I stored my Thin Book collection and headed there.

[Lia? what are you doing?] (Toru)

[Doing laundry] (Lia)

Lia was washing her underwear inside the tub.

[You are a person from a medieval era indeed....] (Toru)

[Huh? Did you say something?] (Lia)

[No, it’s nothing. What did you use?] (Toru)

[I’m used a soap for body, was that bad?] (Lia)

Body soap? I guess it’s not a problem.

[Actually there are artifacts for laundry and soap for clothes too] (Toru)

[I-Is that so? Please forgive me! But I have finished....] (Lia)

[Don’t mind it] (Toru)

When I said so, Lia took out the panties and bra from the tub and then squeezed it.

[Do you have something to hang these?] (Lia)

[There is. There is. I will bring it at once] (Toru)

I opened a corrugated cardboard box and take out some clothespins and hangers. When I returned to the bathroom, Lia was still squeezing her underwear.

[Eh?] (Toru)

[Is there something wrong?] (Lia)

Lia was squeezing underwear. The problem is.... it’s not a cute-type woman underwear but boxer-type man underwear.

[That is.... mine.....?] (Toru)

[Because there was something in the basket and I thought it was Toru-sama’s underwear, was it not supposed to be washed?] (Lia)

Even though she knew it was my underwear, she didn’t hesitate to wash it with her own hands. Though it may be commonplace for medieval people.

[No, I intended to wash it myself later. Thanks] (Toru)

[Yes~!] (Lia)

Leah smiles with a full smile.

I wanted to hit myself who bought School Swimsuit & Gym Clothes (Bloomer) Set with some ulterior motives while she was washing my underwear.

[Because I have no substitute underwear it’s a little embarrassing] (Lia)

Lia casted down her eyes shyly.

[I-It will dry tomorrow] (Toru)

Though I have something as substitute here. I wanted to beat myself who couldn’t take out the bloomer. Grandma is smiling at me with warm eyes inside my heart.

[By the way, do you have some leftover olive oil and some unused cloth?] (Lia)

[Eh? There is] (Toru)

[Is it true? Can I have it a little bit?] (Lia)

Of course I have olive oil because I often use it to cook. Not only a little bit, you can have as much as you need. As for the cloth, I could cut some torn-off T-shirt with scissor.

[Is this good?] (Toru)

[Thank you very much, I am saved] (Lia)

Lia moistens the cloth with olive oil. When I thought about what she was going to do, she started wiping her armor and other equipments. I see, rust prevention huh?

Lia puts a serious expression. Her smiling face is cute but serious face also beautiful and dignified. She really looks like a knight in this situation.

Well, I also have something to do. I leave Lia who is doing equipments maintenance and go to the Western-style room that has not been used much yet since I moved. I will make this room as a personal computer room and a bedroom.

[All right, let’s begin to assemble the bed frame] (Toru)

Recently, cheap furniture is often the type to be self-assembled. It is a type that also contains tools. Large pieces of the bed frame parts are placed inside the room.

[It's said that you should assemble it with two or more people] (Toru)

That’s why I tried to make Lia help out when she insisted she wanted to give something in return for the food. But she is currently in the middle of maintaining her equipments. I don’t want to bother her so I will try it by myself.

I work silently but I gradually became aware of the meaning about why it’s written to assemble with two people or more.

[I see, when connecting together the big parts, it’s difficult if there is no one else to support it] (Toru)

It’s stood up against the wall. It seems possible for even one person to assembling a PC desk.

[Huh? Why do I have to struggling alone here?] (Toru)

Lia is going to help me later after all. Of course the bed frame doesn’t looks like some kind of artifacts at all. However, it seems she will be surprised with the mattress itself.


[Wow this is amazing. There is moderate of boing-boing and elasticity feeling that's better than feathers! Is this bed an artifacts?] (Lia)

We can see an elastic mattress as soon as I opened the vinyl package that wrapped it. It’s ready to use for sleeping after I put a bed cover on it.

[It’s finished. I’m already tired today so let’s take a rest. Lia can use the bed for sleep] (Toru)

[Eh? I sleep here? How about Toru-sama?] (Lia)

[I will sleep on the Tatami mats] (Toru)

[Th-That’s.... You can’t!] (Lia)

[But, I only have one bed] (Toru)

[I will sleep on the Tatami mats! I love Tatami mats!] (Lia)

[No, Lia must be very tired so it’s better for you to sleep on the bed] (Toru)

I kept insisting but in the end I had lost the debate. I’m going to sleep on the bed inside the Western-style room and Lia is going to sleep on the Tatami mats inside the Japanese-style room. We brush our teeth together for preparation before sleep.

There is a blanket and towel. I decided to hand the blanket to Lia and took the towel for myself. It’s still warm in this season so I will be fine. I put a pillow and a blanket inside the Japanese-style room.

[I will turn off the light artifacts] (Toru)

When I tried to turn off the switch of fluorescent light, Lia uttered a small cry.

[Eh!] (Lia)

[What’s wrong?] (Toru)

Lia looks a little restless for some reason.

[No, that’s....... good night] (Lia)

[Yeah, good night] (Toru)

I turned off the light inside the Japanese-style room while wondering about what was that all about. I headed to the western-style for sleep on the new bed we just made.

I thought that I could sleep as soon as I turned out the light but I was too excited. Yeah of course. Since the first day after I moved out, I experienced some great adventurer because of this apartment.

[I’m a little sleepy but still couldn’t sleep. I wonder if it’s because I passed my pillow to Lia] (Toru)

[Umm.... would you like to use the pillow] (Lia)

I heard a voice inside this almost pitch-black room. I was surprised and looked back at the direction where the voice came. A feminine silhouette is visible within a little light that come from outside the window.

[Oh Lia, what happened?] (Toru)

[Pillow.... would you use it? I don’t need it] (Lia)

Lia handed the pillow and I received it. I accidentally grabbed Lia’s hand in the process because it was dark. Her hands are trembling.

[Oh!!] (Toru)

[.......] (Lia)

At that time I just realized it that I was only watching her side as a gallant knight until now.

It’s about her story form before. Inside the dark dungeon where monsters could attacked anytime, she couldn’t move her body because of poison and she was also alone in fear at that. Because of that experience, it seems she is still being conscious about a dark place.

[You know, Lia. Because this artifacts bed mattress is really comfortable, would you try to sleep here? No, let’s sleep here together. Yeah that’s sounds good as expected] (Toru)

After a little delay, Lia’s silhouette made a small nod. It was a slightly extravagant queen-sized bed so there’s enough room for us to sleep apart. However, I sleep while holding Lia’s trembling hands.

Lia was still trembling a little at the beginning, but after she linked my arm around her neck, the trembling stopped.

[It’s warm.... I’m not scared anymore] (Lia)

[Yeah, that’s good] (Toru)

Lia touched my forehead with her forehead.

[Thank you Toru-sama] (Lia)

Even the gallant knight has time when she looks cute.

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