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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Chapter 45 - Hang In There!! Orlando!!

We headed towards a nearby forest following Orlando’s scent. As we get closer to the location Meru was pointed at, I can see Orlando had pulled out his sword in a slightly open place. He confronted around 10 bandits. The biggest guy among the bandits held a little girl as a hostage while pressing the blade of his axe at her neck.

It seems they were using a hostage to seal Orlando's movement. There is a cut on his left shoulder down to his back with a little blood flowing. Perhaps, he got attacked from behind by a bandit who went with him. For now, it's good that nothing serious happened to him. Orlando who noticed me, asked about the situation.

[Wazu!! What are you doing here?] (Orlando)

[What... I just came to check] (Wazu)

[Who are you bastard?]

[Ah! He was the idiot’s friend who stayed behind at the village]

One of the bandits called the big guy who held the litle girl as a boss, and explained about me. However, don’t call my friend an idiot or.... I’ll kill you.

[Fuu~.... so, you are the leader of  this Brother something right?] (Wazu)

[It’s Digondo Brothers!!]

[Bastard, you don’t know about this Digo-sama the leader of Digondo Brothers?] (Digo)

The surrounding bandits started ranting.

[Oh, I heard it earlier. The bandits who were in a village carefully told me that. Well, right now they were buried in the ground though] (Wazu)

[ [ [ ..?.. ] ] ]

The bandits looked at me as if didn’t understand what I was talking about. On the other side, Orlando had a bitter smile while imagining their situation. It was hard work you know? To bury all of them.

[I don't understand what you are talking about.... forget it, I can confirm it later. Neither of you don’t dare to move  hands or legs from where you stand] (Digo)

The big guy pressing his axe to the little girl. The little girl sheding tears but couldn’t scream or move because of fear. I call out to Orlando.

[Orlando, can you take care the big man? It’s all right, your power is enough. Just think about it as practice] (Wazu)

[.....All right!!] (Orlando)

[Bastard, if you dare to move even a little----] (Gado)

I disappeared from the place at the same time as Orlando nodded.

[I can’t guarantee the girls safety.... this girl sa....] (Gado)

The man seeing his own hands grabbing a thin air. Then he look at me holding the girl with a surprised expression.

[Wha... how the hell.... what kind of skill is this....?] (Gado)

I just move a bit seriously though. The girl who didn't  understand the situation remained solid. I held the girl up and stroking her back to calm her.

[It’s all right now. Just stay still a little longer] (Wazu)

Orlando also showed a relieved look to see the girl in my hand. He put words with a gentle expression while facing the girl in order to calm her down. Then the girl’s cheeks turned red. I am the one who saved you though.... sigh.... I am never popular with woman.

[You guys, surround and kill them!!] (Gado)

The bandits surround us following the big guy’s words. I called out Orlando while watching that.

[As I said earlier, you take care the big man and leave the rest of the bandits to me] (Wazu)

[All right!!] (Orlando)

Orlando ran up towards the big guy after giving a short reply. The other bandits rushed forward, tried to block his way but the big guy swung his axe to stop Orlando’s momentum, the sword and axe collided.

[He is my share!! You guys kill that guy over there!!] (Gado)

Following the order, the rest of the bandits came to attack me together. I kicked them out while avoiding their attack so the girl doesn’t get hit. I mean, I was holding the girl so both of my hands are occupied. Like the bandits in the village I make other mountain here.

Not long, all bandits has piled up like a mountain. The big guy had a look of astonishment by the results.

[Impossible!!!] (Gado)

[O~ii, are you sure you have time to looking at that?] (Orlando)

Not missing a chance made by himself, Orlando's sword reached his abdomen and made a shallow cut.

[Bastard, I’ll kill you!!!] (Gado)

The big guy swung his axe, however Orlando parried it with his sword calmly. Still, sometimes Orlando was also in a dangerous situation. It seems their ability almost equal. Even so, it feels as though Orlando is slightly overwhelming.

The big guuy that can’t decide the game, gradually showing an irritated expression on his attack. Without missing the chance, Orlando struck his body while avoiding his axe that came at him, the big guy's stance crumbled and Orlando unleash another slash attack.

The big guy stood up to regain his stance while throwing dirt that he picked up when he fell towards Orlando. Even with his vision being deprived, Orlando succeeded to piercing the big guy’s chest with his sword.

[Aaaa~......] (Gado)

When Orlando pulled his sword from his chest, the big guy fells as if he had lost all his power. Without minding the blood that attached on his sword, Orlando wipes the sweat from his face while showing a smile of victory.

[Do you feel stronger now?] (Wazu)

[Yeah.... fwuuh.... I was a little unsure before, because I couldn’t even make you serious to fight me] (Orlando)

With a forced smile I entrust the girl to Orlando. I let him to rescue the other people that got captured. Since there possibility that the place was guarded, I warn him to be careful and see him off. I raised the already dead big guy man with one hand and put it together with the other bandits. After finished loaded them I walked slowly towards the village.

+ + + + +

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